Disney Princess Half Marathon 2011

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Once upon a time there was a princess in a far away northern land named Kyra.  Kyra spent much of her time working out very hard, endlessly picking up and setting down very heavy weights, jumping on top of high boxes, seeing how quickly she could sprint 300 yards and contorting her body in ways unknown to most people in extremely high temperatures.

But Kyra longed to run a far distance, 13.1 miles, in particular with some of her princess friends.  After she asked around she found several friends, Princess Gina, Princess Lauren and Princess Juli to run this distance with her.

Kyra spent very little time actually training for this 13.1 mile run, in terms of doing any actual running.  She spent nearly every single day of her life doing at least an hour of cardiovascular activity, and countless hours strengthening her legs to endure such activity.  See the problem was that Princess Kyra lived in a land called Boston where the temperatures were often below that of 32* fahrenheit and Princess Kyra was very sensitive to these temperatures.  She could not go outside to run the far distances to practice for this, nor would she subject herself to the mental anguish of spending countless hours on the torture device known as a treadmill.  Kyra did everything else besides run long distances.

However, once she arrived in arrived in a land much further south of where she resides, in a beautiful land called Florida, she felt confident that the run would go marvelously.  She met with her other princess friends and they picked up their magical bibs and ate dinner where Princess Kyra ate something that messed up her stomach horribly.  See, Princess Kyra normally eats in a very healthy way, so when she eats something as harmful as French fries she has a reaction that no princess should go through.

After only getting 3 hours of beauty sleep, the princesses got picked up by their chariot and were whisked off to the starting line of the race.

At 5am the princesses gathered with over 13,000 other princesses to get ready to run.  The event was MC’d by our Fairy Godmother and as each corral began, we were sent off by the burst of beautiful fireworks!

At each mile a band played, fans gathered or Disney themed photo opportunities were set up.  The crowds of fans and the volunteers giving us magical water and Powerade were more so encouraging and were a huge help to get everyone through.  The princesses could not have run in our glass slippers without them!

Princess Kyra even took some time to take a few videos…

Princess Kyra and Princess Juli also stopped along the way to pose in front of their castle as well…

And again at the Royal Finish Line…

And once again with their gold, diamond and emerald tiaras that they earned…

In the end, the princesses all did fantastic.  Princess Kyra and Princess Juli finished together with the time of 2:27:50.

Princess Kyra was sore that day as well as the following day.  She is currently residing back in her far, far away land in Boston recovering from strep throat.

She looks forward to running again in 2012 with the same princesses as well as others hopefully.  The royal heinnesses all had such a fantastic time!!

The end.


Kyra Williams,

The Get In Shape Girl


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9 Responses to “Disney Princess Half Marathon 2011”

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Amazing! It looks like you had so much fun. You write one good recap 🙂

Haha.. thanks Lexi!! It was so much fun. I had to make it a fun recap!

HAHAHA! I knew her royal highness would run 13.1 again one day 😉

I’m so glad you had a good run – I was afraid what I would find after the french fry reference. Great job Princess Kyra!

Girl… I was SO sick after I ate that food. Can we do it together next year? It’ll be a giant Spark party!

Favorite blog ever.

WOW! Great job on the 1/2 Marathon! I was there too! And actually logged a similar time 2:24! (I’m from NY and barely trained as well due to the awful winter) I am really inspired by your get fit story! I’m looking to kick into a bit better shape like you have. I’ve always been really athletic, but my diet is where the trouble is! If you don’t mind I’m gonna follow your blog. 🙂 great job on the Princess Marathon! maybe we’ll see eachother there in 2012!

Thanks Rachel. Congrats on your time as well!!

I love how you told the event in fairy tale style…too cute.

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