Disney Princess Half Marathon Training, Post #1

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I have decided to commit a few blog posts specifically to my Disney Princess Half Marathon training.  This is my first of several.

Last year, after the race

Sunday, February 27th is the Disney Princess Half Marathon in Celebration, Florida.  At this point I have verbally committed to a few girlfriends that I would run, but I have no signed up yet.  It is all still in the works.  But today was my first day of training.  For those of you who know me, you know that I ran the Disney Half last January 2010.  I did fine, my time was somewhere around 2:44:50, and on a scale of 1 – 10 I would say the race was about a 7 as far as challenges go.  Last year the worst part was the fact that it was freezing rain.  I mean who else can say they ran a Disney road race in the snow?!  The course is easy.  It’s a lot of back roads in the wide open, sometimes you go through the parks & that part gets challenging because it closes in, especially when you go through Cinderella’s castle and Epcot.

2010 Disney Half

And there’s barely any hills, pretty much only when you are going up/down exit ramps.  So this year I am setting a goal:

  • Finish under 2:15:00  That way I can run all 10 minute miles.

I know that is still a turtle’s pace, but honestly, I’m not a runner and I want to be able to enjoy training, enjoy the race & be able to go out in Epcot after.

So today was Day 1 of training.  My plan for the next 11 weeks is this:

Monday – CATZ cross training

Tuesday – Short run

Wednesday – CATZ cross training

Thursday – Yoga

Friday – CATZ cross training

Saturday – CATZ cross training & yoga, or long run & yoga

Sunday – Rest


I probably won’t start doing long runs on Saturdays until the beginning of January.  I know experienced runners might tell me otherwise, but I’m stubborn & I also know that my cross training regimen is going to help me a lot more than some would think.  It helps me increase my leg strength, endurance, as well as my VO2 max which are all necessary parts to distance running.


So for now I’m just going to run a once or twice a week, no more than 5 miles each time.

Today I ran 3 miles on the track at my gym in 23 minutes.  I was flying!  So imagine if I had run 5 or 6 miles.. I definitely would have slowed down, but I know I can handle it.  It’s the 7, 8, 9, 10 mile runs that scare me.

Hopefully I can get with my friend Gina to help me out with those, as well as my longer distance tempo runs because she gave me a training schedule that confused the heck outta me!


So that’s training Day 1.


Kyra Williams,

The Get In Shape Girl


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Before the Peachtree road race, I scaled back on my running to only 2 days a week and was doing bootcamp workouts. I was inredibly surprised at how well Peachtree went since I had scaled back running so much. I just did my first half on Thanksgiving (Atlanta Half Marathon). It didn’t go so well even though I had followed the running program that the Atlanta Track Club had set up. I wish I had done more bootcamp! I think you’re doing the right thing! Also, don’t let those long runs freak you out. Think of them as extended “you time” 🙂

We are going to have a great race! :0) You’re plan will work great. I am just a wierdo and like to run long distances, so my opinion doesn’t count!

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