West Coast Vacation Blog, Part II

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The second stop of my vacation was Sahuarita, AZ to visit my parents.  I had not seen my mom or dad in quite some time so the trip was long overdue.  Not to mention, Ryan had not met my parents but once in Las Vegas, before we were dating, and it was only for dinner at Outback.  When we arrived it was late Sunday night.  We hit the sack early because our bodies were still running on EST and we had an early wake up the next morning, as usual in the desert.

When we thought Monday we were in the middle of nowhere in my parents’ neighborhood, we were proved wrong as we REALLY headed into the middle of nowhere to the “ranch house,” and no, that doesn’t mean the kind of house with a long hallway & bedrooms from one end to the other.  This was the house next to lots of corral areas to separate the cattle.  All of the ranchers had just gone on round up & the cattle were being separated, the ones which would stay on the ranch, one that would be sold to the middle man to “fatten them up” before being sold to the companies that would slaughter & package them for store purchase.  There were two new baby girl calves that needed branding to stay on the ranch and I was there to witness this.  I want to forewarn you about this video – it’s sad.  I was told multiple times that what was going on was fine, totally humane & she was getting to go back to her mama, but it still made me cry my eyes one when I saw it in real life.  Anyway, here’s the vid:

In the video you see someone clipping her ears, tagging her ear, the smoke is from the brand & there is a lady, a vet, giving her the shots she needs.  I couldn’t stop thinking about steak when I was seeing this.

Afterwards, I got to go home & workout at my parents house for about an hour or so, then went for a 1.5 mile run which after about .75 mile I found myself gasping for breath.  I guess being at 4000 ft in altitude is different than 40 ft!

Tuesday morning Ryan went on round up.  Here is his video:

I stayed home because I hated being at the ranch (I don’t really enjoy dirt or poopy cow butts) and worked out for a couple of hours, and worked on my blog & on my clients’ workouts.  Later on in the day we shot my dad’s 45 revolver handgun, .9 milimeter automatic & this sweet sniper rifle:










Then, after quickly putting it out of my mind what I saw yesterday with the baby cow, we had big juicy steaks grilled with mequite wood chips (from the trees out there) in the smoker box, and had baby arugula salads with balsamic vinegar.  moooo!

Wednesday Ryan had to leave.  I spent the day working, working out (i had a 2 hour workout this day.. it was AMAZING) & enjoying the sunshine.  It was 90 degrees & sunny almost every day I was there and I would layout in the back yard desert & not get even remotely sweaty.  I hungout with my dogs:












Wednesday night I thrilled my parents by cooking them honey mustard & walnut encrusted chicken.  They have friends who are bee farmers so they have tons & tons of very fresh all-natural honey, straight from the hive.  So I used that & dijon mustard to make a marinade which was delish & then encrusted each piece of chicken in finely chopped walnuts & baked.  I also delighted them with my cottage cheese bake, which they were amazed by.. as is everyone!!

Thursday we rose early to ride horses.  My parents put me on Gunnar, the horse they’ve had the longest, the oldest (he’s six), is the best behaving & the one Ryan rode with no problem.  They kept telling me to steer him left & right, but I could only get him to go toward the hay.  After 10 minutes I was totally over it, whining & complaining about how much I hate riding horses & just ready to get off and go back inside where I can shower & not be in the desert.  After a little longer my parents got on their respective horses & we took off into the desert.  We rode for a couple of hours & I found Gunnar was really easy to steer because he would just follow the other two with no problems!!  I learned how to hold on while going up hills and back down as well as jumping dried river beds.  I determined that holding on while the horse was trotting wasn’t nearly as easy as it looks and that you definitely need a strong core to stay up, which I will write more about at another time.  But after a couple of hours I was really appreciating the fact that Gunner knew he was on his way home because he picked up the pace and tried to lead the group.  I was also ready to go home.  It had been two hours of me not eating or having anything to drink, and it was definitely time for a shower!  So here’s the photo of my mom and I on Caesar & Gunnar, and me looking TOTALLY over it.  haha.

I am not a cowgirl

I later did this Tabata style workout, plus several other things to take up a total of 3 hours!!  Well, I also did some yoga moves & stretching on the back patio while the sun was going down over the Rockies, which was pretty much the most beautiful moment I’ve ever experienced in the desert.

As it turns out, I’m not a cowgirl.  Horses don’t do nearly as much for me as they do others.  I don’t like cow poop.  I don’t like it when my dogs try to pee on, near or around my head.  I don’t like tarantulas or running at high altitudes.  So by Friday it was time to get The Get In Shape Girl back to civilization.  But it was great to spend time with family & dogs, have Ryan & my parents meet, spend a few days without a cell phone or any real responsibilities, spend countless hours working out and enjoying the 90 degree sunshine via laying out in a bikini in October!


Kyra Williams,

The Get In Shape Girl


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