Bikini Show Prep Update #5

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So this week was a little different.  As you know Tuesday was Ryan’s 30th birthday dinner.  I’ll be honest.. I had cheesecake.  Not just a bite, not just half the piece we shared.. but the WHOLE PIECE all to myself (with the exception of a few bites.)  But I’ll tell you.. I earned it.

This week my legs have been super sore.  Check out what I did..


Tuesday – Chest/ Back + 2 miles jog and 3.5 miles uphill walking (took a toll on my legs for sure)

WednesdayYoga + HEAVY LEG DAY:

DB Walking lunges – 25# DBS x 15 each leg

BB Stiff legged dead lifts – 70# x 12

MB Jacks x 15

x 3

Deadlifts x 15 (30# DBs)

BB Curtsy lunges x 10 each side (40#)

Captains Chair straight leg raises x 10  (I keep both legs straight ahead and lower/ raise 1 leg at a time to make these more awesome!!)

x 3

SB Exchange x 10

MB Russian twist on SB x 15 each side (8#)

x 3

Thursday: Yoga + 8.5 mile Run

On this day I wanted to die in yoga.  We held poses WAY too long.  I know these yoga classes aren’t tailored to me.. that’s what you get with group exercise, but I don’t use yoga as my strength training!!!  So when we are asked to hold chair pose for more than 10 seconds, it’s just not happening for me!  My legs were dead.. my whole body was dead.  I definitely had no energy too from a lack of food I had eaten that day.  When I got home my blood sugar was so low I could barely move.. I felt like I was in a fog.  So it took me a lot of regaining energy through food to get myself up and out for my run.  And after my run I had to eat a little honey to get myself out of the fog again.

I also avoided doing my shoulder routine this day because my left rotator cuff was acting up.  It’s felt a little weird for the last week anyway, so I decided I should definitely rest it to let the inflammation go down.  As much as I LOVE shoulder day I knew it would just be smarter for me to listen to my body and give it a rest than to really injure myself.

Friday: Arms/ core + CATZ

So while at CATZ I did body saws on a dolly, and these are to easy for me (I can thank yoga for me super strong core) so I put a 10 # sand bag on my low back so I’d have to tighten up my abs and boy did it make a difference!!!  My abs were super sore Saturday & Sunday!!

Saturday: CATZ

Sunday: yoga

So now my shoulder doesn’t hurt, my legs aren’t sore & tired, I feel confident in running long distances, I lost a pound despite having a slice of cheesecake and I am READY FOR VACATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wake up at 4 or 5am every weekday morning so I feel tired a lot.  I mentally need to get away for a bit.  I need to spend time with my girlfriends and be in the sun and warmth.  I am excited to meet old friends and new friends.  I love being a personal trainer and I love inspiring people and helping people every day to make their lives better. But sometimes The Get In Shape Girl needs to make her life better and that’s exactly what this trip is for!!

Here are this week’s progress pics.. Week 1, Week 4 and Week 5:
































I feel like the shape of my legs might be changing a little bit.  What do you think?

Kyra Williams,

The Get In Shape Girl


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7 Responses to “Bikini Show Prep Update #5”

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You are looking fantastic!!! Looks like the weather is going to be very nice for you! Hope you enjoy the break!

Thanks Ceecee!! I can’t wait. Do you have an extra room you’d like to rent out? I just wanna move back so bad!!!!

Looks like some great workouts! I agree that your legs are changing a bit and I think they look great! Have fun on vacation Kyra!

I notice a change in your legs and upper back. Keep up the great work!

YOu look AWESOME!!!
What do you do for shoulder exercises cause I really want to define mine more…

I’m kind of all over the place. Hopefully my virtual training will help yours POP a bit more. Gotta get the bf% down girl and trust me.. they will come right out 🙂

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