Bikini Show Prep Update #8/ Six Weeks out!!!

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A lot has happened this week.  The first being I got my half a banana at breakfast taken away and my fat intake is now 1 tablespoon at breakfast and 1 tablespoon at dinner.  Apparently bananas are too starchy, so now my breakfast looks like this….

1/4 cup oats with 1/4 cup of blueberries and 1 tablespoon of natural, unsalted peanut butter

1 cup of liquid egg whites with 1 cup of chopped spinach

Breakfast might be my favorite of the meals because I’ve grown exceptionally tired of vegetables.  Don’t get my wrong because I love veggies but I’m just getting really tired of eating them endlessly.  At least in breakfast the spinach is disguised in the eggs.


This week I signed up for the actual contest so it’s totally real now!!

I ordered my suit.

I received my shoes..









I received my theme wear… (which needs some work)











My weight has gone down this week.  One morning I woke up at 122!!!  I usually wake up at 125 and weigh 128 by the end of the day.  Lately 125 has been my high weight at the end of the day.  That drop also gave me the courage to take my body fat and it’s down to 16.8% which is nearly a 2% loss!  Hollerrrrrrrrrrrr!

All that good stuff being said, I also experienced a lot of just feeling OVER IT this week.  I’m discovering that I have some issues with food.  It’s all I think about.  I wake up and the one thing that inspires me to get out of bed is the fact that I get to eat.  I think about it continuously throughout the day.  I see people eating and I pass by restaurants and I wonder what I could have to eat.  When I go to stores where I see candy I want it and will debate buying it and hiding it then secretly eating it because “no one will have to know.”  Most times I’m able to resist.  It’s Easter-time so now the Starburst jelly beans seem to scream my name when I walk into a store and I close my eyes as I pass by them to pretend they aren’t there.  The problem with these jelly beans is that I will have one and it will be great, but I need to experience that greatness over and over and over and will never truly be satisfied.  Then before I know it, I will have eaten half the bag and I will feel so horrible about myself it will send me into a downward spiral of self-hate and that’s just not healthy.  So I continue to keep this feeling in the forefront of my mind to keep myself away from whatever triggers that are out there.  I also was recommended a book by Rachel Mac called “The End of Overeating” by David Kessler, which I started last night and I’m pretty excited to see if getting the knowledge will help me here.

On a happier note, I also went to my very first Sunday Session at Cathy Savage’s studio.  We spent the first half hour getting in a bootcamp style cardio workout.  I have to say, after doing CATZ on a regular basis, EVERYTHING is easy!!!!!!!!!!!!  Well, except the posing part.  Basically 40 of the hottest ladies you could ever imagine are in a room together wearing teeny tiny bikinis or bootyshorts and sports bras AND CLEAR STRIPPER HEELS walking around like a herd of cattle.  hahahaha.  It’s so loud!  We walked, we posed, we watched ourselves, we made eye contact, we smiled BIG BIG SMILES :)))))))))) we turned, we quarter-turned and then we did it some more.  I definitely need the most work here, but it was my very first time doing it.  So for the next six weeks if you see me in clear heels prancing around don’t be shocked.

Without further ado.. onto the progress pics.. 3.13.11 vs 3.20.11






























The lighting is so frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!  But honestly, I think the biggest difference here is that I decided this week to have a little ‘tude in my pics!  hehehe.  Next week I’ll be posing correctly.


The Get In Shape Girl


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11 Responses to “Bikini Show Prep Update #8/ Six Weeks out!!!”

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You look SO awesome!
Its okay to feel ‘over it’ once in a while, I mean… you take it to the mat HARD every-single-day, its understandable.
Plus, spring fever is in the air too, it’s legit. Youre doing awesome girl. Have a snacksize pack of Jelly Beans, then move on from the craving & keep rawkin’ it! (-:

if only a handful was possible for me! ill be accepting all kinds of gifts from friends post-show in the form of sugar 🙂

You look amazing!!! You have the perfect body for rocking the bikini AND the sailor suit – SOOO CUTE!!


hehe.. thanks CC! you always know how to make a girl smile 🙂

You look amazing Kyra, well done! You’re smokin in your theme wear, love it! Glad Savage session was fun. Sitting here eating cinnamon sweet potatoes and your chicken, thanks for your advice on Friday, you’re my fitness inspiration!

anytime susan! that’s what im here for 🙂

Loved your rear pose wearing the theme wear, totally Hawt Kyra! 🙂
Being super strict on eating does suck but winning rocks! Hang in there. I could totally picture you with closed eyes walking past jelly beans in the store haha
Whatever it takes, just be strong!! xo

Looking good Kyra, I can really see a difference in your legs and shoulders! Keep it up 🙂

thanks girly but apparently its not enough!

Wow, you look fantastic already! I can totally see a difference in your thighs and waist in just one week. Awesome! Also, the food issue, yea, that’s way normal during contest prep! You’re not alone. Keep up the great work!!

Hahaha.. thanks Lisa. I do miss my sweets like crazy and I miss being able to eat more than 4 ounces of chicken at a time. But I am certainly learning a lot about myself as well as the food industry and the psychology behind eating by doing all of this. So hopefully I’ll be able to use the experience to help others!

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