The Shred, Before & After

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As you may previously know, I did The Shred to reduce body fat and take care of a few body parts I was not entirely happy about.  I’m going to go through the before & afters, picking myself apart & then praising The Shred for all that it did, and continues to do for me.

the lines on the sides of my tummy were good, but the gut was poking out

decent side view.. but the gut is there

not thrilled with the line under my right cheek, or the tiny love handles

not too bad.. my back has always been muscular

These were my target areas… the areas I felt I needed to lose the last bit of fat from.  So I did The Shred for one month, not perfectly.. I cheated some here & there.  Here are my afters.. four weeks later:

are those abs?????

no noticeable changes

little less junk on the right side of my trunk & no love handles!

So I’m pretty pleased.  I’ll be continuing “The Shred, Lite” probably for the rest of my foreseeable future.  That means during the week I’m going to continue to measure my protein, and keep it up around 200 g a day.  I’m going to continue to eat a small amount of carbs, around 120 a day.  However, I am going to eat dairy twice a day, and fruit twice a day.  But I will limit those to pre workout snacks and post workout snacks, so the sugar has somewhere to go…. my energy!  I need to be this strict.  If I am not I fall off and allow myself to eat peanut butter by the spoonful, or chips by the pool.  And I need the structure that tracking brings.  Some of my friends don’t like to track because it makes them feel too obsessed with food.  But I feel obsessed with food no matter, what, so by tracking I know exactly what’s going into my body and knowledge is power, right?  Plus it allows me to know exactly how much grief to give myself when I mess up.  That’s a really big thing with me.. if I eat something bad I can’t let that guilt go for a while.  I can see how some girls end up with eating disorders.  There definitely is a level of guilt that comes with eating something you know is bad.  And The Shred gave me the will power & self control I needed to “Check myself before I wrecked myself!”

Kyra Williams,

The Get In Shape Girl


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4 Responses to “The Shred, Before & After”

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So, the shred is basically high protein low end of the carb macro and what about the fat? Is that to be low or medium? I am assuming not ofr the high end. Are you allowing 2 dairies and 2 fruits just as maintenance or are you NOT to have that during the shred? Thanks for sending me to your site for this. I really need to clean up my eating as the last 2-3 weeks have been toughies with the pace of life and events. Keep rockin it Kyra.


Great looking results! Looks like you’re efforts have paid off well. I’m sure it helps to visually SEE the photos side by side. I great tip for people to do when trying to keep their motivation in check.
And…btw, nice abs. 😉

[…] I have never read any words that put it any better than this man has in this article.  If you do not go to the gym & you eat poorly you will be fat & unhealthy & you cannot blame anyone but yourself for that.  If you go to the gym but still make poor eating choices it will do you no good.  You will not lose weight or change the way you look.  If you have cheat meals on weekends you are only cheating yourself.  I have been that girl on and off for a very long time.  I used to eat really bad Friday to Monday morning and worked out 2 or more hours a day and I looked decent, but could have looked better.  When I began cleaning up my eating on the weekends I started to lose a little fat from my abs.  When I cleaned up my eating 100% I saw an amazing difference.  (You can see the proof in the photos from The Shred.) […]

One month!? That’s incredible…way to go! If I’m feeling unmotivated in my challenge, I’ll stop by here for sure!

(Haha @ “Trunk”)


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