Gettin’ Jacked ON Caffeine

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This is slightly controversial because many will argue that consuming caffeine before a workout isn’t safe.  So before I go on about how much I love caffeine pre-workout I’ll cover the negative arguments:

– It can have a diuretic effect, which can lead to cramping if you aren’t well hydrated

– It can increase heart rate (so if you already have a high heart rate or are not well conditioned this is probably a bad idea for you)

– It can make you nauseous, have difficulty breathing, cause anxiety, and make you jittery.  So if you are very sensitive to caffeine, pre-workout is probably not a good time to consume it, if ever.

Now that that’s out of the way let’s talk about why some folks like myself, love it.

– It stimulates the nervous system so it will increase mental focus, energy production and acuity.

– According to, ” It reduces reaction time to physical and visual stimuli, increases the heart and respiratory rates, and may decrease symptoms of depression. The level of stimulation varies depending on several factors, including the amount used, the level of tolerance a person has to caffeine (as seen with habitual caffeine users), metabolism, and other drug use. The increased energy and focus could certainly benefit the athlete going into a strenuous workout. There are some side effects to consider, however.”

So whether you want to take it is a personal choice.  How you want to get it and how much you want to take depends on your preference as well, though over 200mg is not recommended for anyone!
I love having a coffee before my workout.  So I do have a couple of shakes that you can make here to get your pre-workout protein, carbs AND caffeine!!  Here you go…

Frostee Flavored Protein Shake

Chocolate Banana Mocha Protein Shake

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My First Bikini Competition

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Saturday I competed in the New England Fitness Atlantic Ms. Bikini Competition at Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, CT.  This was my very first competition and I worked really hard going into this.

Back in January 2011 I hired Julie Costa as my coach through Cathy Savage Fitness.  Honestly, there is no way I would ever consider competing if I had not hired Cathy.  My meals, my workouts and my walk were all completely mapped out for me.  I had assistance in picking out the right bikini, the right sports wear, the right heels.. everything.  It’s laid out for you perfectly so while I was so confused and at times overwhelmed, they made it so simple.

Anyhow, you guys all know about how much work I put in leading up to the competition, so I’ll just tell you about the day itself:

It started at 5am, after very little sleep, when I put on a layer of Bronze Angel over my spray tan. At 7am I had an appointment with my very close friend Bre Welch to have my hair and make up done.  Bre is amazing.. I would never let anyone else put make up on my face for any major event.  She knows exactly what I like, she’s great at what she does and it was so nice to be around her.

Once that was taken care of I headed down to the dressing rooms where I was crammed in with probably 30 other girls.  I’m girly.. I enjoy being pretty.. but I don’t enjoy being in a way too crowded room full of women obsessing over make up and their tans smudging.

My first time on the stage was in the sports wear round.  Not all federations do sports wear, but basically it means you wear a slutty halloween costume on stage.  I’m not sure why we do this, but it was kind of fun and it gave me the chance to wear a costume I’ve always wanted to wear but never had the body.  I chose Popeye because I loved spinach so much and I really needed an excuse to kiss my bicep on stage.  Watch for me at the 25:00 minute mark.

I can’t even remember being on stage the first time because my nerves were so crazy.  Right before I went on I kept trying to tell myself to relax, but I ended up not even being able to take full breaths.  Haha.  So according to Julie, I did great.  I do think I could have slowed that one down a bit though.  My scores were: 10, 9, 10, 12, 12 out of 15.

Then between 12:30 and 5 we had a break, so I went up to the casino and hungout with Bre and Ryan & Jimmy.   I had to get back down to go on stage in my bikini at 5:30.  This time I felt so much better because I had already been on the stage at that point, and knowing my friends were in the crowd made me feel like I wasn’t alone.  Apparently because I was more comfortable I did quite a bit better because my scores were: 12, 9, 11, 12, 12.

I wonder if it was being around my friends for a few hours or if it was the Pedialyte and Swedish Fish that made me place higher!

Earlier in the day I was turned around to tape my booty shorts to my ass and I was so dehydrated that I got a cramp in my peck.  Yes, I said peck NOT boob.  When you are at 14.4% body fat, you do not have boobs anymore unless you pay for them.  Now, before I say this, I want to put it out there that I have nothing against plastic surgery.  One day I plan to get boobs too.  But this competition wasn’t what I expected.

After the second time on stage, we had another 3 hour break before we had to line up to announce the top 5 so I spent that time hanging out with my friends, having a couple of drinks and eating a chocolate chip cookie.  Then  we were called to go on stage, but somehow something got messed up and we had to sit in our bikinis in the freezing cold for god knows how long to go out.  This was now the most miserable part of my day.  I was tired, hungry, thirsty, annoyed and a bunch of other things that were just not good.  We finally went out and the top 5 from my short class were called, all of which were Savage girls.. yay!

I ran back to get my stuff, threw my dress & flip flops on so fast, zipped up my suitcase and RAN back to the casino so I could just be with my friends.  I was so sick of all the pageantry and estrogen I couldn’t get out of there fast enough.

At the end of the experience I can tell you  a few things..

1. I learned a lot about nutrition from the experience.  I learned what my body responds to, what to eat when and why, etc.  I learned a lot about cardio, how it effects your body in addition to lifting and how frequently each should be done, etc.  I learned more about fitness which is good because I like to always be learning more within my profession.

2.  I learned a lot about myself.  I experienced so much when it comes to food.  I can’t wait to write my “diary” blog about this.  The eating was so hard for me.  I wanted things I had never wanted before.  I binged a lot and had a very hard time with that.  Now that it’s over I don’t even want anything but healthy food.  There is currently protein bars, cinnamon toast crunch, brownie mix, carrot cake and cheesecake in my house and I’m okay with it.  I don’t feel obsessed with it now.  I can look at it and not binge on it or even eat it at all.

3. I’m glad I accomplished my goal that I set out to do.  It took hard work to do all the workouts, all of the posing classes, prepping measuring all my food and carrying bags of chicken and asparagus to bars with me.  It was hard missing out on social events where I knew I couldn’t handle being around food, or just feeling like I couldn’t do things with friends because I wasn’t eating or drinking anything other than chicken, asparagus and water.  And it took balls to get on stage in a scrunch butt bikini and let people JUDGE me.

4. It was expensive and a lot of hard work to be on stage for 90 seconds of my life.  Do I still feel like it was worth it?  Yes.  I really enjoyed having a goal and a date.  It forced me to work hard instead of just being like “I’d like to lose 5 lbs” then never really following through or not knowing how.

HOWEVER… I also realized a few other things that weren’t so great…

5. My day completely sucked.   I don’t like being in a packed dressing room amongst strangers feeling like it was impossible to make friends or find anyone I had very much in common with.

6. I really thought that since this competition was geared toward fitness I would make more friends with similar interests of wanting to lift weights and do tough workouts, yet look pretty.  It wasn’t what I expected.

Most of all though I can 100% see exactly who I am…

I am the girl who wants to sit at a sports bar or a football game and eat wings and burp really loud with the guys yet still look cute doing it.  I don’t need foundation.. I don’t need stilettos or a super tight dress… I am completely confident in who I am and I no longer mind getting on stage and letting some strangers judge me based on what my ass looks like.  My ass looks good!!!  I work really, really hard on it.  As a matter of fact, I love to be able to lift heavy with the boys too.. and I can look cute doing that too.

Now many of you will ask if I’m going to compete again.  I’m not going to say NEVER, but I am going to say that I have no plans to do so.  I’m taking some time to re-evaluate what I want to do.  I have some ideas for goals so I’m just trying to figure out exactly what I want to do with them.

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Bikini Show Prep Update #12/ 2 Weeks Out

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Holy crap.  It’s here.. it’s really happening.  OMG.

So not a lot to update you guys on.  My weight is down to 120 – 123.

I’ve been going to posing class twice a week.. for an hour on Fridays and two hours on Sundays.  It’s so helpful to walk, smile and pose in front of our coaches.  It’s way more intimidating to do it in front of them than it is to do it on my own, which I have been doing a lot of.

I steal the key to the yoga room where there’s a wide open space a mirror at my gym.  I can be alone there in my heels with Britney blasting on the speakers.  I am trying to take on a totally different persona but it’s weird.  I’m so not the kind of girl who wants to be on stage in a tiny bikini and heels.

I thought I was.. I mean, I love attention and I love being pretty but as it turns out, I’m kind of more of a dude than a super girly girl.  But I think I got into the whole thing because I love lifting.  Ryan and I were talking about that this weekend actually.. how my favorite things in life are eating, lifting and pooping.  I really am a dude, huh?!

So this week I’ve been eating a lot of fish.  I’ll leave you guys with some very useful and important facts about fish and why it is awesome.  I personally enjoy tilapia, mahi, salmon and tuna.  There’s obviously a lot of other fish in the sea, but I don’t know if I like them.  I know I like these and have a lot of recipes in the recipes section of my blog.  Anyway, here’s some fun facts:

– Research has shown that fish oil can reduce morning stiffness and the number of painful joints in rheumatoid arthritis patients

– Fish oils help prevent heart disease, depression, and cancer

– Increasing the amount of Omega-3 fatty acids has direct effects on serotonin levels 🙂

– Fish oils decrease inflammation

And now, progress pics…

The Get In Shape Girl

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This Monday is the Boston Marathon, one of the most popular of all the marathons in the world and my boyfriend is running.  As you all know I am training for Ms. Bikini April 30th, so only 12 days after his 26.2 mile stroll.

So this means his eating habits couldn’t be any more different than my own.

Granted, when nearing a run of this magnitude, I don’t think eating anything that could potentially upset the stomach would be a good idea, when you area gearing up for this kind of race, you can generally have a pretty lax diet.  This includes and lots and lots of carbohydrates.  For my training, my carbohydrates (minus veggies) are depleting by the day.

Carb loading is the act of adding more carbs to your diet so you increase the amount of fuel in your muscles to improve your ENDURANCE activity.

By endurance I mean more than a 5k people.  This is an event that should last about 90 minutes or more.

According to the Mayo Clinic, ” Any physical activity you do requires carbohydrates to provide you with fuel. For most recreational activity, your body uses its existing energy stores for fuel. But when you engage in long, intense athletic events, your body needs extra energy to keep going. The purpose of carbohydrate loading is to give you the energy to complete an endurance event with less fatigue, improving your athletic performance.”

Carb loading also doesn’t mean just a pasta dinner the night before a race.  Honestly, if you aren’t used to a pasta dinner, it wouldn’t be advised the night before a race because who knows what will happen to your digestive system.

How To Carb Load Properly…

About a week before your event you want to increase your carbohydrate intake to 50 – 55% of your daily caloric intake (a DISASTER  if you are a fitness competitor, like myself) should be from carbohydrates.  That means vegetables, fruit and starches.

And 3 – 4 days out, 70 – 75% of your daily caloric intake should be from carbohydrates.

During this process you should be scaling back your activity level to very little if at all.  So if you don’t think you can make the full 26 miles, 3 days ahead of the race isn’t the time do your last long run.

So can you imagine what it’s been like lately with one runner in the house consuming carbs like it’s his job while I’m carb depleting and wondering why my belly is still poking out so far?!

Here’s a few examples of how our eating habits have differed this week:

Wednesday night’s dinner – I had mahi and veggies.  Ryan had mahi, veggies and brown rice.

Thursday’s breakfast – Ryan had two servings of an unmeasured amount of oatmeal. I got a 1/4 cup of oats.

Friday – Ryan ate fruit and bagels before heading to dinner where he got breaded salmon with mashed potatoes.  The he went for ice cream. I had seared tuna, asparagus and a stick of gum.

Saturday – Ryan had pizza.  I had tupperware chicken and brussel sprouts.

While his food sounds fantastic and mine sounds bland and so not glamorous, I don’t think I could stand the feeling of bloat or softness endurance athletes have to deal with.

So I’ll take my chicken, fish and veggies while I watch him cross the finish line knowing that in less than two weeks I’ll be walking proudly across that stage at Mohegan Sun!!

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Banana Bread Oatmeal

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1/4 cup oats

1/2 banana, sliced

1/2 scoop vanilla whey protein powder

1 tablespoon finely chopped walnuts



Cook oats & protein in water in microwave.  Mix the rest of the ingredients and stir.


Cals – 237

Carbs – 30g

Fat – 7g

Protein – 16g

The Get In Shape Girl

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Buy Me Some Peanuts and Cracker Jacks… and Nachos, Pizzas and Stromboli

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This season Fenway Park got some new foods provided by Aramark.  Now you don’t have to just head to McDonald’s, a Chinese buffet or a bakery to consume all of your daily calories in one sitting.  Here’s a list of some of the new foods and some of the highlights you get along with them.

Monster Dog – The “dog” itself is only 160 cals, but 130 come from fat!!  14 whopping grams of fat, 5 of which are saturated, which is 1/4 of the sat fat you should max out at a day.    Oh yeah, and 1/5 of the sodium you should have each day.

A 140 pound woman would have to dance for 55 minutes to burn those calories.

Whole Pizzas – Brick oven pizza.. okay.. I’ll just tell you about 1 slice of pepperoni, not the whole pizza… This still rolls in with 396 cals a slice and over 16g of fat and 42g of carbs!

A 140 pound woman would have to hike for an hour minutes to burn those calories.

Chicken Parm Sub – A chicken Parmesan sub has a total of 467 calories. Fat provides about 117 calories and  23 percent of the total calorie requirements for one day.

A 140 pound woman would have to 2 and a half hours of housework to burn those calories.


Meatball Parm Sub – Whoa whoa whoa.. weighing in at about 800 calories.  Need I say more?!?

A 140 pound woman would have to run 10 minute miles for 80 minutes to burn that many calories.

Veggie Stromboli (which specifies spinach and mozzarella) – You think you are being good by ordering something with spinach but this baby has 590 calories, 18.7g of fat, 7g of sat fat, 1471 mg of sodium, and 76.7 g of carbs.  Ugh.

A 140 pound woman would have to jump rope for 70 minutes to burn those calories.

Pepperoni & Mozzarella Stromboli – 754 calories, 32 g of fat (13 g of saturated fat), 1705mg of sodium, 75g of carbs!!  wow.

A 140 pound woman would have to rollerblade for 65 minutes to burn those calories.

Double cheeseburger – Over 400 calories and 23g of fat.  And that’s not the healthy fat folks!

A 140 pound woman would have to row on a rowing machine for an hour to burn those calories.

Funnel Cake – 276 calories, 14g of fat, 62mg of cholesterol (thanks to the fat in which it is fried!), and 29g of carbs.

A 140 pound woman would have to cross country ski for 40 minutes to burn those calories.

Home Made Cookies & Brownies (that you don’t even have to leave your seat for) – In a small cookie you will get 167calories, 7.7g of fat and 23 g of carbs.  The brownie has 238 cals!!  Just one lil’ brownie.

That’s 40 to 50 minutes of playing softball.

Milkshakes – Just 10 ounces (just over a cup)of a milkshake carries 360 calories and 60 g of carbs, most of which come from sugar.

A 140 pound woman would have to climb stairs for 50 minutes to burn those calories.

Lobster Roll – Just the filling gets you nearly 12 g of fat and 528 mg of sodium which is 22% of your RDA.

Veggie Burger  – calorie wise not as bad of an option but what is this being topped with?  whole fat american cheese?  what kind of bun?  how much sodium are we talking?  is this even good?

Veggie Dog – see above..


What do you guys think.. is it worth it?

When you head out to places you know there are little to no healthy options, what do you do to stay on track?



The Get In Shape Girl

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Bikini Show Update #10/ 4 Weeks Out!!

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The countdown is on in the matter of days now!!!  It’s April 4th today, so that means in 26 days I will be strutting my stuff on stage in front of thousands of people and JUDGES.

Excuse me one moment.. I need to go have a little panic attack for a moment….

Okay, I’m back.

My nutrition has changed a little.  Every other day I can have 1/4 cup of starch in my first 3 meals of the day.  The other days I can have 1/4 cup of starch twice a day.  I go from having about 110 – 130g of carbs to about 70 or 80g of carbs.  It makes a little difference, but I’m not left hungry or anything.  On the days I can have starches three times I have..

1/4 cup oats at bfast, 1/4 cup sweet potato mid-morning snack, 1/4 oats pre-workout snack

On the 2-carb days I save my carbs for bfast oats and pre-workout oats.  I recognize my body likes the oats before I go get my ass beat at CATZ or at Prana power yoga.  I like the oats pre-workout because the carbs give me energy, most importantly, and they don’t make me feel too full to do my twists in yoga or my box jumps at CATZ.

What else is new…. I have been doing a lot of posing and walking in my shoes but I still need more work.  I really need to get my step, turn & drag down.  I always feel so imbalanced which is odd considering the amount of yoga I do.  So to counter this, I am going to wear heels in general most places I go aside from the gym/ work.

I had a private session with Annette Perry.  She is amazing.  She’s won Ms. Bikini before, has competed for a while and is very well known for her walk and stage presence.  She’s definitely a name to look out for.  So when I saw her available for a private session on PBO, I jumped at that opportunity right away!  She’s so super sweet and gave me lots of helpful advice.

I have decided on Popeye as my theme wear in the competition so she helped me choreograph my walk to go along with my theme.  I’m going to be spending  A LOT of time on this for the next 26 days.

That being said, I need to post my progress pics.  But first, I want to tell you guys a little something..

I’m learning a lot by doing this competition.  I have gone through some serious ups and downs with how I feel about my body since I began, so much it’s going to take up a really long blog so I’m not going into that now.  I’m learning about how to avoid binge eating – why it happens and how to stop it.  I’m learning a lot about exactly how much impact nutrition has on the body because I have to say, the physical training aspect isn’t that difficult nor is it terribly different from what I’m used to.  I’m also learning that not drinking isn’t so bad.  It’s been six weeks and I really don’t miss it for the most part.

But one thing I have not learned yet is patience.  Many say patience is a virtue, and I’ve always said I must not be very virtuous.  Or maybe I am.  I know that body changes do not happen overnight, hence why I always post my progress pics and have them all saved so you guys can see how drastically my body has changed since Feb 1.  So in that regard I am patient because I don’t expect to see a difference in my body very quickly.  But I am just really getting impatient with people and very irritable.  It’s really unfortunate too because I realize how lucky I am to have all of these amazing opportunities, but lately I just feel very blah.

I was a little sick at the end of last week so I am hoping that it’s just a lack of energy from fighting off a cold virus but I’m not even feeling my meat-head lifts 😦

I guess I can’t be ON all the time, can I?

Hopefully my next update post will be a little more upbeat and energetic.

I’m gonna go strut around in my stripper heels now while I make turkey & broccoli slaw lettuce wraps for dinner and hit the hay early tonight for my 4am wake up call tomorrow!































The Get In Shape Girl

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Salmon-Salad Wrap

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Thanks to my girl Juli (loveofmylife) I remembered that Greek yogurt is such a good base for making “salads” like this one.


App. 4 ounces FF greek yogurt     

6 ounces canned salmon

1 cup baby spinach leaves

1 Joseph’s brand whole wheat wraps

1 tablespoon chopped onion

1 teaspoon capers

1/2 teaspoon dill


Drain salmon.

Mix salmon, greek yogurt (I like mine not to be too soupy, so I add the yogurt as I go and I usually have about 2 ounces left over,) onion, capers and dill in bowl.

Scoop onto wrap, add spinach, wrap and chow down!  


Cals – 388

Carbs – 17g

Fat – 11g

Protein – 55g


The Get In Shape Girl



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No One Believes… I Used to be Fat

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My clients don’t believe me.  No one in the blog world knew me then.  My old friends who see me now are still in disbelief of how I’ve transformed my body.

When I was 22 years old, in 2003, I was a crazy party girl.  I was vegetarian who ate french fries, entire calzones and once I even ate an entire casserole dish of bean dip and bag of chips in one sitting.  I weighed 160 – 165 at 5’4″.  I didn’t exercise.. I thought sweating was gross.   I worked at Abercrombie and I wore a size large, I felt like I was being “hidden” because I wasn’t small.  I didn’t care.. I thought I was hot, but it did hurt.  It also hurt my pride when I was getting out of the backseat of my friend’s car and the inseam of my jeans split because they were too small.  One night I went out wearing a short mini skirt and ran into an ex who told me that “my outfit wasn’t flattering.”  I put that on him and just thought he was being mean because I didn’t see what I truly looked like and how big I was.  Finally, that summer I was in the backyard at my parents’ house in a bikini and my dad pointed to my stomach and asked “what is that?”  It hurt  A LOT but that’s exactly what it took for me to realize that I was overweight.  I was so unhealthy drinking as much as I was, eating horribly and never exercising.

I recently scanned some photos for a project I’m working on. Here are those photos…

I'm about 20 in this photo.. just got done eating chinese food

"Backstage" at a Taking Back Sunday show - 20 years old

My 23rd birthday party

Ryan and I at my 23rd B'day party.. isn't this crazy?!



















At the beach, embarrassed by my stomach

23 or 24 years old at CBGB's, NYC

Standing outside of a metal show, 24 years old

24 years old, top of the Empire State Building, depressed
























There you go.. now you’ve seen it.  Looking at some of these photos takes me back to a place (mentally) I would prefer not to go back to.  I was horribly depressed during some of these times.  Actually, the photo snapped of me at CBGB’s, was the night that my ex told me I was dressed inappropriately.  I was.. hello.. my stomach was hanging out!

That’s beside the point.  The point I’m trying to make here is that I overcame this.  And so have millions of other folks who have decided to take control of their lives and make a change.

Whatever the reason is, know & have confidence that you can do it too.  And I can help.  Let me know what you want and we will make it happen.



The Get In Shape Girl

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Bikini Show Prep Update #9/ 5 Weeks Out!!

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Hey everyone!!  Thanks for following my progress.  I am now 5 weeks away from getting on stage at Mohegan Sun!!  I can’t even believe it.  I’m so freaking excited.. you have no idea.  Everyone asks me how training is going.  I assume by this people mean how the actual PHYSICAL part is going.  So I always say that is going AWESOME but I miss eating certain foods.

The training portion for this really isn’t much different from what I did before.  I hired Cathy Savage as my coach through all of this, and her girl (and mine) Julie Costa is my actual coach, with whom I check in weekly, harass for info and curse whenever I get a chocolate craving!  🙂  (Still love ya girl!)  So let me fill you guys in a bit on what the training schedule is like through CSF…

First of all we go onto her website Cathy Savage Fitness where we print off our monthly training schedule.  March has looked like this for me and the other bikini girls..

Monday – Chest & Triceps

Tuesday – Legs & abs

Wednesday – Functional

Thursday – Back & Biceps

Friday – Shoulders & Core

Saturday – OFF

Sunday – Functional

When we get our monthly training schedule the exercises stay the same for four weeks, but we have different reps each session, have a different amount of time between sets of each circuit and could possibly use a different weight (depending on your strength) each week to keep our muscles guessing.

These type of concentrated days on certain muscle groups is something I have not done in a while in my workouts.  I got so used to going to CATZ all the time where we do full body, functional workouts in circuits.

There’s also 3 days of HIIT cardio involved, and a total of 6 days of cardio altogether, which should be switched up.  This is what a week of MY training schedule looked like..

Monday – Chest/ Triceps ST from 9 to 10am.  I have gotten stronger this month.  At the beginning of March I was using 15 lb DB’s for my chest flyes, now I’m pushing 20’s and could possibly go higher if the reps didn’t go up to 15 the last week.

CATZ from 12 to 1.  I know that more ST probably shouldn’t be done and to some would be considered overtraining.  But when left to my own device to do HIIT cardio on a dreadmill, I probably won’t do it (because I too, lack some motivation.)  Also, when I do sprints on a dreadmill I crank it up to 9.0 or 9.5 mph for 60 seconds and go all out, but I can only get my HR up into the 140 range.  I can’t run much faster than that because my legs can’t keep up, and the dreadmill is doing a lot of the work because the belt moves, I am not.  When I perform certain circuits at CATZ my heart rate will go into the 160’s just going from broad jumps to pull ups to clean/ front squat/ push press.  One thing I am very aware of however, is the possibility of overtraining.  I do get tired by the end of the week, but I blame that on lack of sleep.  I know my body well enough to know what not to push when I shouldn’t.  I know if I’ve just done shoulders the day before to cool it with shoulders the following day if I go to CATZ.   My going to frequently could turn out to be a bad thing, but I’m LOVING the results I’m seeing these days from leaning out at CATZ, yet putting on a little muscle from doing the CSF workouts.

Tuesday – Leg day around 7 or 8am.  Leg day is usually the toughest.  I mean, you have to figure legs are made up by some of the largest muscle groups in the body (hamstrings, quadraceps, glutes) so on leg day we tend to go really heavy and the exercises are tough because of that.  Leg day is usually the biggest calorie burning day of all too for the same reason as why it’s the toughest.  But we all want a couple of nice stems, right?  So we suck it up and we feel the burn from the lactic acid flushing our muscles while we go from squat jumps to a nice iso-hold or from doing walking lunges with 40# DB’s in each hand.

I also do yoga on this day.  Yoga is so important for me personally, but also great for a competitor or an athlete of any sort.  Cathy likes us doing yoga because it gives us a really good connection between our mind and bodies.  We know how to hold our shoulders back very well and it really teaches the figure girls how to spread their lats.  In yoga a lot of moves are held for a long time and we could certainly be doing just that on stage.  For me, however, yoga just feels good.  It feels so rejuvenating to get into a 95+ degree room and sweat it out!  It flushes the toxins from my body, keeps my skin clear (I’ve been complimented by a makeup artist on my complexion at the mall after heading straight there after class once), keeps my digestive track rinsed with the twisting poses.. it keeps me flexible, strong, lean, balanced and stable.. it helps me to slow down and just BE.. not thinking about anything except being right there on my mat for 60  – 90 minutes.. It helps me restore, renew and relax.

Wednesday – Functional/ HIIT day… Insert CATZ!!  Or last week I actually went to a cycling class and to another hot yoga class to change it up.  Change is very good.. you’ve got to keep the body guessing.

Thursday – Back/ Biceps around 7am.. I have to say this is a very good day to have a friend around.  The back part is fine.. I can push myself when it comes to my back, but my biceps need serious strengthening and it’s nice to have a friend there to help motivate me by saying “just… one… more!” or to have them there for a tiny bit of help when I can’t get that last full flexion in on my 21’s.

I try to go to yoga on Thursdays too, but lately I have not been in love with my class options because of the teachers teaching at my studio.  It’s so disappointing.  So I’ll do some form of light cardio like walking on the dreadmill with an incline between 5.0 – 10.0 at about 3.0 mph to work on my booty!  This isn’t so bad because I’ll usually read Oxygen while I’m doing this.

Friday – SHOULDER DAY… MY FAVORITE!!  I think shoulders is a lot of girls’ fav because we get insta-results.  It’s like.. HELLO CAPS within moments of that first shoulder press.

CATZ for more intense cardio and some fun.

Saturday – I sometimes go back to CATZ, depending on how many times I’ve been the last week, I only do it 3 times a week as I’m pretty sure with all the extra lifting my body would shrivel up.

Either way I always go to my intermediate yoga class.  This week sucked however.  I chose my yoga studio because the room is heated to 95 degrees, plus humidity added.  Once we get going the heat, humidity and the heat generated by bodies moving will get up beyond 95, more like 105 degrees.  This is vital as it helps to open me up so I can do twists, back bends, and sometimes even splits.  When a teacher decides that they don’t like the heat anymore it should not be up to them to change the way of the studio and NOT HEAT THE ROOM.  If we sign up to go to a hot studio, then we should have class in a hot studio.  If you don’t like the heat, get out of the kitchen studio.  I really liked this instructor too, but I won’t be practicing when that person teaches again because I need the heat.  Besides, it just gets me mad and that completely nullifies the whole purpose for being there.  Usually the intermediate class is super fun because it’s so small it’s casual and we get to learn new arm balances and practice poses we don’t always practice in a regular flow class.

Sunday – I use this as my day off, but the last two Sundays I’ve been to Sunday Session at the CSF studio in Norwood, MA.  The first 45 min is a bootcamp style cardio/ functional workout which I happen to think I excel at (thanks to CATZ) then an hour of posing, which I certainly need lots of practice at!!!  I’ve really got to get this whole turn & drag thing down.  When someone says “this foot goes this way, then step right, then turn left…” I’m just lost!  I’ll record this sometime so you guys can all laugh at me.  It’s still good to get around like-minded ladies with the same goal in mind!  This most recent Sunday I knew my body had had enough so I just went for posing.   My back STILL is sore from back extensions on the roman chair!


So that kind of sums up what training is like for me, which I know for most seems like a lot.

I’m craving a lot of sweets but I’m gaining control.  I am learning a lot since I began reading this book.  I’ll tell you guys more about it later because this blog is getting to be too long!  So here are my progress pics!!






























Can you tell any difference?  I know my pose changed, but this is what it has to be on stage so I figure I should start taking the pics this way.



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