Why gain weight over the holidays when you can lose it?

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Everyone has blogs on how to avoid holiday weight gain.  I’m going to give you the BEST BLOG EVER because I’m going to tell you how to LOSE weight over the holidays rather than just avoid gaining it.

Step 1: Find your basal metabolic rate.  Read this past blog to find out yours.

For example, we’ll use mine.  Once calculated INCLUDING my level of activity, mine is 2351 calories a day.  This means, to lose 1 pound a week, I need to create a 3500 calorie deficit in those seven days, or 500 calories each day.  This tells me I can only eat 1851 calories in a day.

Step 2: Set up an account online to track your calories & other nutrients.  I use Spark People. Here you can log all of your food.  This goes for any given Thursday, weekends & Thanksgiving too!  Just because it’s a holiday does not mean that the food you eat won’t count.  It still goes to the same exact places (gut, thighs, butt) that it would on a Tuesday morning when you having a health-conscious breakfast.

Once you get this set up you can track the food you have on Thanksgiving including your aunt’s pecan pie.  If you have eaten 3000 calories in one day, then, going back to my example, I have eaten 1149 too many calories on that day.  So to make up for it and still lose 1 pound the week of Thanksgiving I am going to have to reduce my caloric intake on the other 6 days by 191.5 calories (1149/6= 191.5) so my intake allowed on the other 6 days will be 1659.5, or 1659 to make it even.  (1851 calories – 191.5 = 1659 calories.)

Step 3: Up your BMR by adding more activity to your life.  If you are only currently working out 3 days a week, work out 5.  Your BMR will increase thus allowing you to have a few more calories each week.  So if yours is only 1400, if you do more then you may be able to eat like 1600.  This does not mean shopping around the mall counts for extra calories.  This means sign up for a road race.  There are sooooooo many on Active.com for Thanksgiving & Christmas.  I’m signed up for one turkey trot Thanksgiving morning & one jolly jaunt the weekend before Christmas.

Step 4: Rethink the workouts you are currently doing.  Are you getting in cardio as well as strength training?  Have you been doing the same thing for a while?  Are you bored?  Has it been working for you?  Are you seeing any gains?  Or when you are done, are you left feeling exhausted, yet slightly energized?  Do you walk away knowing you could not have done one more rep, or gotten to the finish line one second faster?  If you ask yourself “could I give more?” and your answer isn’t “hell no,” with a sigh and a wipe of the brow then you NEED TO TRY HARDER.

Step 5: Stay away from alcohol.  It lowers your metabolism for 72 hours after drinking.  It is unnecessary calories that serve no purpose and the sugar will store as fat.  It also lowers your inhibitions and ability to say no to cheese & crackers when you know you aren’t even hungry.

Step 6: When you have social events like work holiday parties to attend, eat something healthy before you go.  Don’t fall victim to the previously frozen bacon wrapped scallops or cheese ball.  Have a delicious stuffed chicken breast with spinach that will leave you feeling satisfied & ready to socialize, not feeling grumpy & ashamed of yourself for your poor eating decisions.  To be extra sure that you won’t eat these food items that you know were sitting in a freezer at Wal-mart for the last 6 months, see Step 5 & stay away from the alcohol.

Step 7: On Thanksgiving day/ Christmas day or any other days of family feasts, eat very small portions of granny’s butter with a side of mashed potatoes, and larger portions of the white turkey meat.  And every bite you take, ask yourself, is it worth it?

Step 8: Stop making excuses.  Just because you need to buy gifts for your family doesn’t mean you can’t spend 30 minutes at the gym.  You know you aren’t going to the mall for just 30 minutes anyway.  Get on the elliptical and make mental notes of what you are going to get people, the go online and order it.  We all know very well if we want something bad enough we will get it.  So if you can’t find the time to exercise for 30 minutes a day, then you are saying “I am okay with my body the way that it is.”

Step 9: Realize that every day is a new day.  Just because you had a bad day yesterday doesn’t mean that all is a loss & you can’t make a change today.

Kyra Williams,

The Get In Shape Girl


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4 Responses to “Why gain weight over the holidays when you can lose it?”

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This is just what I need to read. I had a bad day yesterday and I’m ready to make the change or I did today!! I’m so ready to feel good all the time and just in time for the holidays! Great blog as always Kyra! Your an inspiration!

EXCELLENT blog. Great and realistic tips to follow. Thanks for getting us mentally ready for the holidays. If you fail to plan you’re planning to fail 😉

Great blog for fitness enthusiasts, and nice tips for those that don’t take Thanksgiving as a fitness holiday as well. If anyone has seen The Biggest Loser, you can actually buy the Body Media Fit armband that they use to track calorie intake vs output. It is really cool and can even sync to mobile phones to keep track on the go.

I feel inspired…going to try hard to lose weight this holiday season!

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