Today I cooked a buttload of food and now you are going to read about it

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As many of you know I love to cook & I love to eat but I don’t always have time or want to spend my time slaving over a hot stove.  So today it was raining and crappy out, and I had a head ache so I wasn’t gonna go back to the gym anyway, so I decided to cook and/or prep most of all our food for this week.  I began earlier in the day by baking sweet potato fries, but I forgot to take photos until it was too late, but here’s a photo of them in the fridge.

sliced sweet potatoes

You may also notice that our strawberries are in plastic containers.  That is because if they are left in their containers with holes, the air actually makes them go bad faster.  My friend Katie taught me that.  She also taught me not to wash them until right before you eat them because that makes them go bad even faster.

Anyhow, later on I began with the spaghetti squash because it takes the longest.  I read on Diary of a Food Junkie’s blog that she was very happy she added garlic cloves underneath the two halves of squash so I decided to do something a little extra myself.  I diced half an onion & tossed that along with 2 diced cloves of garlic in the baking dish.

diced onion & garlic

I then sliced the squash in half, ripped out the seeds & extra stringy bit and placed the halves upside down in the dish & let it bake at 350 for 60 minutes. See, if you’ve never cooked spaghetti squash be prepared for this.. it’s just like a pumpkin inside!

Once it’s done you scoop it out and it’s all stringy and I did just have a bite but it doesn’t really taste much different with the garlic & onion, but it’s good nonetheless.

While that was baking I cut up my chicken breasts into tenders & cut all the gross fat off, and placed those in a baking dish with some cajun seasoning & bake them for 20 minutes at 350.  The chicken is something I have daily as a mid-morning snack & for lunch so I can’t really keep enough of it in the house.  I do 6 ounces at each sitting.

Prepared chicken with cajun seasoning

Then I trimmed the fat off of the other four breasts while trying to keep from compromising the form of the breast so I could stuff them.  The “stuffing” is just something I threw together.  I took about 8 ounces of fat free cottage cheese and mixed it in a bowl with about 5 spinach leaves, I’d say about a quarter cup of diced white onion, some red pepper flakes, and some garlic powder.

cottage cheese "stuffing"

If this comes out well I will make a recipe for it.  Anyway, I used this stuffing for the chicken breasts.  But since I don’t want these for dinner tonight I just left them in the baking dish in the fridge raw, waiting to be cooked tomorrow.  However, before cooking them I will most likely spread about a half tablespoon of Kraft fat free Italian dressing on each of the breasts just to keep them from getting too dry in the oven.  Since they are so thick, that tends to happen in my oven.

stuffed chicken breasts

Now I’m really bizarre and I like to make life difficult on certain days to make life easier on others and I decided to dice up the rest of the onion and put it into containers because I’ll need it in a few days & I loathe chopping onions.  However, my boyfriend likes it when I take the knife I’ve used on onions to slice his tomatoes for his sandwiches, so I went ahead and did both, then put them into little containers (which I cannot express enough how much I use!!)

diced onion

ur onion & tomatoes are ready when we are!

And as if all that wasn’t enough, I still had to make dinner!!!  This is simple though.  I took a pound of a half of meat…  That’s right good American raw steak!!! and cut it up into smaller “slices” so it would cook faster.  Since it’s nasty & rainy I had to broil it in the oven but nbd… it was done pretty quick.  Maybe like 12 minutes…


Then we put that on our arugula.. with a few banana peppers, about a tablespoon of fat free feta & a few little sprinkles of balsamic vinegar.


Now.. time to go enjoy old memories of my girl Britney Spears via Glee.

Kyra Williams,

The Get In Shape Girl


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4 Responses to “Today I cooked a buttload of food and now you are going to read about it”

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WooHoo!!! My first “track-back” I hope you enjoyed the extra flavor in your squash!

I always wondered what “track back means.” I read your blog and get so hungry.. especially with all the new blogs about desserts!

Hey lady, you are making me hungry! Did you mean me-Katie? Because the containers with the holes are better than air-tight ones. Fruit releases gasses that cause them to ripen quicker and go bad quicker.
I chop onions ahead of time too! Also if you keep them in the fridge and they are cold when you cut them, they don’t sting your eyes as much.
One more and then I’m done. Putting your tomatoes in the fridge makes them get mealy and lose flavor.
Done lecturing. Xoxo

really? i thought you told me to put them in unventilated containers. either way, strawberries just have to be eaten as quickly as possible and I’m gonna have to live with that 😦

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