Bikini Competition/ Show Prep Blog #2/ Disney Princess Half Marathon Training

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I’ll go ahead and get this out of the way, I have not run at all since the last time I ran 6.4 miles around the lake.  It won’t stop snowing in MA and the ground is completely covered with ice and snow.  And I have no interest in running on a DREADMILL so the 13 mile race I have ahead of me may seriously suck.  But I am really excited to meet my internet twin (I’m such a dork!!) Juli and I’m just overly excited to get out of the northeast for several days!!!

Anyway, now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, I can move on to a subject I’m much rather talk about and that is the show prep.  I am now one week in.  At first when I was reading the workout plan I was thinking that it was going to be so easy.  So Monday came and I didn’t do chest/ back like I was supposed to.  I just went to CATZ because time did not allow for me to lift and I am using CATZ as my high intensity cardio 3 times a week.  BIG mistake.

Tuesday I did chest/ back just like a good girl, then I did legs/ abs from the Cathy Savage workout plan.  All of that took me about 90 minutes.  It was hard, it was heavy but I enjoyed it.  All except the last 20 minutes where I was tired and hungry.  But I got through it.  Then I went to yoga at 5:45 pm for 90 minutes.  I was dead, but I definitely needed the yoga to restore my body into working order.  It soothes my muscles.

Wednesday I somehow managed to go to CATZ.  It was a tough workout but my arms felt like they were going to fall off.  My chest hasn’t been that sore in a long long time because I rarely do dumbbell chest flyes, like Tuesday called for.

Thursday I took the morning off and didn’t do anything until that evening I did a 60 minute yoga class and it was perfect.  The perfect way to restore my body and do something, without pushing myself too hard.  This day I felt really hungry too earlier in the day, but that could have been because I was home.. it was a snow day.. and I was just snacky.  I ate a little off schedule, but it all worked out with my calories and my macros.

Friday I did my shoulder routine (I couldn’t do it Thursday due to snow) as well as my arms/ core routine.  This actually was really easy.  I pushed myself and went as heavy as I could, but it was still easy.  I did a little cardio by walking uphill on the treadmill but that was it for the day.  I definitely feel a lot better than I did Wednesday so I can tell my body has recovered at this point.  Wednesday was one of the worst feelings ever… my body was very overtrained and I know that is dangerous.  Friday I also made a really big mistake, from which I have learned.  I went to dinner and didn’t eat plain chicken with veggies, but I did eat healthy (grilled calamari, shrimp lettuce wraps and mango chicken with brown rice.)   The problem was that I had a couple of vodka drinks.

Saturday morning I felt hungover like I’ve never felt before.  My head hurt.  I could tell I was severely dehydrated by the way my heart was racing and my mouth/ eye balls felt.  But I grabbed some caffeine, a Pedialyte, a protein bar and made it through CATZ with my head pounding.  I was fine until I went tanning and I felt like I was going to vomit so I had to get out and into the cold air.  I came home and made my egg whites with spinach and oatmeal with pb and banana and felt much better.  Then I went to my favorite intermediate yoga class at 12 and I was completely fine after that.  Oh man!!!  I’m not drinking anymore.  Saturday I had an amazing treat though!!  I decided after yoga to pop into Lulu Lemon randomly and I met my coach for the first time!!  She works there and I had no idea!!  It was so awesome to meet her in person.  She’s s cute and I feel like my personality matches hers perfectly because we’re both so happy and cheerful.  I just adore her & I’m so happy she’s got my back!!  Then Saturday night I went out for a birthday party where I gladly sucked down 3 club sodas with lime and turned down chocolate cake!!! (Thank you Dianna Dahlgren.. you don’t know I exist but I was picturing your abs on my body the whole time to make sure I said no to the cake I wanted so badly!)

Sunday I woke up and went to Prana Power Yoga in Newton to meet Taylor, the owner.  She is super sweet, positive and inspiring.  I loved her class, she definitely had us flow through differently than what I’m used to, and made us all feel so alive and present in that moment for the best experience on our mats we could possibly have.  I felt like nothing was a struggle this morning.. everything just happened naturally and I was just there.. enjoying my quiet time.  I seriously love yoga.  I don’t know how I lived for so long without it in my life.  Today I prepped all my meals.  I literally cooked for about 3 hours.  I just had to keep telling myself it will all be worth it.

So far I can say that the meal plan is working.  I am eating less calories than I had been before, but I stay full longer because of added fat in the diet from pb & EVOO.  I need to get better about my workout schedule.  I will plan ahead better but I can’t do anything about snow days!  I can’t see a difference in my body.  Well I could until Friday night so I’m done drinking, period.  I want to win and winners don’t drink.. they train and don’t throw out their efforts by having a vodka soda.  I felt like crap because of it anyway!  So without further ado.. here are my progress pics…

What do you think???
Kyra Williams,
The Get In Shape Girl

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Oh Kyra! You’re progress pics look fantastic! Don’t overtrain!!! that was scary to read about you dehydrating…I know you want to win, but you’re not doing yourself any favors if you don’t take care of yourself 😉 I like the location of your new progress pictures because the lighting really shows you off better.
You rock!! love seeing that “V” 😉

Holy moly, missy!! You look great! So much muscle…and you’re gonna have to get a smaller bikini! Keep it up!

AHHH! I’m so excited to meet you too! ❤ ❤ And don't worry, i've been slacking on my running too. Haha, so even if it sucks, at least itll suck together! 🙂

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