Bikini Show Update #10/ 4 Weeks Out!!

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The countdown is on in the matter of days now!!!  It’s April 4th today, so that means in 26 days I will be strutting my stuff on stage in front of thousands of people and JUDGES.

Excuse me one moment.. I need to go have a little panic attack for a moment….

Okay, I’m back.

My nutrition has changed a little.  Every other day I can have 1/4 cup of starch in my first 3 meals of the day.  The other days I can have 1/4 cup of starch twice a day.  I go from having about 110 – 130g of carbs to about 70 or 80g of carbs.  It makes a little difference, but I’m not left hungry or anything.  On the days I can have starches three times I have..

1/4 cup oats at bfast, 1/4 cup sweet potato mid-morning snack, 1/4 oats pre-workout snack

On the 2-carb days I save my carbs for bfast oats and pre-workout oats.  I recognize my body likes the oats before I go get my ass beat at CATZ or at Prana power yoga.  I like the oats pre-workout because the carbs give me energy, most importantly, and they don’t make me feel too full to do my twists in yoga or my box jumps at CATZ.

What else is new…. I have been doing a lot of posing and walking in my shoes but I still need more work.  I really need to get my step, turn & drag down.  I always feel so imbalanced which is odd considering the amount of yoga I do.  So to counter this, I am going to wear heels in general most places I go aside from the gym/ work.

I had a private session with Annette Perry.  She is amazing.  She’s won Ms. Bikini before, has competed for a while and is very well known for her walk and stage presence.  She’s definitely a name to look out for.  So when I saw her available for a private session on PBO, I jumped at that opportunity right away!  She’s so super sweet and gave me lots of helpful advice.

I have decided on Popeye as my theme wear in the competition so she helped me choreograph my walk to go along with my theme.  I’m going to be spending  A LOT of time on this for the next 26 days.

That being said, I need to post my progress pics.  But first, I want to tell you guys a little something..

I’m learning a lot by doing this competition.  I have gone through some serious ups and downs with how I feel about my body since I began, so much it’s going to take up a really long blog so I’m not going into that now.  I’m learning about how to avoid binge eating – why it happens and how to stop it.  I’m learning a lot about exactly how much impact nutrition has on the body because I have to say, the physical training aspect isn’t that difficult nor is it terribly different from what I’m used to.  I’m also learning that not drinking isn’t so bad.  It’s been six weeks and I really don’t miss it for the most part.

But one thing I have not learned yet is patience.  Many say patience is a virtue, and I’ve always said I must not be very virtuous.  Or maybe I am.  I know that body changes do not happen overnight, hence why I always post my progress pics and have them all saved so you guys can see how drastically my body has changed since Feb 1.  So in that regard I am patient because I don’t expect to see a difference in my body very quickly.  But I am just really getting impatient with people and very irritable.  It’s really unfortunate too because I realize how lucky I am to have all of these amazing opportunities, but lately I just feel very blah.

I was a little sick at the end of last week so I am hoping that it’s just a lack of energy from fighting off a cold virus but I’m not even feeling my meat-head lifts 😦

I guess I can’t be ON all the time, can I?

Hopefully my next update post will be a little more upbeat and energetic.

I’m gonna go strut around in my stripper heels now while I make turkey & broccoli slaw lettuce wraps for dinner and hit the hay early tonight for my 4am wake up call tomorrow!































The Get In Shape Girl

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Salmon-Salad Wrap

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Thanks to my girl Juli (loveofmylife) I remembered that Greek yogurt is such a good base for making “salads” like this one.


App. 4 ounces FF greek yogurt     

6 ounces canned salmon

1 cup baby spinach leaves

1 Joseph’s brand whole wheat wraps

1 tablespoon chopped onion

1 teaspoon capers

1/2 teaspoon dill


Drain salmon.

Mix salmon, greek yogurt (I like mine not to be too soupy, so I add the yogurt as I go and I usually have about 2 ounces left over,) onion, capers and dill in bowl.

Scoop onto wrap, add spinach, wrap and chow down!  


Cals – 388

Carbs – 17g

Fat – 11g

Protein – 55g


The Get In Shape Girl



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No One Believes… I Used to be Fat

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My clients don’t believe me.  No one in the blog world knew me then.  My old friends who see me now are still in disbelief of how I’ve transformed my body.

When I was 22 years old, in 2003, I was a crazy party girl.  I was vegetarian who ate french fries, entire calzones and once I even ate an entire casserole dish of bean dip and bag of chips in one sitting.  I weighed 160 – 165 at 5’4″.  I didn’t exercise.. I thought sweating was gross.   I worked at Abercrombie and I wore a size large, I felt like I was being “hidden” because I wasn’t small.  I didn’t care.. I thought I was hot, but it did hurt.  It also hurt my pride when I was getting out of the backseat of my friend’s car and the inseam of my jeans split because they were too small.  One night I went out wearing a short mini skirt and ran into an ex who told me that “my outfit wasn’t flattering.”  I put that on him and just thought he was being mean because I didn’t see what I truly looked like and how big I was.  Finally, that summer I was in the backyard at my parents’ house in a bikini and my dad pointed to my stomach and asked “what is that?”  It hurt  A LOT but that’s exactly what it took for me to realize that I was overweight.  I was so unhealthy drinking as much as I was, eating horribly and never exercising.

I recently scanned some photos for a project I’m working on. Here are those photos…

I'm about 20 in this photo.. just got done eating chinese food

"Backstage" at a Taking Back Sunday show - 20 years old

My 23rd birthday party

Ryan and I at my 23rd B'day party.. isn't this crazy?!



















At the beach, embarrassed by my stomach

23 or 24 years old at CBGB's, NYC

Standing outside of a metal show, 24 years old

24 years old, top of the Empire State Building, depressed
























There you go.. now you’ve seen it.  Looking at some of these photos takes me back to a place (mentally) I would prefer not to go back to.  I was horribly depressed during some of these times.  Actually, the photo snapped of me at CBGB’s, was the night that my ex told me I was dressed inappropriately.  I was.. hello.. my stomach was hanging out!

That’s beside the point.  The point I’m trying to make here is that I overcame this.  And so have millions of other folks who have decided to take control of their lives and make a change.

Whatever the reason is, know & have confidence that you can do it too.  And I can help.  Let me know what you want and we will make it happen.



The Get In Shape Girl

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Bikini Show Prep Update #9/ 5 Weeks Out!!

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Hey everyone!!  Thanks for following my progress.  I am now 5 weeks away from getting on stage at Mohegan Sun!!  I can’t even believe it.  I’m so freaking excited.. you have no idea.  Everyone asks me how training is going.  I assume by this people mean how the actual PHYSICAL part is going.  So I always say that is going AWESOME but I miss eating certain foods.

The training portion for this really isn’t much different from what I did before.  I hired Cathy Savage as my coach through all of this, and her girl (and mine) Julie Costa is my actual coach, with whom I check in weekly, harass for info and curse whenever I get a chocolate craving!  🙂  (Still love ya girl!)  So let me fill you guys in a bit on what the training schedule is like through CSF…

First of all we go onto her website Cathy Savage Fitness where we print off our monthly training schedule.  March has looked like this for me and the other bikini girls..

Monday – Chest & Triceps

Tuesday – Legs & abs

Wednesday – Functional

Thursday – Back & Biceps

Friday – Shoulders & Core

Saturday – OFF

Sunday – Functional

When we get our monthly training schedule the exercises stay the same for four weeks, but we have different reps each session, have a different amount of time between sets of each circuit and could possibly use a different weight (depending on your strength) each week to keep our muscles guessing.

These type of concentrated days on certain muscle groups is something I have not done in a while in my workouts.  I got so used to going to CATZ all the time where we do full body, functional workouts in circuits.

There’s also 3 days of HIIT cardio involved, and a total of 6 days of cardio altogether, which should be switched up.  This is what a week of MY training schedule looked like..

Monday – Chest/ Triceps ST from 9 to 10am.  I have gotten stronger this month.  At the beginning of March I was using 15 lb DB’s for my chest flyes, now I’m pushing 20’s and could possibly go higher if the reps didn’t go up to 15 the last week.

CATZ from 12 to 1.  I know that more ST probably shouldn’t be done and to some would be considered overtraining.  But when left to my own device to do HIIT cardio on a dreadmill, I probably won’t do it (because I too, lack some motivation.)  Also, when I do sprints on a dreadmill I crank it up to 9.0 or 9.5 mph for 60 seconds and go all out, but I can only get my HR up into the 140 range.  I can’t run much faster than that because my legs can’t keep up, and the dreadmill is doing a lot of the work because the belt moves, I am not.  When I perform certain circuits at CATZ my heart rate will go into the 160’s just going from broad jumps to pull ups to clean/ front squat/ push press.  One thing I am very aware of however, is the possibility of overtraining.  I do get tired by the end of the week, but I blame that on lack of sleep.  I know my body well enough to know what not to push when I shouldn’t.  I know if I’ve just done shoulders the day before to cool it with shoulders the following day if I go to CATZ.   My going to frequently could turn out to be a bad thing, but I’m LOVING the results I’m seeing these days from leaning out at CATZ, yet putting on a little muscle from doing the CSF workouts.

Tuesday – Leg day around 7 or 8am.  Leg day is usually the toughest.  I mean, you have to figure legs are made up by some of the largest muscle groups in the body (hamstrings, quadraceps, glutes) so on leg day we tend to go really heavy and the exercises are tough because of that.  Leg day is usually the biggest calorie burning day of all too for the same reason as why it’s the toughest.  But we all want a couple of nice stems, right?  So we suck it up and we feel the burn from the lactic acid flushing our muscles while we go from squat jumps to a nice iso-hold or from doing walking lunges with 40# DB’s in each hand.

I also do yoga on this day.  Yoga is so important for me personally, but also great for a competitor or an athlete of any sort.  Cathy likes us doing yoga because it gives us a really good connection between our mind and bodies.  We know how to hold our shoulders back very well and it really teaches the figure girls how to spread their lats.  In yoga a lot of moves are held for a long time and we could certainly be doing just that on stage.  For me, however, yoga just feels good.  It feels so rejuvenating to get into a 95+ degree room and sweat it out!  It flushes the toxins from my body, keeps my skin clear (I’ve been complimented by a makeup artist on my complexion at the mall after heading straight there after class once), keeps my digestive track rinsed with the twisting poses.. it keeps me flexible, strong, lean, balanced and stable.. it helps me to slow down and just BE.. not thinking about anything except being right there on my mat for 60  – 90 minutes.. It helps me restore, renew and relax.

Wednesday – Functional/ HIIT day… Insert CATZ!!  Or last week I actually went to a cycling class and to another hot yoga class to change it up.  Change is very good.. you’ve got to keep the body guessing.

Thursday – Back/ Biceps around 7am.. I have to say this is a very good day to have a friend around.  The back part is fine.. I can push myself when it comes to my back, but my biceps need serious strengthening and it’s nice to have a friend there to help motivate me by saying “just… one… more!” or to have them there for a tiny bit of help when I can’t get that last full flexion in on my 21’s.

I try to go to yoga on Thursdays too, but lately I have not been in love with my class options because of the teachers teaching at my studio.  It’s so disappointing.  So I’ll do some form of light cardio like walking on the dreadmill with an incline between 5.0 – 10.0 at about 3.0 mph to work on my booty!  This isn’t so bad because I’ll usually read Oxygen while I’m doing this.

Friday – SHOULDER DAY… MY FAVORITE!!  I think shoulders is a lot of girls’ fav because we get insta-results.  It’s like.. HELLO CAPS within moments of that first shoulder press.

CATZ for more intense cardio and some fun.

Saturday – I sometimes go back to CATZ, depending on how many times I’ve been the last week, I only do it 3 times a week as I’m pretty sure with all the extra lifting my body would shrivel up.

Either way I always go to my intermediate yoga class.  This week sucked however.  I chose my yoga studio because the room is heated to 95 degrees, plus humidity added.  Once we get going the heat, humidity and the heat generated by bodies moving will get up beyond 95, more like 105 degrees.  This is vital as it helps to open me up so I can do twists, back bends, and sometimes even splits.  When a teacher decides that they don’t like the heat anymore it should not be up to them to change the way of the studio and NOT HEAT THE ROOM.  If we sign up to go to a hot studio, then we should have class in a hot studio.  If you don’t like the heat, get out of the kitchen studio.  I really liked this instructor too, but I won’t be practicing when that person teaches again because I need the heat.  Besides, it just gets me mad and that completely nullifies the whole purpose for being there.  Usually the intermediate class is super fun because it’s so small it’s casual and we get to learn new arm balances and practice poses we don’t always practice in a regular flow class.

Sunday – I use this as my day off, but the last two Sundays I’ve been to Sunday Session at the CSF studio in Norwood, MA.  The first 45 min is a bootcamp style cardio/ functional workout which I happen to think I excel at (thanks to CATZ) then an hour of posing, which I certainly need lots of practice at!!!  I’ve really got to get this whole turn & drag thing down.  When someone says “this foot goes this way, then step right, then turn left…” I’m just lost!  I’ll record this sometime so you guys can all laugh at me.  It’s still good to get around like-minded ladies with the same goal in mind!  This most recent Sunday I knew my body had had enough so I just went for posing.   My back STILL is sore from back extensions on the roman chair!


So that kind of sums up what training is like for me, which I know for most seems like a lot.

I’m craving a lot of sweets but I’m gaining control.  I am learning a lot since I began reading this book.  I’ll tell you guys more about it later because this blog is getting to be too long!  So here are my progress pics!!






























Can you tell any difference?  I know my pose changed, but this is what it has to be on stage so I figure I should start taking the pics this way.



The Get In Shape Girl

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Sweet Potato “Chips”

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This is a staple in my house.  Like, so much to a point where I buy 12 sweet potatoes a week, easily.

Here’s what you do:

(It’s the easiest recipe on the planet!)


Cooking spray

Sweet potatoes



Slice sweet potatoes (thicker = more moist, thinner = crispier)

Stack them all over the sprayed cookie sheet, they can be touching and layered over top of one another

Sprinkle with cinnamon to taste

Bake at 350 for 30 – 45 minutes (the longer, the crispier)

Nutrition facts:

Serving size = 1/4 cup

Calories – 45

Carbs – 10g

Fat – 0g

Protein – 1 g


The Get In Shape Girl

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This Protein’s For You!

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There’s so many different types of protein out there and they are not all made alike.  It can be kind of overwhelming when you are fresh on the scene, so here’s your go-to guide to protein powder shopping!

Whey – (25g protein/ 30 gram scoop.) Derived from milk, this is the most common powder you will see as it is the most complete protein out there with the highest biological value.  Biological value is a scale that measures how much the body can absorb and use protein. The higher the BV, the more protein your body can absorb and retain.  This is also the fastest absorbed, so it is perfect for right before and/ or after your workout to help your muscles recover after breaking them down with weight training.  I’ve tried several and I like EAS, Designer Whey, Jay Robb, GNC brand, Gold Standard.  I dislike the taste of Muscle Milk Light and Pure Protein.

Now, there are two different kinds of whey…

Whey Protein Isolate – This has been chemically purified to remove pretty much anything other than the actual protein source. Generally speaking, isolates are 90% or more, pure protein.

Whey Protein Concentrate – This is not as pure as an isolate, and generally contains 70 to 85% of the protein source. Concentrates contain more fats, carbs and lactose.

Casein – (15 – 20g protein / 30 g scoop.) Casein is a slow digesting protein source that comes from milk.  Casein continues to feed your muscles long after whey proteins have dropped off. Studies have shown that casein protein can sustain steady amino acid elevations for  7 hours!  This is designed to be used WITH whey protein for post-workout, especially if this is going to be your only meal for a couple of hours.  This is also your go-to protein choice for the evening hours to work while you are sleeping, the time when our muscles do most of their repairing and rebuilding.

Egg White – (24g protein/ 30 gram scoop.) Egg protein comes from egg whites, which I’m sure you already guessed.  It is absorbed at a pace somewhere between that of the quick & efficient whey and the slow and thorough casein.  Any reason to consume this rather than one of the previous two?  Not necessarily because it is about the same BV as whey & casein, and it is also virtually carbohydrate and fat free.  But perhaps if you are allergic to one of the first two, this would be a good option.  Here’s a great option if you are looking for a good egg white protein .

Soy – (20 – 25g protein / 30 g scoop.) This is a great option if you are vegan or avoid any kind of animal products as it is derived entirely out of soy beans.  You can use this any time of the day as your protein in a meal as a shake, but can also be added in place of flour or with other ingredients to make a meal high in protein.  It has minimal to no fat, cholesterol and lactose.  I’ve never tried this but if you have, I want to know what you think!

Hempseed – (10g protein / 30 g scoop.) This comes from the cannabis sativa seed, but no, it won’t get you high!  Here’s another vegan protein alternative to meat or dairy.  It has all of the necessary amino acids to make it a complete protein but it has a lower protein content than soy, or any of the others listed here.  Hemp protein is also high in essential fatty acids, with around 80 percent of its total oil volume being made up of healthy Omega-3, -6 and -9 fats.  This is great to use for a shake or the oil version is a great alternative to olive oil or another cooking oil.  Once again, I’ve never tried this but if you have, I’d love your input.

Pea – (15g protein / 30 g scoop.) This protein comes from yellow peas, is vegan and gluten free.  It can be blended into smoothies, or added to soups or stews or sprinkled on to other dishes. You may also add it to rice, oatmeal or other grains, or any vegetable dishes to add protein, especially for those who are vegan.  The BV here is lower, so the body can only absorb about 65% of pea protein so you would need to use more.  It can be one of the less expensive vegan proteins, but I have heard it does not taste good at all.

Brown Rice – (15 g protein / 30 g scoop.) Here we have another vegan and gluten free protein choice.  This is not a complete protein, as it lacks lysine which is necessary for hormone production and bone growth.  You can however use this in combination with dairy milk or soy milk to make it complete.  The BV is between 70 – 80% here.  I’ve never tried this but I have read that is can be chalky.
Hope that helps!!

Kyra Williams,

The Get In Shape Girl

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Bikini Show Prep Update #8/ Six Weeks out!!!

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A lot has happened this week.  The first being I got my half a banana at breakfast taken away and my fat intake is now 1 tablespoon at breakfast and 1 tablespoon at dinner.  Apparently bananas are too starchy, so now my breakfast looks like this….

1/4 cup oats with 1/4 cup of blueberries and 1 tablespoon of natural, unsalted peanut butter

1 cup of liquid egg whites with 1 cup of chopped spinach

Breakfast might be my favorite of the meals because I’ve grown exceptionally tired of vegetables.  Don’t get my wrong because I love veggies but I’m just getting really tired of eating them endlessly.  At least in breakfast the spinach is disguised in the eggs.


This week I signed up for the actual contest so it’s totally real now!!

I ordered my suit.

I received my shoes..









I received my theme wear… (which needs some work)











My weight has gone down this week.  One morning I woke up at 122!!!  I usually wake up at 125 and weigh 128 by the end of the day.  Lately 125 has been my high weight at the end of the day.  That drop also gave me the courage to take my body fat and it’s down to 16.8% which is nearly a 2% loss!  Hollerrrrrrrrrrrr!

All that good stuff being said, I also experienced a lot of just feeling OVER IT this week.  I’m discovering that I have some issues with food.  It’s all I think about.  I wake up and the one thing that inspires me to get out of bed is the fact that I get to eat.  I think about it continuously throughout the day.  I see people eating and I pass by restaurants and I wonder what I could have to eat.  When I go to stores where I see candy I want it and will debate buying it and hiding it then secretly eating it because “no one will have to know.”  Most times I’m able to resist.  It’s Easter-time so now the Starburst jelly beans seem to scream my name when I walk into a store and I close my eyes as I pass by them to pretend they aren’t there.  The problem with these jelly beans is that I will have one and it will be great, but I need to experience that greatness over and over and over and will never truly be satisfied.  Then before I know it, I will have eaten half the bag and I will feel so horrible about myself it will send me into a downward spiral of self-hate and that’s just not healthy.  So I continue to keep this feeling in the forefront of my mind to keep myself away from whatever triggers that are out there.  I also was recommended a book by Rachel Mac called “The End of Overeating” by David Kessler, which I started last night and I’m pretty excited to see if getting the knowledge will help me here.

On a happier note, I also went to my very first Sunday Session at Cathy Savage’s studio.  We spent the first half hour getting in a bootcamp style cardio workout.  I have to say, after doing CATZ on a regular basis, EVERYTHING is easy!!!!!!!!!!!!  Well, except the posing part.  Basically 40 of the hottest ladies you could ever imagine are in a room together wearing teeny tiny bikinis or bootyshorts and sports bras AND CLEAR STRIPPER HEELS walking around like a herd of cattle.  hahahaha.  It’s so loud!  We walked, we posed, we watched ourselves, we made eye contact, we smiled BIG BIG SMILES :)))))))))) we turned, we quarter-turned and then we did it some more.  I definitely need the most work here, but it was my very first time doing it.  So for the next six weeks if you see me in clear heels prancing around don’t be shocked.

Without further ado.. onto the progress pics.. 3.13.11 vs 3.20.11






























The lighting is so frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!  But honestly, I think the biggest difference here is that I decided this week to have a little ‘tude in my pics!  hehehe.  Next week I’ll be posing correctly.


The Get In Shape Girl

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The Get In Shape Girl’s TOP SIX Nutritional Recommendations

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**Some of your may disagree with this, but this is what I personally recommend for my clients trying to change their body composition.  This is not for every single person.  If you are interested in a nutrition consultation, please email me at **

As a general rule, 30 – 40% of your calories should come from protein, 30 – 40% from carbs and 10 – 30% from fat. So at each meal try to have about 4 ounces of lean protein, a cup or so of  veggies/ fruit/ starch or maybe both, and a teaspoon or so of a healthy fat. That should put you on track for getting to 40/30/30.

You must eat 4 – 6 meals a day.  All the rumors you have heard about small portions throughout the day are true – it does keep your metabolism roaring all day.  Think of it as a fire.  You must continuously add wood to keep the flame burning.  So never ever ever skip breakfast.  Your body needs something to get the flames burning!!

Your body definitely needs something in it to burn (and keep your blood sugar levels up) while exercising, so never workout on empty.  And your body needs to be refueled after a workout.  At this point it will be completely depleted of sugar so you will need a simple sugar like fruit, to be digested quickly to get your blood sugar level back up to normal.  And it also needs protein to help the muscle recuperate.

To lose weight you need a 3500 calorie reduction each week to lose 1 pound a week.  That is science & there  is no way around it.

#1 Protein is your friend.

We need protein to help build muscle in our body.  This does not mean bulk up.  Let go of that theory.  If you feel like you are larger form weight training, it can simply be a swelling affect from lactic acid, which is temporary.  Otherwise, as your increase muscle, you will decrease fat, thus making your overall size smaller.  Your body needs the protein to recover from the weight training we do, which breaks down the muscle.  To find out more, message me about a nutrition consultation at

#2 Don’t fall for the anti-carb rumors.

Your body needs carbohydrates to function!  But not all carbohydrates are the same.  The rate at which they are digested is extremely important here.  Simple sugars are digested the fastest, which are honey and fruit.  Double sugar, which is table sugar, comes second fastest.  And the slowest digested sugar is found in vegetables and starches form whole grains.  This also includes lentils and beans.    The slower the food digests the more it will contribute to your body.  So when you hear about the Glycemic Index (GI) this is what I’m talking about.  Fruits/ honey will be high high high!  And veggies, oats, beans, etc will be lower.  As you can imagine, this is where I want you to be most of the time.  It is good to have a mix of the two, but veggies should be the bulk of your daily carb intake.  This will also keep your fiber intake up, which will keep you regular (beat the bloat!) if you know what I mean!  To get an evaluation on what your carbohydrate intake is like and should be, email me at

#3 Fat doesn’t necessarily make you fat.

Our bodies still need GOOD fats in our systems.  We need monounsaturated fats  (found in olive oil or coconut oil for example) and polyunsaturated fats (such as omega-3’s found in fish and eggs) to prevent heart disease, hypertension, cancer and arthritis.  Fat is digested slowly which is important to you.  If you feel hungry all the time check the amount of fat in your diet.  It may need to be increased to help sustain fullness.

#4 Why alcohol is the devil.

No I don’t just say this because I am from the South and that is what they instill in you, growing up in the Bible belt.  But there are so many negative affects that come with alcohol.  To start, it is a depressant.  If you feel like you have seasonal depression and can’t get motivated, this is only going to make it worse.  Second, it will dehydrate you.  If we are already on higher protein diets, then we need to be very hydrated.  Now, say if you had a couple of drinks too many the night before and your head hurts due to dehydration, imagine how your organs look and feel.  Think about the old people who basically live in the smoky gross bars and how yucky they look.. that is what alcohol makes your insides look like.  And if your insides look like that, then eventually your outside will look like that too.  And third, and possibly the most important, alcohol slows down your metabolism for up to 72 hours!!  Okay, so let’s say you’ve eaten dinner and now you are having a couple of drinks.  Your body is going to recognize the poison (alcohol) inside of it and it is going to rush to get it out of the body as quickly as possible, by metabolizing it.  Since it is focusing on ONLY the alcohol, what happens to the food not being metabolized?  It is not being used to do it’s proper job of filling cells, becoming fuel and synthesizing body tissues like your muscles.  It is simply being stored as fat.  So not only are you increasing your calorie intake and throwing off your ratios and adding way too many simple sugars to your intake for the day, but you have successfully allowed your body to turn all of your food straight to fat for up to 72 hours.  So, do you still want a drink?

#5 Chug! Chug! Chug!

Your water that is!  This will help you from retaining fluid (your body is trying to help you survive, so if you are feeling bloated from the time of the month or from altitude changes for example) water will help your body flush itself naturally.  It helps your bodies organs to function properly, which we definitely need while increasing our protein intake.  This will help decrease our appetite, improves metabolism, regulates body temperature and blood volume.  Seriously, if your pee isn’t clear, drink more water.  8 – 12 cups is MINIMUM but I recommend a gallon a day, especially if you are exercising.  Consume 16 ounces 2 hours before exercise, and an additional 20 – 40 ounces for every hour of exercise.

#6 Bringing it all together.

I recommend using a food tracker.  I use because at the end of the day I can get the macronutrient breakdown. Your starches & fruit should be in the first four meals, at dinner your carbs should come ONLY from veggies and dinner is also where you could do a little more like a tablespoon, of healthy fat to keep you satisfied.

BMR = Basal metabolic rate.  We all have one.  It’s different for each person based upon their age, weight, height and sex.  I just calculated mine on THIS SITE and it is 1363.25.  That’s how many calories I need to consume each day just to be alive.

Then you use the Harris Benedict Equation which is based upon how many calories (approximately) you expend each day.  You get to pick between five choices, Sedentary, Lightly Active, Moderately Active, Very active, or Extra Active.  What each means is on THIS SITE, where I chose Very Active, because I wanted to be on the safe side.  It tells me to multiply my BMR (1363.25) by 1.725.

1363.25 x 1.725 = 2351

2351 is the number of calories I need to consume in a day to maintain my weight.

Now, to lose the weight……

There are 3500 calories in a pound.  You must create a deficit of 3500 calories over several days via exercise or lowering calorie consumption.  Usually people aim to create a deficit like this or 7000 calories over a week.  That is widely known as the most common, effective & healthy way to lose weight.  This way you lose 1 – 2 lbs a week.

Do you know what your macro nutrient breakdown is (protein/ carbs/fat)?

How is your weekend nutrition?

What’s your alcohol intake like?

How could this be better?

Remember that our bodies try to store fat to survive so we have to trick them into letting it go!!! Just stay strong.. keep going..eventually it will pay off!!

These small things like alcohol/ sugar avoidance and paying close attention to your macros is important when going from good to GREAT!!

My hands down recommendations!

*Avoid alcohol and sugar

* Chug water

*Eat every 2 – 3 hours

*Lean protein = chicken breast, turkey breast, any fish/ crustacean, lean beef/ steak, egg (1 whole/day max), egg whites, low fat/ fat free greek yogurt (plain), low fat/ fat free cottage cheese, protein powders, tofu.

*Starches = sweet potato, whole wheat pasta, Ezekiel bread, squash, oats, brown rice, quinoa.

*Good fat = Oils, nuts, nut butters, fish, eggs.

Kyra Williams,

The Get In Shape Girl

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Bikini Show Prep Update #7

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So last Thursday I had a momentary freakout.  I was so frustrated with not being allowed to eat what I want, when I want.  I was having major sweet cravings.  I was tired and I was frustrated with how my body felt.  It was TOM.

Well I got through Thursday by just going to bed and Friday wasn’t my best day either, but I had a long conversation with someone I know who has competed and he helped me a lot.

We talked a lot about how my body looks now in comparison to how it looked 6 weeks ago.  We talked about how important it is to follow my nutrition plan because that’s going to be 99% of where my tightening up will come from.  And he helped me realize that food is simply fuel.  I know it is, but sometimes I just need to have someone else tell me so I can reiterate it for myself.

I am now no longer allowed to eat banana in the morning at breakfast and I’m only allowed fruit in my breakfast, mid-am and pre-workout snack, 1/4 cup each serving.

I want strawberry cake with icing like you would not believe.

And my workout changed for the month.  Friday when I was at the gym I had a trainer come help me kick it up a notch.  Even though I am a trainer, it helps to have someone there to push you to your limit.  Turns out, my shoulders protrude really far forward.  This I know, due to years of sitting behind a desk, but when I was doing my tricep cable pulldowns he held my shoulders back in place where they were supposed to be and to my dismay I had to take the weight down from 30 lbs to 15 lbs!!!!  It’s reasons like this that is it good to have someone else there to notice the things you won’t.

This happened Friday and as of Monday afternoon, my triceps are still sore!!!!!!

I also ordered my shoes this week.  Sunday I am going to a posing class so I have to learn to walk in these bad boys…

But I’m mostly excited to meet other Savage girls who are competing.  I love following a lot of other girls on Facebook who are competing.  Seeing their statuses about how much they want to eat a whole cake too helps me realize I’m not the only one here.  And then seeing all the pros update their statuses with the most gorgeous photos of themselves helps too when I am having a moment or weakness.  But then again it’s hard to see that too because I can’t help but compare myself to them and then feel crappy about myself.

But now I’m going to tell you exactly why I feel awesome about myself…

I have not had an alcoholic beverage in 2 weeks.

If you have ever gone without drinking for an extended period of time, you know the feeling I have right now.  If you haven’t gone more than a few days without drinking, I highly recommend it.  I feel smarter.  I know that’s weird, but I really feel like my shit is together.  I feel very clear-headed.. I feel like I can’t think faster.  It’s weird.  I also feel thinner.  Alcohol makes you feel so dumpy and low-energy and fat and bloated.  It has a lot of bad effects anyway, like it makes you retain water, dehydrated, turns to sugar in your bod, makes food turn to fat and eats muscle.  I haven’t touched it since Florida and I still don’t want it.  I even went to a bar Sunday while my friends drank and I had ice water and I was fine.

Speaking of which, I have to brag for a second.. I ran a 5k in 25:00 yesterday 🙂  That’s a time I can be happy with.

So without further ado.. here are my progress pics.
































And yes I changed to a different bikini, but this isn’t my show bikini.  I just switched to one that is more similar to what the show ones are like.  I feel like it’s more honest and I can get a better idea of how I’ll look on the big day.  I don’t know if there’s a huge difference between last week and this week but I can tell you I feel a heck of a lot better.

And I’m psyched because I booked my make up artist and hair stylist!!!!!!  Her name is Bre Welch and she’s pretty much the shit.  She’s a really good friend of mine and she has such an amazing resume, and I know will give me the exact look I’m going for.  More than anything it means so much to me to be able to have one of my best friends back stage with me as I prepare for the stage. ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!


PS. If you haven’t downloaded ‘Till The World Ends by Britney, I HIGHLY suggest it.  It really gets me going!!!!!!


Kyra Williams,

The Get In Shape Girl

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Is it just me or am I crazy?

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I think I had my first panic attack today.  It’s been stirring for a while.

I went to Florida and my diet was less than perfect.

I came home to get strep throat and then to period bloat.

My progress pics looked like hell.

TOM means crazy intense chocolate cravings and uncontrollable appetite and lack of self control for me.  It’s finally beginning to subside, but I know my hormones are still a little our of whack.  I’ve never thought of myself as being very hormonal until I got into a serious relationship and now, even moreso, that I’m following a very strict nutrition plan.

Oh the nutrition plan!  I swear on my life I’ve never been so obsessed with food.  I coach women every single day about what is good vs what to stay the eff away from.  Let me tell you.. I want to eat anything and everything.  I don’t ever say I want a burger and fries, but right now, I want a burger and fries.  I want endless amounts of chocolate.  I don’t care if it is just an extra 2 ounces of plain chicken breast.. I want it.

And it’s all because I can’t have it.  I feel like all I think about is food.  I wake up and knowing I get to eat my 1/4 cup of oats is what gets me out of bed in the morning.  I finish my food and wish I could re-live it.  3 hours later, i eat as quickly as I can and go train my clients (this is the only time when I’m okay) and then I eat again a couple of hours later before I workout.  When I’m done working out  I am so hungry, I feel like a Tyrannosaurus Rex that just want to rip apart 15 cows and eat them all to the bone.  And when I’m done with that meal all I do is think about when I can eat again.  And when I’m done with that meal all I can think about is dinner and when dinner is over I want to cry because that is all I’m allowed to have.

I can’t stop thinking about food.  I don’t care what it is.. if you offered me asparagus and peas (which I hate) covered in pears (bleh!!) and mayonnaise I would probably scarf it down in about 30 seconds.  I would even eat black jelly beans, okay!!  It’s bad.

Anyhow, back to my day, my workout today was legit.  I walked and jogged for about 35 minutes, then did heavy shoulders (my fav) with my friend Sarah.  It was a decent workout.  I skipped yoga because I thought a girl was teaching who isn’t my favorite.  Skipping yoga, or going too many days without it isn’t a very good idea for me because I’m apparently mentally unstable.

Okay, so today is going fine.. I’m doing work.. sending emails to encourage clients and atempting meet others who need coaching and training while listening to basketball.. there were some definite nail biters on today!!!  Then I decide I should go sign up for the competition.

So I’m filling out the paperwork and it asks what I expect my weight to be the day of competition. I have ADD and at this point decide I want to watch videos of the other girls who have competed in Ms. Bikini.  Well these girls are freaking gorgeous and I think to myself that I have no business whatsoever getting on a stage next to these girls because I’m just going to make an ass of myself.

I freak out, close the document and stop filling it out.  I walk around, thinking of something else to do to get away from that computer.  I call my best friend and I’m like “Is it just me, or am I crazy?!?!”

Luckily we connected and she totally talked me off he ledge.  I love you girlfriend!!!!


I know this is kind of a vague story, but the point is that I’m totally scared.  I have no idea what I’m doing but something told me that I should be doing this.  It’s not like me to go onto a freaking stage in front of hundreds or possibly thousands of people and try to be sexy.  I mean seriously?  I would be much better off at a football game eating buffalo tenders and drinking Bud Lights; or just in a gym somewhere listening to some good hip hop with my calloused hands wrapped around a barbell; or on my yoga mat enjoying some peace and quiet while sweating my tail off.

But I have to do this.

I may try it and hate it, but at least I’ll know.

I may try it and love it.

I may not be the best EVER, but will be on my way to learning how to get better.

Sometimes the thing you are most scared of is success, not failure.

So what am I so scared of anyway?


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