Bikini Show Update #11/ 3 Weeks Out!!

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OMG.. Only three weeks left until my show.  It’s amazing how excited I finally am.  Seriously, if you know me or have been reading my blog you know the range of emotions I have experienced since I began in January.

Let’s see.. in early January I was feeling out the process and deciding what I wanted to do.

Late January I had hired my coach, Julie, a Cathy Savage coach and was excited as heck to get started.

Middle of Feb it still seemed very surreal and far off.  I still had a birthday dinner at The Palm (i.e. steak and mashed potatoes), a half marathon and a trip to Florida to get through.

Early March is when I really felt like I started to buckle down and take things seriously.  Perhaps a little too seriously.  My eating became totally out of whack.  I hated the process.  I grew tired of eating microwaved chicken and veggies all the time.  I loathed measuring my food.  I wanted so badly to back out because I was just angry.  My anger turned into a complete lack of self control and some terrible eating habits (i.e. binging episodes, moments of self-hate, lots of tears, etc)

Late March I got my suit from Crystallini Bikini and I fell in love.  I started going to Sunday Sessions at CSF and met more girls going through what I was.  I started to feel connected to what was happening.  I began learning more and more about food addiction and how to control myself.

So far for April I am continuing with more of the same I felt in March, but way better!  I still have days where I just don’t feel like eating plain fish or wish I could have more starchy carbs.  But I see a light at the end of the tunnel now.

I have always been that kind of girl who refused to study for a test until the day before or felt a lot better writing a paper until dawn the day before it was due.  I don’t know what I’m wearing tomorrow much less think about preparing for a competition 6 weeks away!

But now, here we are with less than three weeks to go…

I feel very confident in what has taken place with my physical transformation.  When I tell you to be patient with the scale and even though you don’t see your results right away, it doesn’t mean they aren’t coming.  For the last two weeks I have weighed in at 125.  Prior to that I had seen a slight loss, but only from 130 lbs, which was my starting point.  Now, I know my body has changed, but I’m just kind of using the scale as my example.

Anyway, 125, 125, 125.. morning, noon and night.  It didn’t make a difference if I had just done 90 minutes of hot yoga or if I had just eaten a “huge” meal.  Then Saturday morning the scale read 122.  Wow.  3 lbs gone overnight.  Just vanished.  Sweet!  Then Sunday morning I was 120.  My jaw literally dropped.  I haven’t seen 120 lbs since I was probably 12 or 13 years old.  Then again this morning, I saw 120 again!!  So that just goes to show that your hard work WILL pay off.

So now as I get closer and closer to my competition I have to really focus on walking and posing.  I have my walk down.  The coaches at posing session seem to like it, which is good.  I can’t work on my posing enough though.  It still needs help, but it is so sososososososososo important.  I need to stand out to those judges!!!

I also have to work on the finishing touches like getting waxes, getting my bling, spray tan, nails, order extensions, etc.

So here we go.. here’s this weeks’ comparatives…
























Have you competed?  What kinds of emotions did you experience?

If you haven’t, what kind of emotions do you go through on your journey to being fit?


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19 Responses to “Bikini Show Update #11/ 3 Weeks Out!!”

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Looking great, honey! Amazing! When/where is this competition again?

thanks doll! april 30th at mohegan sun in CT

Holy Hotness Kyra!!! Whenever I see a new blog I think – ‘how can she possibly get any HOTTER than she was’… and freakin’ you somehow DO!!
A lot of hard work, but DAYUM ~color me 1001 shades of INSPIRED! (:

Glad I can inspire. Seriously, though, these women who I’m going to be sharing the stage with are all so incredible. I’m honored to be considered in their “league.”

WHOA! Hot Mama! 🙂 You look amazing Kyra! Congrats on all that hard work paying off! You’re gonna kill it! Keep working on your posing every chance you get; you’re get it! xo

thank you julie. i couldn’t do this if it weren’t for the girls in my pants pockets!!

I’ve been back and forth with my weight since highschool. I gained during college and it just went up from there. I started working hardcore again around this time last year- only to have torn all the ligaments in my knee. I didn’t really gain, but I didn’t lose. I just had surgery 6 weeks ago. I’ve been back in the gym 6x/wk for the last two weeks. I feel fantastic, I’m eating super clean, and I’m just not seeing the results I want-which is frusterating. It’s driving me crazy. I’m the motivator. I can motivate other people but suck at motivating myself. I stay at the gym until I stop feeling this way. Luckily it’s benefitting my body, but making me crazy.

Any advice?


Hi Lachelle.. I just tried to leave a comment on your most recent blog, but I guess comments are blocked on your blog. Anyhow, it looks like your trainer has you doing a pretty legit program. I’m telling you right now that if you stick with him and what he’s doing, and don’t steer off that path, and you keep on eating healthy (5 – 6 times a day) the weight & inches WILL come off. Just stick with it. that’s the best advice i have for anyone!! be patient.

Hmm, I’m not sure why they’re blocked!
He’s pretty legit.
Patience is a virture I do not possess.
*here’s to trying it out.

Hahahaha I always say “patience is a virtue. but im not very virtuitous.” keep me posted on your progress. in the meantime check out tosca reno’s clean eating books. she’s the shit.

I think you look great! And I have to say, I absolutely love the suit, the color is beautiful. You got this….

I had the same emotions. I kind of knew what to expect the second time around and felt like I controled it a little more, but it’s still tough. Some days were better than others, lack of carbs made me angry =) Hang in there, these three weeks are going to zoom by!

Thanks Lisa. I’ve never been a major carb person and now that I can still have my oatmeal a couple of times I’m okay. I’ve never been one to sit down and eat bread or pasta as it is. But I wanna eat ice cream and cookies and peanut butter!!

Now that it’s getting close I really am excited and I think I may even do another in June!!

Kyra you look AMAZING! What a change your body has made this week. It’s crazy how fat loss does not happen steadily, sometimes it’s all at once after a period of waiting. Which is what I’m doing now, and I can’t wait for my body to change and my stomach to look like yours 🙂

Loving the first pose, you look super lean and curvy!

You will be learning that VERY uncomfortable pose shortly my dear. And that’s what the judges call “relaxed.” ugh

your back and shoulders look especially amazing. i can’t wait to see your original bikini prep pics up against your final ones. what a transforming experience- inside and out! keep it up girl!!

thank girl! i cant wait to see them against one another too. i wont do it yet though because i dont want to slack!

You look amazing Kyra! Love the suit! I have been a slacker and have not committed to the April Fools Challenge, but now I’m feeling like I definitely should! You look HOTT, girlie!! I just need to find that balance between getting all the required food types, without eating too much. I also really need to ST more! Good luck on the competition!

You’re looking awesome! 🙂 I can’t wait to see the stage pictures. Go get it girl!!

Thanks for reading D!!!!

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