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With all things, you will be far more successful with preparation.  Yesterday my boyfriend left the house 2 hours before a meeting to go to his office to prepare.  Yes, he works on Sundays.  When I meet with clients I must prepare for them by writing up their workouts prior to our meetings.  And all you Clean Eaters out there know a lot about preparation.

I’ve had quite the influx of questions about The Shred.  And as a trainer I get many clients complaining that they don’t have time to eat how I did on The Shred.  But I’m going to tell you that it is very simple if you PREPARE.

Every Monday I hit the food store and buy our groceries for the week.  I plan in my head what we are going to eat, check what we already have & make sure Ryan doesn’t need anything extra.  When on The Shred this part is actually a lot easier because you eat a lot of the same things over and over.  When I get back with everything (during the unloading process I’m very thankful for my strong muscles because I carry about 20 lbs of groceries up the stairs 3 times,) I go ahead and start cooking my MRE’s.  You have to figure out how many packages of chicken will work for you, and how many you want to make.  I do about 2 days’ worth in one sitting.  I bake my chicken with several spices, chop & bake the sweet potato, then that usually leads me into dinner.  You all know many of my meals, so this leaves with able to eat chicken with spinach, brown rice, sweet potato, broccoli, etc.

Sure, it may be time consuming to do, but it’s done all at once!!  For the rest of the week you can grab and go.  You can even go as far as to scoop out your protein powder into small baggies or containers to toss into your shaker each morning.  Then once everything is done baking you can easily measure out 4 ounces or 6 ounces (depending on what it is) and toss it into tupperware and into the fridge.  Here’s my kitchen on a typical Monday afternoon:

You may notice here the following:

Crock pot – filled with my home made sauce for the Clean Eating lasagna which will be for dinner Wed & a few other nights this week.  (I make my own sauce to cut down on sodium & sugar & other processed ingredients found in jarred sauce.. not to mention it’s tastier!)

Spice rack – and the lazy susan below is filled with them too!  if you eat clean you have to have spices!!

Carlo Rossi – don’t get any ideas here!!  it’s for cooking.

Bananas – for my shakes

Tupperwares – filled with sweet potato, summer squash & chicken.  ready to be taken with me on the go.

Dinner – on the plate, ready for me & my man to eat.  mmmm

Lunch bag – of course it’s hot pink 🙂  what else would i carry my food around in?

So it’s all about preparation.  if you dont think you have time, find the time to just try this.  i guarantee you will be happy that you did it when you can get a few extra minutes of sleep every morning.   some people i know do this with their meals, cook things in bulk and freeze them.

Kyra Williams,

The Get In Shape Girl


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I love Oxygen! It truly is the only no B.S. magazine out there…and the exercises aren’t for pansies!

And thanks for all the ab exercises…I never thought of doingsome of those on the ball…that will totally help!!

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