Bikini Show Prep Update #13/ WEEK OF SHOW!!!

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I’m officially in my last week of show prep. I’ve been given my last week of meals which is really interesting and is going to leave me feeling empty. Not empty because it’s not enough food because I’m quite sure the calorie intake will be fine, but certain foods are being taken away that I’m used to having and I know from when I did “The Shred” last summer, when you are done eating you don’t feel done. It’s going to be tough to overcome, but right now I have so much focus & determination I feel like I’m someone else.

I’ve been going to posing sessions every Friday morning at Cathy’s studio and it’s always a smaller crowd which is nice. It has helped so much because we get more individual attention. And the last two Sundays have been two hour sessions which has been good too.

A couple of weeks ago while in yoga our teacher read to us a meditation from this book, Journey to the Heart, by Melody Beattie. This particular meditation is all about relaxing and it spoke to me, so much so that I’ve read it over and over (from my own copy of the book) since she read it to us.

When we are in posing class we take turns, one at a time, walking onto the floor, hitting our poses in front of 30+ other girls and Cathy as well as other coaches. It’s insanely nerve-wracking for me and I get so nervous I just stop thinking and get super flustered and usually end up messing up my footing and bobble around in my shoes.

But for the very first time today, right before it was my turn I recalled this passage from the meditation…
Too often out of sheer habit we tighten up, tense up and then approach life from that stance. When we have something to do, our automatic response may be to tense up- shoulders and neck strained, back bent and cramped, breathing shallow. But anything that needs to be done can be done better if we’re relaxed.

And I made it through all of my walking and poses in front of everyone with 100% self-awareness of exactly what I was doing and made every move with confidence and HAD FUN. I owe this to a lot of practice which just goes to show that practice makes perfect!

So yes, I am excited about the show now. I’m excited to get on stage and show off my hard work.

Right now I’m experiencing the calm before the storm.. as of Wednesday my life gets crazy! I can’t wait to tell you guys all about it….

On to the pics 🙂

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21 Responses to “Bikini Show Prep Update #13/ WEEK OF SHOW!!!”

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Good luck! love you!!!
I will be somewhere in Boston thinking about you!!! xxoo

ou are coming to boston? are you going to be around sunday? text me!!!

Looking gooooood! Way to go! Only 1 more week.
Where did you get your suit, may I ask? Thanks!

thanks girl.. tp://

Good luck, Kyra!

Such a great mantra–I’ll have to try that sometime! Good luck this week!

YAY for peak week! You look great! Enjoy the week and just take it easy. The hard work is done, now’s the time to get ready for the big show!!

No way girl.. this whole not eating what I want is the hardest part! I wish I could find a way to just out train a bad diet. I mean seriously… hahaha

Good luck! Can’t imagine how difficult this is.
Suzanne Williams

Thank you Suzanne! It’s not easy but totally worth it.. i think!

You look AWESOME!!

Holy hardbodied awesomeness!!

thank booboo kitty!! xo

Kyra, you look amazing and I wish you LOTS of luck getting through this week!! I’m so excited for you!! Remember the big picture when you feel that emptiness. You’ll do just fine!

I just got chills of excitement reading this. You are going to do so great and feel so proud of all your hard work. When you are out there just think about all of us who are thinking about you at that exact same moment. And know how much we admire your dedication. Then smile extra big b/c you know you are hot stuff!!

you read my mind!!! knowing i have all of you guys supporting me will be exactly what im thinking about as i stumble strut on that stage!! love you!!! xoxo

GOOD LUCK KYRA! You’re going to do GREAT!!!!!!


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