Awwwww Hell NO!!!

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Last night when I got home from a ski trip, I stepped on the scale.  I saw a number I haven’t seen in I can’t remember how long.  The scale read 133.  I saw that and said out loud, “AWWWWW HELL NO!!”  I am not cool with seeing that weight.  It’s not just about the number either.  Lately I’ve felt very out of control with my eating, like I have absolutely no self control around sweets.  After The Shred I did put some body fat back on, but I was able to keep it around 18%.  I was still able to see most of my upper abdominals and my arms and back still looked pretty ripped.

Now I can’t see any abs, I can kinda see ribs, but not really.  My arms don’t seem as jacked anymore, and my FUPA is just out of control.  I know many of you are thinking that I’m crazy because I am thin, but I’m no different than any other female in that I want to be better.  So for the next two months I am going to do the following:

Limit my alcohol intake to twice a month.

My fruit/ dairy intake is going to be limited only to the days I do my long runs since I am training for a half marathon.

My refined sugar intake must be limited to once a day, and it can only be dark chocolate, “fake” diet chocolate milk or a Starbucks drink.

I’m going to allow myself one healthy cheat meal or a cheat meal with a good excuse like dinner at Morton’s a week. (A healthy cheat meal would be something like the stuffed eggplant, sushi, whole wheat pasta, etc. Something that I know is healthy but can’t 100% track, and isn’t on The Shred.)

So here’s my check list:
Week 1:
No binge drinking –
Fruit/ dairy intake –
Refined sugar intake –
Cheat meal –

I’m pretty excited for this. I think if I can stay on track with this I will feel really good about myself. I want to remember what skinny feels like.

I’ll keep you guys posted on how it is going too.  I am using all of you as my accountability partners.  Telling others what your goals are will help you stay on track, so I recommend telling everyone who will listen.  So I figured I’d tell you guys because I don’t want to fail then have to admit it to all of my followers.

I’ve also come up with a strategy.  My main goal is to lose a little body fat, about 7 pounds, and be happier with what I see in the mirror.  I have targeted EXACTLY the parts I’d like to change (ribs, abs, arms), my exact goals and most importantly, I’ve broken it down into baby steps how I plan to do it.  So each day I have a small challenge to overcome, not some monster goal I need to complete.

I want you guys to take the time now to write out your goals & how you intend to accomplish them.

Good luck in 2011!!!


Kyra Williams,

The Get In Shape Girl


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I will totally try one of your recipes and review it 🙂 I’m a bit of a klutz in the kitchen but I was browsing your recipes and I have never cooked eggplant so I might try the stuffed eggplant first. It sounds delicious!

I was feeling the same way and getting way out control too!!! I just avoided the scale because I didn’t want proof. I’m sure you’ll be back to your skinny self in no time. Doesn’t it suck how quickly your body can transform and what all the sugar does!!!

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