A Valentine’s Day In The Life of The Get In Shape Girl

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Waking up at 4am never gets any easier.  Luckily I have a wonderful man in my life who cooks my oatmeal & eggs with spinach for me and brings them to me with my Sugar Free Rockstar while I get ready for work.

I head to Peabody to train a few clients.  My work load is light today and I only stay for a couple of hours before begin training myself.

Today I made up for the chest/ back work I was supposed to do yesterday according to the Cathy Savage Bikini Show Prep workout plan.  Here’s a post-training swole photo… I then head to the treadmill to work on some cardio by jogging a couple of miles as well as walking a bit, changing up the incline levels to mix it up.

I leave work and head home to get some stuff done for other clients, as well as some of my marketing for The Get In Shape Booty ebook and subscribers.  If you haven’t received your copy of my FREE ebook, go to the link NOW and download your copy.  You won’t regret it!!

Ryan gets home and we head into Boston to Emerge Spa on Newbury street.  Newbury Street is like the 5th Ave or Rodeo Drive of Boston.  Emerge is a beautiful spa and salon.  They have endless amount of services from massage (why we went) to hair color to facial and skin treatments to mani/pedis.  It’s a monster space too for this part of town.  It’s four floors!!  It’s one of the few spas I’ve been to on Newbury street, but it is expensive.  But sometimes you just want to go with what you know.  I didn’t want to have to get ready to go for dinner in a place not so nice, and I knew this place was exquisite.  The customer service is great, they make you feel so comfortable.  They get you all set up in your locker room then come get you when your room is ready, and they are also one of the few spas that have a couples massage room because most places have such limited space.

Once we got with our technicians they ask if we want them to work on a certain area of our body, so I told him that I am really tight between my shoulder blades.  In yoga I constantly focus on keeping my arms peeled back, opening my chest, and pulling my shoulders down and back.  I also focus on keeping my shoulder pulled back to have good posture.  Because of this I am really tight.  He spent almost the entire massage working out knots in that area of my body, and afterwards he told me my shoulders naturally fall forward, likely due to many years of sitting at a desk typing away.  It would have been nice to get a little more love on my legs, but my back feels really great now!

Now I’m ready and we head to The Palm in Copley Square for dinner.  I have an arugula salad witha few walnuts, pieces of bacon and tiny pieces of bleu cheese which is delicious.  I am not a fan of regular lettuce salads, but if it’s arugula or spinach I can’t get enough!  I also ordered the filet mignon which comes in 3- four ounce medallions each topped with 1. lobster & lobster sauce, 2. white fish and asparagus and 3. fried onions.  I eat one of the pieces of steak, and save the other two since four ounces is exactly what my body is used to.  We also ordered spinach and mushrooms tossed in olive oil and garlic and steamed, as well as mashed potatoes.  I was opposed to ordering the potatoes because there’s no food I love more than dipping my steak in my mashed potatoes.  But it was Ryan’s 30th birthday, so I was strong and only had a couple of bites of the potatoes.  Usually  I leave these steak dinners full to the point where I am uncomfortable but I think because I limited my steak intake and didn’t overdo it with the potatoes, I felt good.  Not to mention I didn’t drink anything other than water and club soda.  But.. and this is a big BUT… I had my entire piece of cheesecake!!  It was big too.  I mean Ryan helped me, but he had his own dessert.  I just couldn’t stop.  I don’t regret it.. I don’t feel like it totally threw me off either.

My weight is actually 1 pound less than it was last week.  I think I still look great.  And I also heard a great piece of advice from Cathy.  On her weekly call she mentioned to a caller that one cheat meal doesn’t ruin your body.  But you need to use those extra calories from the night before to really KILL IT in your workout the next day.  Well, I did a little extra cardio because I knew the meal ahead of me wouldn’t be perfect.  And I did exactly what she told me to.. I KILLED it the next day on legs.

So the moral of this story is that if you have one cheat meal or you eat something you know isn’t on your meal plan and doesn’t fit into your calorie budget, do not freak out!!  Sometimes we just have to let ourselves live.  That doesn’t mean you should wake up and have biscuits and gravy for breakfast, pizza for lunch and cheeseburgers and fries for dinner, but it does mean that you shouldn’t give yourself grief for having a piece of cake on your loved ones’ birthday.  Just EARN the cake.

And sorry there’s no pics of dinner, but I was so hungry that I completely forgot to take pics!!


Kyra Wiliams,

The Get In Shape Girl



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I love your blog, and I must get your eBook!!

Sounds like your Valentine’s Day was perfect – I can’t believe your honey makes you breakfast at 4am….He’s a keeper!!! 😀

Thanks CC!! Let me know what you think of the ebook. You’d be proud.. I ran today!

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