Half Marathon Training Blog #2

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I know this sounds totally crazy but I don’t like to run.

Okay, let me explain that a little further because it sounds a little crazy that someone who doesn’t enjoy running would volunteer and PAY to run 13 miles…


I think running on a treadmill/ track is torture.

I think running outside for a little while is alright.

I think running in a road race is awesome.


Last year I did the Disney half marathon and I saw some ladies with Princess Half paraphernalia on and it was all pink and decorated with all the princesses and decided at that moment I needed to run that race.

So I’m in.  I’ve signed up.

In the last month I believe I have run about.. umm.. I’d say twice.  Today being the second out of the two.

I had a little less than an hour between clients so I headed to our track which is a eighth of a mile.  I ran around it as fast as I could to get it over with!

It took me 22 minutes and 41 seconds to run around the track 24 times.  So that’s a 7:43 min/ mile pace.

So I can run fast.  But I can only run that fast for a short distance like 3 miles, maybe 4 if I were outside.  I bet my pace wouldn’t even be much higher if I ran a 10k road race.

I credit 100% of this ability to working at so hard at CATZ.  Why?  Because we do a lot of high intensity cardio intervals between sets which have conditioned me to be able to handle the elevated heart rate for extended periods of time as well as increased my VO2 max.  Not to mention, all of the strength training I do keeps my muscles strong and well trained so I can put one foot in front of the other at a fast pace.

So this may seem crazy but my training schedule looks like this:

Mon – CATZ (ST/ HIIT) 60 min

Tues – Yoga 60 – 90 min

Wed – CATZ 60 min

Thurs – Yoga 60 – 90 min

Fri – CATZ 60 min

Sat – CATZ 60 min + Yoga 90 min

Sun – Rest

Notice there are no runs in there?  I’ll probably do two or maybe three 9.5 mile runs if we see another 50 degree sunny day so I can head to the lake.

I just want my tiara!!!

Playlist for today included:

Biggie – Who Shot ya?

Black Eyed Peas – Imma Be

Run DMC – Run’s House

Miley  – Can’t Be Tamed

Britney – Gimmee More


Kyra Williams,

The Get In Shape Girl


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I totally understand what you mean about running in a road race. Except I enjoy running anywhere (because I’m so proud I can do it!)

I’m hoping to try one of your recipes within the next week 🙂

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