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As many of you know I just went on a trip to Florida.  I am also competing for a bikini competition so when I think about living with friends for a week, not to mention the lack of healthy airport/ plane food, it causes a little stress.  But fear no longer because I have a comprehensive list of what you can bring on a plane-ride when you are traveling.

This is what i found travels well:
Protein –
tofu (refridgerate upon arrival.. but you WILL get made fun of for this)
cooked chicken.. keep cool (i froze mine and let it thaw on the plane then put it in my friend’s fridge)
protein powder in plastic baggies
string cheese
Veggies –
spaghetti squash.. keep cool
frozen veggies.. will thaw and become edible
baked carrot coins
kale chips
Starches –
baked sweet potato chips
minute brown rice cups
joseph’s whole wheat tortilla wraps
rice cakes
cooked quinoa
canned pumpkin (won’t get thru airport security though)
Fat –
Nut butters (will not get through security on airplane though… pack this in your checked bag)
any nuts
Fruit –
apple slices
etc.. just depends on what you want to slice up & put in tupperware

Don’t forget.. bring your own sweeteners too because if you are like me and use Truvia you won’t find it anywhere.


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