The Shred, Day 24

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I’m loving how I’m not bloated and it’s TOM because of The Shred!!

So remember yesterday when I said that I did some push ups where I had one foot on the stability ball & each hand on a medball?  Well I thought that might be confusing so I took a video of it today.  If you find push ups to not be challenging anymore you should work your way up to do them like this.  If you wanna know how, email me.

Anyway, Ryan came in the house this afternoon and exclaims to me, “I can’t eat chicken anymore.”  He’s been following The Shred with me this week and as far as I know, he’s actually been following it!!  He tells me I’m crazy for measuring all the food, and he told me in the beginning it was too much food.  But you wanna know what I’ve noticed?  Ryan is usually always tired.  Ryan usually eats b’fast like me, then won’t eat for hours, then pig out for lunch.. then not eat for hours or maybe have a shake and god knows what else.. then eats dinner with me.  so he definitely has never followed the eat every 3 hours rule.  so far this week i haven’t heard anything or noticed him being tired at all!  maybe it’s that his metabolism has been at an elevated level constantly rather than spiking and plunging… i don’t know.. its not like there’s any scientific evidence out there on this or anything….. hmmmmmmmmmmmm hahahaha

my day:

5am – egg & oats, rockstar, fiber pill

8am – shake (just protein, im over the oats in there)

11am – 6 oz chicken & 1 cup brown rice

2pm – 6 oz chicken & 4 oz sweet potatoes

5pm – redbull & 30 min elliptical & my last yoga class with sammi ever.. (read the review HERE)

8pm – 6 oz chicken & 5 oz steamed spinach

Yes, I skipped a meal.  But I was running out the door and completely forgot!!!

Here are my totals:

Cals – 1431, Carbs – 108, Fat – 29, Protein – 186

I’M ON POINT HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

52% protein, 30% carbs, 18% fat

THIS IS SOOOOOO WHAT I WANT!!!  Only 2 more days of this.  I have been talking to my friend Christy about what it’s like to reintroduce food back into your system that it isn’t used to after The Shred.  I think I’ll have a little less protein, a little more carbs, but not a whole lot.  Just enough to be healthy.  I’m done overloading on fruit.  I’ll allow myself to have it once before I work out, like some berries or pineapple or fruit in my smoothies again.. then right after I workout, when I’m having lunch I can have some grapes.  And I miss Greek yogurt.  I really miss my smoothies.  And I know you guys miss my smoothie videos!!  haha  That’s pretty much it though.  And peanut butter.  But I have to stay away from that stuff anyway.. I tend to eat half the jar with a spoon in one sitting.  Gross!

Kyra Williams,

The Get In Shape Girl


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