The Shred, Day 26/ I <3 The Shred

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Today is a wonderful day. I woke up and weighed 120 lbs. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I stepped off the scale, then carefully back on to see if it would be the same. There it was 120. I rubbed my eyes thinking maybe they were just blurry from sleep. Stepped back on.. 120. wow. The my wonderful, amazing boyfriend cooked my eggs & oats while cooking himself a turkey wrap because yesterday he declared himself a wuss and got off The Shred wagon. But nonetheless, he made my eggs & oats for me and they were delicious. As my Spark Friend Rachel said, she loves eggs & oats, even after her shred.. she still eats them and I think I’m there with her.

Then i went to the gym and checked my body fat. It was 18.9% at the beginning of The Shred. Now it is 16.4% Wow. Just wow. I am pretty sure that the women doing competitions are at like 12% or 13%. They also have a lot bigger muscles. I’m pretty freaking happy. Everyone there was like “why are you smiling so much???” because seriously, today is awesome!!

I made it to the grocery store today and I bought some things for the weekend and next week. This weekend is pretty much going to be a free for all because I’m having a party. But next week I think I will do The Shred again all week but I’m going to allow myself a very small amount of fruit & dairy.

It was nice getting Greek Yogurt & berries. It’s weird. The only two things I miss are greek yogurt & berries mixed in, and fruit/protein smoothies. I am going to need to lose a lot of water weight from the weekend, so I fully intend to measure, eat the chicken & rice, eggs & oats, etc. My protein will most likely stay just as high, and the carbs just as low. My body really likes The Shred. It reacted well to it but I don’t think I want to be on this every day forever because what do I do when I wanna lose a little more body fat? haha.

I’ve also been thinking lately about my arms. They have toned up so nicely. I do lift as heavy as I can at CATZ with the things we do. For example, if they say we are doing split stance, alternating overhead press x 8 each arm, each leg, I know we are doing 16 total overhead presses on my right, and 16 on my left, so I’m going to pick a lower weight. So now I’m thinking I may start doing a few less reps & going heavier. I really like the tone of my shoulders/ arms & I wouldn’t mind if they were slightly larger & more cut. I know Ryan is going to tell me I can’t have man arms when he reads this… hahahaha. But the Pilates Reformer instructor at my gym has AMAZING arms and she’s in her 40’s so I am just thinking I might start doing more body part concentrated workouts. We will see though because I love CATZ.

As for after photos, I’m taking those tomorrow morning. It’s better to take photos/ measurements in the morning, and I’m not officially done with The Shred until tomorrow AM anyway. Plus I’m going to CATZ in the AM so things will be very tight and I’ll be all “swole’ up.” haha. So here was my day:

5am – eggs & oats, rockstar, fiber pill
8am – 6 oz chicken & 1 cup brown rice
11am – protein powder shake
12pm – bikram yoga
2pm – 6 oz chicken, 4 oz sweet potato, 12 fiber pill & pure protein bar (ahhhhhhh i was still hungry!!!)
5pm – rockstar, protein powder shake
8pm – 3 oz chicken, 3 oz tuna, 1/2 bag broccoli, 1 fiber pill

Cals – 1833, Carbs – 131, Fat – 43, Protein – 228
Protein 50%, Carbs 29%, Fat 21%

Kyra Williams,
The Get In Shape Girl

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