Disney Princess Half Marathon Training/ Bikini Show Prep update #4

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Let’s go through my week day by day:


Super busy day training clients.  Still squeezed in my Chest/ Back workout.  I’m not a huge fan of cables or machines and this workout called for both.  It was okay.  I think January’s workout was harder, but we have to keep changing it up.  I also went to CATZ for an hour of intense cardio plus some functional training.

I also go my eating back on track.  I was definitely hormonal last week.  This week my meals have been planned and I’m feeling good.


Didn’t have time to do my leg workout as I had to go into the city for a dermatologist appointment.  It’s really important to have flawless skin during these competitions, not to mention, I need to have flawless skin for myself.  I needed to re-up my prescriptions for Diferin gel & Clindagel for my face, to keep it nice and supple as well as blemish free.  I also have realized that regardless of the amount of tanning I do or don’t do, my nose is always red.  I got a cream used for Rosacea and it’s working well to take the redness out of my nose.  Looking like Rudolph isn’t what I’m going for.  And I also have a bit of eczema on my elbows form the turf at CATZ so I got a steroid cream to clear those up.

I made it to yoga for hour of power and we had a shrimp and veggie stirfry for dinner.


Another busy busy day training clients.  I did my leg workout from Cathy Savage Fitness and it was tough.  Like brutally torturous tough.  I had a friend to do it with which helped.  I didn’t make it to CATZ after because my legs were done.  I did however get the urge to run and I ran a mile before the workout, as well as a mile after.  So there’s the half marathon training portion of this blog.

I’m so effed.  I’m running 13 miles in a couple of week and I have logged a single run since sometime in December.  I hope all my training at CATZ will pay off so I can finish the race.

I also did a 3 minute plank at the end of my workout.  It was tough, but it’s all about mind of matter.  I set out with 3 minutes as my goal and I completed.


I had a friend join me for my shoulder workout.  My left shoulder is feeling a little funky from something stupid I did with a little too much weight at CATZ last week.  But nothing in this workout affected it.  We did a lot with cables again, which I just got mad at and said I was just going to quit and do it with dumbbells.  It’s reverse flyes. I mean, why do I have to do it with a stupid cable???  Luckily a guy at the gym helped me out with whatever it was I was trying to do. We’ll see how they go this coming Thursday.

Hour of Power yoga class with Alyson was fantastic this day.  Sometimes she just brings it, and today was one of those days.  I was exhausted but it was a tough class!

We also had lettuce wraps for dinner with ground turkey.  I think these are my new obsession.


Arms day.  Wicked easy workout.  A friend joined me in this workout and it when it came time to do concentration curls, we sat down and spread our legs wide, and made straining faces and grunted while performing the reps.  I so need a pic next time!!

Oh yeah..  I tried the new Stair climbers at my work.  I lasted all of 8 minutes.  Those things suck.  I like regular stairs.  These things were so narrow that I was only able to drive through the balls of my feet, thus burning my calves.  I like regular stairs so I can drive through my heels to work my booty!  Plus I was terrified of falling.

I also went to CATZ.  I did my 300 in 65 seconds, only one second more than my PR.  I’ll do better next time!

I had a couple of beers with dinner and Jersey Shore on DVR.  I felt it after just one!!!  I’m going to need some liver training before I get to FL.


Oatmeal for breakfast.  CATZ at 8am.  Stayed away from any shoulder work because it’s feeling a little funky.  I can’t say painful and I can’t pinpoint what it is, I just say it’s funky.  LIke I want to be careful with it.

Cleaned my house and did 3 loads of laundry.

Intermediate yoga with my coach, Julie, and my friend Sammi.  Class was so fun!  Pat does the craziest poses and I love them even though I can’t do them properly!

When I was getting ready for dinner with my girlfriends, I weighed myself.. 124.  I was dancing around while gettin ready and I’ve decided my body is really changing!!  And I absolutely love it.  I’m hooked!!  I’m ready to compete!!  Went to dinner which was awesome to catch up.  Didn’t have a single drink and ate lettuce wraps with chicken.  Yum yum!


Sodium overload.  My weight is up.  Better chug lots of water!

So much to do today, so little time.  No time for yoga 😦  But here are my progress pics, then it’s off to celebrate Ryan’s 30th birthday with dinner with his parents.  I’m going to have the juiciest tuna filet!!!!!!!!! Yum!!!!!!!!!


Kyra Williams,

The Get In Shape Girl





















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