Half Marathon Training Blog #3

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I thought for all of like 4 minutes yesterday about the half marathon.  If you know me, you know thinking about one subject only, 4 minutes is a long time.  haha.  But I thought about how much I would rather run 2 hours straight with a friend than alone.  So my friend Gina who is also running wants to run it under 2 hours.

So I asked her how fast my miles have to be to keep up with her:  9:20 miles.

Today I decided to go for a run.  I ran around the Wakefield Lake twice, thus running 6.4 miles.  Let me tell you about this run…

First of all, it was cold.  REALLY EFFING COLD.

It was actually 27 degrees!

I was wearing all of the following:

Yoga pants

Tank top

Long sleeve t-shirt

Fleece turtleneck

Fleece headband

Running gloves

About a mile in I couldn’t feel my fingers.  I was wearing the running gloves I got Ryan for Christmas to try them out to see if I liked them.  They were pretty thin, but not as thin as the ones I usually wear but I’ve never ever experienced this in my fingers.  So I had to pull my hands inside of the gloves which was really annoying because I was carrying my Lipsmackers, Ipod and car keys.

Then do you know when your iPod continues to play songs that you don’t like?  Well that kept happening!  So double annoying.  And you know when the wire for your headphones gets stiff from being so cold?  That was happening.  I forgot my arm band which was a big mistake.  So I had to walk  just long enough to get myself situated.  Okayyyyy better!

A Weezy song came on my iPod and I hit my stride about 2 miles in.  I felt so great after doing one lap I decided I should definitely go for my second.  The first mile of that was good.  Then I got tired.  VERY tired.  Only 4.5 miles in.. I blame that on being tired from only getting 4.5 hours of sleep last night.

I made it through all 6.4 miles in 59 minutes.  My pace was 9:13.  SWEET!!

So the moral of the story is that despite how cold it was,how much my hands hurt, how annoyed I was,  how bored I was, how crappy my music was, how tight my hamstrings felt, how tired my body was and how icy the sidewalks were, I was determined to get through 2 laps.



But to make life better, here are a list of things I think are necessary to run in the winter:

A good place to run & a plan (think a park, a nice neighborhood, some place you’ve mapped out)

A good playlist (Weezy, NERD, Dr. Dre, Snoop, Ashlee Simpson, and Jay-Z got me through)

Good gloves (I think they have to be thin otherwise you’ll get too hot, but maybe mittens would be nice)

Something to keep your neck/ chin warm (and if you are from the south you should wear a scarf you can breath through because the cold, dry air can be harsh on your lungs)

Shoes that have been fitted to you

Headband or hat to keep your ears warm

What else do you guys have to have?


Kyra Williams,

The Get In Shape Girl


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4 Responses to “Half Marathon Training Blog #3”

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Way to tough it out! I am also running outside in these freezing temps, and I totally recommend these gloves (they’re the best I’ve used yet). They are really breathable so your hands don’t get hot and the over the finger flaps act like mini-windbreakers so your hands don’t get cold!


I actually began running last winter, and I prefer running in the cold then in the heat of the summer! Good pants are a must, and maybe a shirt/jacket that covers your bum!
Just wanted to let you know you got an award on my blog today! http://positivelymeesh.wordpress.com/2011/01/13/snow-day/

Thanks Michelle!!! Glad we can be “blog friends.”

Haha… I totally love your list of things to make running better. A great play list and location make all the difference in the world! 🙂

I am looking forward to reading more of your blog!!

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