Bikini Show Update #10/ 4 Weeks Out!!

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The countdown is on in the matter of days now!!!  It’s April 4th today, so that means in 26 days I will be strutting my stuff on stage in front of thousands of people and JUDGES.

Excuse me one moment.. I need to go have a little panic attack for a moment….

Okay, I’m back.

My nutrition has changed a little.  Every other day I can have 1/4 cup of starch in my first 3 meals of the day.  The other days I can have 1/4 cup of starch twice a day.  I go from having about 110 – 130g of carbs to about 70 or 80g of carbs.  It makes a little difference, but I’m not left hungry or anything.  On the days I can have starches three times I have..

1/4 cup oats at bfast, 1/4 cup sweet potato mid-morning snack, 1/4 oats pre-workout snack

On the 2-carb days I save my carbs for bfast oats and pre-workout oats.  I recognize my body likes the oats before I go get my ass beat at CATZ or at Prana power yoga.  I like the oats pre-workout because the carbs give me energy, most importantly, and they don’t make me feel too full to do my twists in yoga or my box jumps at CATZ.

What else is new…. I have been doing a lot of posing and walking in my shoes but I still need more work.  I really need to get my step, turn & drag down.  I always feel so imbalanced which is odd considering the amount of yoga I do.  So to counter this, I am going to wear heels in general most places I go aside from the gym/ work.

I had a private session with Annette Perry.  She is amazing.  She’s won Ms. Bikini before, has competed for a while and is very well known for her walk and stage presence.  She’s definitely a name to look out for.  So when I saw her available for a private session on PBO, I jumped at that opportunity right away!  She’s so super sweet and gave me lots of helpful advice.

I have decided on Popeye as my theme wear in the competition so she helped me choreograph my walk to go along with my theme.  I’m going to be spending  A LOT of time on this for the next 26 days.

That being said, I need to post my progress pics.  But first, I want to tell you guys a little something..

I’m learning a lot by doing this competition.  I have gone through some serious ups and downs with how I feel about my body since I began, so much it’s going to take up a really long blog so I’m not going into that now.  I’m learning about how to avoid binge eating – why it happens and how to stop it.  I’m learning a lot about exactly how much impact nutrition has on the body because I have to say, the physical training aspect isn’t that difficult nor is it terribly different from what I’m used to.  I’m also learning that not drinking isn’t so bad.  It’s been six weeks and I really don’t miss it for the most part.

But one thing I have not learned yet is patience.  Many say patience is a virtue, and I’ve always said I must not be very virtuous.  Or maybe I am.  I know that body changes do not happen overnight, hence why I always post my progress pics and have them all saved so you guys can see how drastically my body has changed since Feb 1.  So in that regard I am patient because I don’t expect to see a difference in my body very quickly.  But I am just really getting impatient with people and very irritable.  It’s really unfortunate too because I realize how lucky I am to have all of these amazing opportunities, but lately I just feel very blah.

I was a little sick at the end of last week so I am hoping that it’s just a lack of energy from fighting off a cold virus but I’m not even feeling my meat-head lifts 😦

I guess I can’t be ON all the time, can I?

Hopefully my next update post will be a little more upbeat and energetic.

I’m gonna go strut around in my stripper heels now while I make turkey & broccoli slaw lettuce wraps for dinner and hit the hay early tonight for my 4am wake up call tomorrow!































The Get In Shape Girl


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6 Responses to “Bikini Show Update #10/ 4 Weeks Out!!”

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keep being patient! I can def tell a difference, especially in your abs! awesome awesome job!!!! It’ll all pay off!

thanks rebekah! i know very well to be patient when it comes to results. im honestly shocked at what ive already seen. i just wanna eat more than 4 ounces of chicken at a time!

The leader can’t be perfect and perky all the time!! You are doing great and your booty is bootylicious!! Seriously lookin so good Kyra and you are whipping a whole buncha people into shape right now. Don’t forget to focus on you too, it can get overwhelming worrying about everyone else all the time. :o) You rock

thank you teri! i need you guys too!! thats why i started the group.. it helps to know we’re all going through the changes together 🙂

You look GREAT! I can tell a big difference, your waist is getting tinier and tinier and you’re tightening up everywhere. You will definitely be ready to go for sure!

Hang in there… nothing good ever comes easy. Even if you never compete again, you’ve learned a lot about what you can do and how much discipline you have. That is what I tell myself too!

You should post a video of your walk for us!

Never compete again… those are words to my ears!! I know I feel like this now but come April 30th I may feel differently. At least I’ll know what it is I’m working towards and know that rewarding feeling of stepping on stage. But we’ll see. I feel so happy with my results but I’m seriously hungry!!!

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