9.14.10 My kicka$$ workout

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Run 1 mile on treadmill/ stretch.

The body should be warm & loose before beginning exercise to avoid injury.

Vertical sled leg press machine

270 lbs, 3 sets, 8 reps, 60 – 90 rest between sets

This is very heavy for me, but not the heaviest.  I wanted to focus on range of motion as well to incorporate the most muscle fibers in my glutes.  The reason to go so heavy & for so few reps is to accomplish my goal of increasing the size of my maximum gluteus.  AKA.. I want my butt bigger!!!

Single leg hamstring curl machine & sumo squat jumps

Hammies: 50 lbs, 8 reps, 3 sets each leg (alternating)

12 sumo squat jumps

Repeat twice.

You know the machine where you are practically standing upright, and doing the hamstring curl with one leg?  I did that one.

Why?  it really gets my hamstrings.  Then a few plyos to torch the calories.

Alternating bicep curls & overhead tricep extensions on bosu. Bosu push ups w/ knees to elbows.

It’s bi/ tri day for me.  I want my arms to be jacked so I have to spend extra time working them with low reps & higher amounts of weight.  I stand on the upside down bosu ball because I like to also work on my stability.

Bicep curls: Full flexion & extension, alternating; 20 lbs dumbbells, 6 each arm, 3 sets.

Tricep extensions: Overhead, diamond grip; 30 lb dumbbell (woulda gone heavier but the heavier dumbbells are literally too large for this to be comfortable), 12 reps, 3 sets.

Push ups/ knees to elbows on bosu: Holding onto side of upside down bosu, right knee to right elbow, left knee to left elbow, push up.  Repeat for 10 total push ups.  3 sets.

Alternate biceps, triceps, core/push up as a circuit.

Bicep curl rope on cable machine, Tricep pull down rope on cable machine, Wide leg squats.

Biceps: full flexion/ extension; 8 reps, 30 lbs, 3 sets.

Triceps: full extension w/ outward curve; 8 reps, 35 lbs, 3 sets.

Wide leg squats holding 30 lb dumbbell between legs, SQUEEZE glutes on the way up to standing; 12 reps, 3 sets.

Alternate biceps, triceps, glutes as circuit.

Core work/abs.

Too many to name, but I can tell you I spent about 20 minutes here.  Gotta have a strong core to be able to lift as well as have good posture & prevent injury.  Gotta have nice abs so when I can shed all the fat my tummy looks good again


Kyra Williams,

The Get In Shape Girl


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