What Should I Get my Boyfriend/ Girlfriend for Valentine’s Day?

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If you still are unsure about what to get your boobookitty for Valentine’s Day, this blog can help you!  Whether you are a boy looking for help… a girl looking for help…  or a girl looking to give your bf ideas, just forward him this blog!  Stress no longer…  I’ve got some great ideas so one of these is bound to be perfect!

For the ladies… Guys.. PAY ATTENTION!!

The way to a woman’s heart is through her pants.  That’s right..  These perfectly adorable, comfortable and great for working out, yoga pants will make your booty look amazing.  Seriously, I wear them daily and every girl I know who owns them or have tried them on LOVES them.  And I know you want to show off your booty that you’ve been working so hard on with my workout plan from THEGETINSHAPEBOOTY EBOOK!!

Now, since you are going to be ordering those from the Victoria’s Secret website, you should go ahead and order 1 or 2 other items that you know she will look good in so she can show off her bod for you!!  And guys, seriously… always get your girl a small!  If you mistakenly buy us a larger size the night might not go as you had planned.

Dark chocolates!  First, when we get a sweet tooth we want to get our fix with as few calories possible and dark chocolate is so rich, it’s easier to cure that craving with something a little more intense.  Even though the amount of calories in milk chocolate and dark chocolate are similar , dark chocolate contains less carbs. Milk chocolate usually has about 50 grams of carbs per 100 g, while the amount of carbs in dark chocolate ranges from 8 to 35 carbs, depending on how dark it is. A chocolate with 70% cocoa has about 30 grams; a 85% cocoa chocolate has about 20 grams.

❤ our Hearts with a Heart Rate Monitor.  Maybe this will even inspire someone to do more cardio!

Class passes to our favorite yoga studio.

Hellooooooo…….  we want EVERYTHING from Lulu Lemon!!!

A pedicure.. our feet are tired and our polish is worn from all the hard work we do in our sneakers and stilettos!

Make sure her lips are extra kissable with this all natural, vegan lip balm.

A virtual trainer!  Email me at thegetinshapegirl@gmail.com.

For the guys..

If he’s not already a member somewhere, perhaps bringing him to your gym by getting him a 3 month membership at yours would be a great gift.  He will live a longer and healthier life if you show you ❤ to his heart!

A couples massage.  A great way to help him sooth his muscles he works so hard.  Not to mention you get something out of it too.

Keep him warm in a hoodie!  And don’t forget to order something for yourself!!

Sign him (and yourself) up for a road race this spring.  It’ll give you guys a reason to get out there and train together!

Cook dinner together!   Try my spaghetti squash with turkey meatballs recipe.

Sushi cooking class for two! The Omega-3 fatty acids in fish help protect against heart disease.

Order and frame a great pic of the two of you from the finish line of your last race.

Protein powder!!

Tickets to see your man’s favorite team in action.. and get him inspired to get back on the field, court, etc!

If you have any other ideas please share them in the comment section below!


Kyra Williams,

The Get In Shape Girl


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