Top 5 Secrets to Look Hot

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I recently received an email from a Spark friend asking what I do to stay in such great shape.  I composed an email that I felt like needed to be published as a blog, the email being my Top 5 Secrets to Looking Hot.  This list does not include my feeling of necessity to keep my hair long & blonde or to go tanning or to wear Lulu Lemon, but instead it includes my top 5 most important things I do to take care of my body.  So here they are for all of you to add to your repertoire, if they aren’t already.

#1 – LIFT WEIGHTS.  Go heavy or go home.  Building muscle helps your body burn fat even when you aren’t working.  Cardio is good, but lifting is better.  And don’t tell me, “Well, I don’t wanna bulk up,” because as females, we do not have enough testosterone in our bodies to get big.  If you feel like you are bulking up, do some HIIT training to get rid of the layer of fat over your muscles.  That will help you lean out.

#2 – CIRCUIT TRAIN.  Get in high intensity intervals of cardio between your sets of lifts.  If you do this correctly you will get your cardio in while you are doing your strength training, thus killing two birds in one stone, quickly.  My body completely changed when I started working out like this, and I train all of my clients this way.  It’s incredibly effective.

# 3 – EAT CLEAN. If you haven’t heard of her already, check out Tosca Reno’s Clean Eating Recharged. It’s her book on a way of nutrition that is very natural to your body. It helps with a lot of illnesses and gives your body what it needs to lose weight & build muscle.

#4 – DRINK WATER. Our bodies are made of water and we needs lots of it. Aim for AT MINIMUM a half gallon a day.  It help flush your body of toxins it helps to reduce bloating, it hydrates your skin & other organs and it makes you feel full longer.  Don’t substitute water for any other drinks like juice or soda.  If you want to change it up, go for some seltzer with a lemon or lime.

#5 LISTEN TO YOUR BODY.  If it hurts, take some time off or just do light cardio, you dont want to over train. If your body is craving something you might need some sort of nutrient. When its tight, it needs a stretch (im obsessed with yoga too!!) just find a really good relationship with your self and give your body what it’s asking for.



Kyra Williams,

The Get In Shape Girl


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4 Responses to “Top 5 Secrets to Look Hot”

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Hey Kyra!

Great headline and point about listening to your body.

The problem is when people do have a rest day or two, they completely forget about their nutrition and that’s when the body needs good stuff the most!

Always great articles here, keep up the awesome work!


I love Ben’s point, that is the truth! Great blog as always!

I had to make a smart-ass comment on my blog about doing HIIT between sets. Making fun of my “senior citizen” status.

[…] High intensity cardio between sets? Are you kidding me? Oh, to be young again. About all I can manage in between sets is to crawl to the men's room. Anyway, check out Kyra's article here:   […]

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