Post Shred, Day 2

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I’m feelin’ back in the game today guys!!!!  This morning woke up & had my eggs & oats.  It was a very sleepy morning, but it was a really good morning because I really do love my clients & they bring so much joy to my life.  No matter what I have going on I can always show up to work & feel happy.  To see them go from barely doing 10 push ups on their knees to being able to do wild variations of single arm pushups or plyo pushups… or to get phone calls and texts telling me they have lost 8 pounds.. it all makes me feel in my heart that I am doing what I was put on this earth to do.

Anyhow, here was my eating:

5am – eggs, oats, rockstar, fiber pill

9am – 6 ounces chicken breast, 1 cup brown rice

12pm – EAS protein in my coffee; circuit train

(I have decided I am really liking the crazy definition I’m seeing in my arms since I began The Shred.  I feel like my shoulder and arms are way more toned than ever before and I will credit two things: 1. The Shred.  2. I have been going to CATZ at noon when my energy is high so I am willing and able to do more weight.  This has increased my muscle size for sure.  So in the spirit, I have decided to take a day or two to train on my own each week to really focus on certain muscle groups like glutes, bis, tris today, to increase their size & to do things I cannot do at CATZ.)

2pm – 3/4 cup fat free PLAIN greek yogurt, 20 blueberries, 4 strawberries, 2 tablespoons of Kashi Go Lean cereal & half a fiber tablet

5pm – 2 tablespoons of natural, unsalted pb.. oops!!!! & half a redbull

8pm – 6 ounces filet mignon & arugula salad with 2 tablespoons fat free feta, 2 tablespoons black olives, 1/4 cup banana peppers, 1/4 of a cucumber & 2 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar.

yes, that is blood on my plate. moooo

steak tip salad


Cals – 1687, Carbs – 114, Fat – 49, Protein – 201

Protein – 47%, Carbs – 30%, Fat – 26%

So that’s pretty darn close to what I wanted!!  But there was a bit too much fat because of the peanut butter.  I mean 2 tablespoons has 16g.  Oh well.. I just have to get over it, right?

I also spent the afternoon reading Oxygen magazine.  I feel pretty pumped up about getting my questions answered and photos to them.  Could you imagine if they thought enough of me to put me in the magazine?  Furthermore, while I was working out today I wondered what it would take to become a fitness model.  It seems like it would be a pretty awesome job, but then again I would never be able to have a few wit my girlfriends while watching football.. or eat some boneless buffalo tenders when I’m with my man at the 99.  So maybe this is my happy medium.. maybe one day I’ll decide to step my game up.  But for now I’m just going to send them my story (which I happen to think is a pretty darn good one.. I mean, I was a junk food addict who thought sweating was gross, and now people drip sweat all over me.. hahahaha!) and see what happens.

Kyra Williams,

The Get In Shape Girl


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2 Responses to “Post Shred, Day 2”

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You could totally do it…look at Tosca Reno or Jamie Eason… They didn’t start off as fitness buffs at 19 or anything…and they cheat every now and then. I have faith!

Thanks Theresa!! I agree.. Have you ever noticed that all those fitness models are a little older? I think it’s because girls don’t really take care of their bodies until they see stuff falling down. hehehe

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