Oxygen magazine’s Nov 2010 HIIT workout review

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I know many of you subscribe to Oxygen, and rightfully so..  It’s the best damn magazine out there for women interested in fitness!  In the November 2010 there is an article on High Intensity Interval Training & it’s benefits.  HIIT is a training concept in which low/ moderate intensity intervals and high intensity intervals are alternated.  It’s so effective because the intensity is higher than endurance cardiovascular activity and you can increase both your aerobic and anaerobic endurance.  Not to mention you will burn more fat than ever before as well as speed up your metabolism.  Plus, it breaks up the monotony of doing 30 minutes on a treadmill or an elliptical.  You really don’t HAVE to do HIIT just with regular cardio, you can strategically place high intense cardio activity into your circuits (and you will do them & know exactly what I’m talking about if you are my client!) but for this article’s sake, we’re just going to discuss what Oxygen has us doing in this article.

First, for this to make sense I have to mention RPE.  RPE is your Rate of Perceived Exertion, in other words, how hard you think this activity is.  They have it listed as:

RPE 1 -2  = No effort, like sitting on the sofa/  Easy to speak or breathe normally

RPE 3 – 4 = Gentle effort, warm up/ You can sing Happy Birthday without straining

RPE 5 – 6 = Moderate to strong effort/ Somewhat strained singing

RPE 7 – 8 = Strong to challenging effort/ Feel nearly breathless & could only sing Happy Birthday a few words at a time

RPE 9 = Very challenging/ You are breathing quickly & have no breath for singing

RPE 10 = All out effort Gasping for breath

Here’s their 30 minute workout.  They welcome any type of cardio from running, to jump rope, to an elliptical.  I chose the elliptical.  

Here’s what I did & how I felt:

RPE                                                                                                                        How I felt

First 10 min = Warm up        3 – 4, working up to 5 – 6 by minute 6      Fine

30 seconds                                 7 – 8                                        Less bored, still fine

1 minute                                      5 – 6                                     Is this still the warm up?

30 seconds                                 7 – 8                                     Less bored, still fine

1 minute                                      5 – 6                                   Didn’t really need the rest after that

30 seconds                                 7 – 8                                        How am I not sweating?

1 minute                                      5 – 6                                          I hope this gets better

30 seconds                                9                                             That’s more like it!

1 minute                                     5 – 6                                      It’s nice to slow it down

30 seconds                                 9                                                  Woohoo!

1 minute                                      5 – 6                                             It’s nice to slow it down

30 seconds                                 9                                                Hey, there’s a little perspiration

1 minute                                      5 – 6                                               Getting bored of this

30 seconds                                 9                                                      This is better

1 minute                                     5 – 6                                                Still not very difficult

30 seconds                                 9                                                       Heart rate = 150

1 minute                                     5 – 6                                                   Heart rate = 110

30 seconds                                9                                                         Heart rate = 150

1 minute                                    5 – 6                                                      Heart rate = 110

5 minutes = cool down          3 – 4                                                     Glad that is over

So basically I didn’t think it was all that great.  Working at a rate of perceived exertion of 9 I don’t think is possible for me on an elliptical.  I think if I really tried to peddle as fast as I could on a higher resistance, I would just fall off.  Personally I believe that if you are conditioned at all you need to do this on a treadmill or outside.  If I had done it on a treadmill I think it would have been a good workout.  But honestly, if you train regularly, don’t bother doing this on an elliptical unless you are not feeling ver well and just want to burn a few calories and a slightly less monotonous way.

Kyra Williams,

The Get In Shape Girl


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I’ve been doing my own version of this the last few times I’ve used the treadmill and definitely feel like it is a good workout. I’m alternating increasing the speed or the incline. It definitely breaks up the monotony of running on the treadmill. When I went on vacation the resort had a really nice fitness center which I visited 2x (not great but at least I went). Anyway, I also did this on one of the bikes and thought it was also a great workout though I’m not sure if it was because I never bike.

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