Call Me Miss Fat Fingers

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Have you ever noticed that your rings or watch gets tighter when you fly?  I’ve seen my ankles & feet swell so bad it looks like I have big grapes for toes!  The body’s natural reaction to raising so high in elevation, not to mention so quickly, is to dump fluid.  It does this via urine and evaporation from your breath.   The swelling is your body’s way of retaining water.

What else does flying do for against the body?  It is not just because you might be near other sick passengers that you get sick, but the higher altitude actually lowers the immune system.  And while you might think it’s awesome that you technically LOSE weight from flying, it’s not.  Your body will consume it’s own muscles to provide energy.  That sounds like a long-shot for just flying, but perhaps on a long flight this could occur.  I don’t know if it’s coincident or not, but I always sleep on planes!  haha.

Anyway these effects can last for days which is certainly not what you want when you are flying somewhere for a weekend quickie trip where you want to look & feel your best.  So how does the Get In Shape Girl recommend you prevent these negative impacts of the fastest way of traveling?

1. Stay away from sodium before, during & after the flight.  I would play it safe and avoid it at all costs for a 24 hour before/ after period.

2. Stay away from alcohol.  This is going to make the body more dehydrated, thus holding on to more water.

3. Chug water.

4. Eat/ drink natural diuretics such as cranberry juice & asparagus.

5. Get up & walk around during the flight.  Go pee because you’ve just drank 2 bottles of water every hour.

6. Eat extra protein, just in case your body really is trying to consume it’s own muscle.

7. Take extra vitamins to increase the immune system.

8. If necessary take a diuretic towards the end of the flight.

9. Move.  As I said before during the flight is great, but even when you arrive.  On Monday after I had arrived in Arizona I noticed my fingers were feeling really weird & definitely looked fat and even though it was almost 24 hours after my flight, I knew something was up.  But after I worked out later that day I realized that my fingers felt better & were no longer fat.

If you have any other suggestions, please feel free to add them below!

Kyra Williams,

The Get In Shape Girl


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2 Responses to “Call Me Miss Fat Fingers”

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Okay so just to get this straight…

We want to stay away from the sodium because it causes us to retain more fluid, thus the swelling. Makes sense.

We want to stay away from alcohol because it dehydrates us. Makes sense.

But as for diuretics… I understand this is to flush out the extra water retention caused my the elevation. But by doing so, arent we losing more fluid, and therefore actually dehydrating us further?

This has always confused me too. i just say stay away from diuretics unless your doctor tells you to take them. in which case you should drink an extra, extra amount of water!!

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