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Growing up I definitely had Barbie as my idea of the true image of beauty. I thought once you had long blonde hair and a tan, life couldn’t get any better. At age 12 I started coloring my brown hair blonde and I’ve been an addict of the bottle ever since! In my mind I was ITl… Then I began college. I attempted cooking for myself (we all know college kids cooking for themselves is a disaster) and began a few years of disservice to my body by an overall unhealthy lifestyle. I spent many a cold day sitting inside eating entire packages of Velveeta Shells and Cheese right out of the pot. Or dinners that consisted of Hamburger Helper and Doritos. I quickly blew up. None of my pants fit, but I’d still squeeze into them unsure of who was more uncomfortable.. myself or the others who had to bear witness to my muffin top. A few years and value packs of Ramen noodles later, I became aware of how bad I looked. I was tanning in my parents back yard one summer when my dad pointed at my belly and asked what “that” was. “Oh Dad, that’s just my beer gut” were not exactly the words coming out of my mouth, but that’s exactly what it was. Many people would think that was a terrible thing to hear, but it woke me up. I was 22, completely inactive, 160 pounds and well on my way up.

my 23rd birthday party

Sometime soon after that I joined a gym with a girlfriend and every day after work I would get on the elliptical for 30 – 60 minutes. I was terrified of gym equipment. I had no idea what it did and the one time a trainer showed me what to do, I almost threw up, not because of his persistence to make me a client, but because I was actually being pushed too hard. So I stuck to cardio, every now and then attempting to run, but mostly just the elliptical. I counted every single calorie down to gum. I would under no circumstances eat more than 1000 calories in a day. I ate veggie burgers plain, salad, fruit, yogurt, kettle corn.. who knows, but it wasn’t more than 1000 calories! It was very simple, work off more than what you take in. I would stay on the elliptical until I saw the machine register I had burned off 1000 calories! That made for a fun Saturday. I had so many customers at my tanning salons willing to train me, but I wouldn’t have it! I was determined I knew what I was doing and doing any kind of lifting was not going to be part of it. I quickly went from 160 to 140, in just under 6 months. I felt a million times better about myself and never really meant to cut back on working so hard, but it just happened.

I soon relocated to Tampa, Florida. I kept eating what I thought was healthy (I was at least eating more than 1000 calories a day) and spent countless hours on the trusty elliptical or running outside on Bayshore Blvd. The sidewalk goes 4.5 miles, on the bay side, with beautiful views of the water, downtown Tampa, surrounding cities, gorgeous mansions, and if you are lucky, you’ll catch a glimpse of dolphins, sharks, sting rays or jumping fish! I decided it was time to hit the pavement and take on Bayshore. Once again I went with a girlfriend on walks along this gorgeous stretch of road. There were times that friend couldn’t come along, and on those trips I would try to jog a little, until finally I could jog the whole way, 3.2 miles from my house and back. I made another friend who really liked to run. He and I would go out and run anywhere from 3 – 8 miles. There were days I did not want to make that run. When it’s 85 degrees and boiling hot humidity, getting motivated to run outside was tough. That’s why it’s such a great idea to have an accountability partner- He’d make me feel like a wuss for not going. I logged so many miles, I was obsessed.

Eventually my running partner moved away and it was so hot & humid I joined a real life gym and got a real life trainer and started a real life work out plan. I continued to eat “healthy” and by that I mean a steady diet of bran flakes and Bud Light. I partied like a rockstar, but worked out hard too. The gym I belonged to was near my house where all my friends went. It was awesome seeing so many people I knew there so I loved going, but at the same time, I didn’t always feel comfortable in the free weight area. I mean, I’m a girl and girls get strange looks over there sometimes. Or maybe it was in my head. I was constantly thinking “am I doing this right?” “Is my form off?” “Can they see my panty line or something??!!” I mean, it happens to the best of us! But I had a few friends really into working out so it was nice to go to the gym with them to learn my way around that machines. I also became addicted to spinning and would go twice a week. Every Tuesday our class was 90 minutes.. the floor would be wet with sweat after class, the windows would completely fog up, and it was completely amazing that as group you could create such an effect. I took some ab classes too, but that was about it. Soon after I joined I hired a trainer. I explained exactly what I was looking for in a trainer (you can do that – don’t be shy about it. You are paying good money – you should love your trainer.) Ham was AWESOME. He kicked my butt. He showed me a lot of equipment, how to use it, things I could do on my own and really set me up on a good program I could live with. He told me all along that if I wanted to tighten up I had to STOP DRINKING BEER! I thought I could get away with it… little did I know…

26th bday
My 26th birthday, August 2007

Just over one year ago this weekend I packed up all my stuff and moved to Boston in a big yellow Penske with my long distance boyfriend. I joined a Boston Sports Club across the street from my apartment before I even moved in my apartment. Again I specified exactly what I wanted in a trainer and he was awesome too. The only problem was that I couldn’t afford him.  So for a while I paid out the booty (which was looking pretty good, btw) for personal training and aside from my backside, NOTHING WAS CHANGING! I was doing personal training twice a week, began my love affair with power yoga, spinning twice a week, doing some cardio on my personal time (I would watch entire football games on the treadmill on Saturdays) and doing a little of my own lifting.

Then in January maybe, my friend Katie showed me http://www.sparkpeople.com and how to track your food. On Day 1 of tracking I just listed everything I ate, and I ate like normal. OMG. I was eating like 2500 calories a day. No wonder I would spend 2 hours at the gym and nothing was happening. So I realized what was good and what was bad and made some changes. Also in January I made the best change of my life. I started going to CATZ, Competitive Athletic Training Zone.

It’s an hour a day of an ass kicking, sweat dripping workout. The basic jist is you warm up for 10 min, stretch for 10 min, then begin by doing some pro-agility work to make you faster and quicker, with better reaction time, or you’ll do some light work to help your flexibility and stability. Sometimes we also do core work during that time to mix it up as well. After we’re about 25 minutes in, we begin a circuit. There’s a coach to tell us what we’re doing, help us with weight choice and give us the amount of reps. We do 3 – 5 different exercises on the turf then we’ll head over to the track to do some cardio sprinting or once again, something that will raise the heart rate as well as improve our reaction time. We go through this 3 times then break for about 2 minutes. Then we set up for another circuit of 3 – 5 exercises and cardio and go through that 3 times. Then we finish off with some kind of BIG FINISH which could be anything like planks to sprints, or hill sprints, or just a lot of core work, but whatever it is, you can guarantee it’s going to be tough! We really train like, and sometimes with, athletes. It’s hands down the funnest thing I’ve ever done in my life. Between tracking my food, and starting CATZ I went from 140 – 126 since Jan!!!! Oh, and I don’t drink nearly as much beer!!!

(That’s my pic from athlete of the month)

28th bday
My 28th birthday, August 2009

Now I’m finally really happy with my body and I can eat a lot, well, let me re-phrase.. I have to eat a lot! My girlfriends eat like half of what I eat, it’s crazy.. I mean i eat more than my boyfriend! But I love, love, love it. So much I decided to become a personal trainer, myself. I became NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) certified and now have Booty Camp weekly and train clients and I LOVE it!

The Get In Shape Girl,
Kyra Williams

The Get In Shape Girl

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Hey! Good to see your blog. I am also trying to lose those extra lbs from college!

aww, I like your About Me page 🙂

What a fantastic story. You are beautiful and your delivery of words is refreshing. The work IS hard and it IS a process that takes time. You are a real gift to the others you inspire I am sure. This journey needs supporters and cheerleaders! Gald you are one!

Wow! Very inspiring story. I wish we had CATZ in my area! 🙂 You look great, btw!

I wanted to thank you for this great read!! I definitely enjoying every little bit of it I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post

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