This Is Why I Rule (Testimonials & Reviews)

” I came to you because I was ready to finally get back to healthy living. I am an all or nothing person and I desperately want to find a fitness program that I can stick with. I have seen you on Facebook and Spark through friends and you kept coming back to me. Last fall I started my own ST program with Spark to prepare for a Disney trip. I ultimately did what I wanted to do and I lost body fat and inches. I felt on top of the world. After the trip, I let myself go. That brings us to now and I am seriously miserable…VERY miserable. i feel like sh!t.

Kyra, you are amazing and you are beautiful inside and out. The hard work you invested in yourself speaks volumes and because of that I know you can help me out. While I was panting and grunting and swearing as I was attempting to gut out just one more freaking inchworm I thought of you on Saturday. The vision of you in your before and after pics is burned into my memory to use when I need it to gut out one more freaking inchworm or hellish mountain climber. Thank you!

I have alot of work to do and I am so excited that I found you. I truly look forward to working with you so that perhaps I can find the happiness within myself. Kyra, you are making a difference in people’s lives. Be proud of that!” – Laurie R.

“I can’t thank you enough for thinking of me and supporting me. Usually, I’m the one who supports and  encourages others. I used to be  a 2 hour a day gym-goer. Then I had a baby, which makes working out so difficult. [You’ve helped me] learn to squeeze it in when i can.”

– Bekka C.

“Thank you for everything you do and for being such an inspirations!” –

Chris F.

“Kyra is passionate about fitness and helping people, especially women to live their best life. She isn’t secretive about her programs, makes it affordable and doesn’t give a plan and walk away. She wants you to succeed.”

– Janell M. (Alabama)

“Kyra is the absolute best trainer! Like many others, I had no motivation to workout and really had no idea what exercises to do. She was great motivation and taught me great workouts with lots different exercises so that I wouldn’t get bored. She made each session different and fun. I would definitely recommend Kyra as a trainer!”

– Danielle D (Saugus, MA)

“It seems easy and then once I start doing the exercises I get my reality check and I’m drenched in sweat by the time I’m done.”

– Julie L. (Texas)

“Kyra started me on HIIT about a month and a half ago. I had been struggling with a weight plateau for a few months, and although I was getting toned from my workouts, I wasn’t seeing the weight loss results I wanted. After only a couple of weeks, I was able to finally break through the plateau! More importantly, I find that by integrating the HIIT into my workout routine, I have become more disciplined overall with my exercise and diet, and am challenging myself to things I wouldn’t have before, like my first 5K next week (and that is from someone who hates running!). So glad Kyra introduced HIIT to me!” – Ruth B (Beverly, MA)

“Thank you so much for being such an inspiration and cheerleader for me. I’ve accomplished quite a bit and appreciate the push, the challenge and the cheering. We made a great team and I love your training methods. I’ve not only gotten to the gym more regularly, I’ve gotten there for 5:30am!  ”  – Lisa D (Danvers, MA)

“Kyra is amazing & I love training with her! The workouts our always challenging and something different every time. In less than 2 months with Kyra, I dropped a whole pant size, from a snug 6 to fitting comfortably in a 4. She’s great & committed to her clients’ success!” – Jessica B (Lynn, MA)

“Just yesterday, I was talking to the physical therapist who works with children at the school where I teach, and I was telling her about Kyra Williams.  I was saying how I spent a great part of my summer vacation at the gym with Kyra.  I told her how I remembered being a little nervous each time I went because I didn’t know if, at my age, I was capable of doing all of the exercises that people do with trainers, but then I said, every single time I went to the gym, Kyra got the best out of me without taxing my body too much.  Kyra always took care of me.  She never let me get injured.

I was afraid of getting injured because I was in the middle of training for a very important ballroom dance competition to be held later that summer,  and I couldn’t afford to have any weaknesses when I danced.  My goal was to get strength and stamina.

Well, I told my friend, after eight or nine sessions with Kyra,  I went to my competition and beat my rival whom I had been trying to beat for eight years.  And I came in first three times – that’s three times beating this dancer.  Not only that, but in the jive, a high-paced aerobic dance, I beat another woman, coming in first again.  On top of that, I don’t ever remember being tired, and I danced twenty dances in this order — three in a row,  little break, seven in a row, break, and then ten in a row.  When you watch Dancing with the Stars, those dancers are out of breath after one dance.  Consider what they would look like after ten in a row.  Kyra did that for me.  I wasn’t even tired.  My legs didn’t feel tired.  On top of that I, managed to smile and look my best.    I am so grateful to Kyra.  I wish everyone in my family could go to her for personal training.  As I always told her when she was training me,  “Kyra, you are the best trainer in the world!!!'”   – Arleen B (Peabody, MA)

“Great club, lots of options. Always clean. Friendly staff. Tons of weight machines and cardio equipment. I’ve taken spin, pilates and a to the core class and I felt like I got a great workout each time. Had a couple of sessions with Kyra, one of the personal trainers, and she is really great at what she does and kicked my butt. You will pay more for this gym but it is worth every penny.” – Yvonne V. (Peabody, MA)



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3 Responses to “This Is Why I Rule (Testimonials & Reviews)”

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Although I do not live in Mass and use Kyra as my personal trainer as I am too far, I want everyone to know how lovely and supportive she is in your journey to fitness and health. Her workouts are killer too! Kyra has really helped me a great deal with workout advice, planned workouts, eating tips and overall morale support. Having a personal trainer is easy. Finding someone to show you the moves is simple. But having someone positive in your life that honestly and earnestly cheers you on as you work is very, very hard. I would suggest anyone go see Kyra for honest enthusiasm and motivation plus well organized and planned workouts that kick butt!!!

I’ve gone to a few of “Boston Booty Camps” and they’ve been great!! The instructor (Kyra) is super fun, gives you an awesome work out and encourages you the entire time. Best Boot camp I’ve been in the city. 10 stars for Boston Booty Camp!

Working out on my own has never got me far
nor the results ive wanted. Hiring kyra to
show me how to work out CORRECTLY and
EFFECTIVLY really was one of the best investments
ive ever made. Shes not only fun to work out
with but she pushes you the extra mile
and gives you the motivation to want to
continue even when not with her. Ive consumed
so much valuable info working out with her. I
HIGHLY recommend anyone to try out some sessions
with this girl shes awesome.. and really will
get you into shape!!!!

Sarah Marchetti

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