The Shred, Day 22

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I was told Sunday morning that every time Liz and I spoke of “The Shred” at brunch it reminder this girl of Shredder from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.. so here you go!

Anyway, I spent a great deal of time last night preparing MRE’s, Meals Ready to Eat.  So I went to the food store and grabbed all these necessities:


spinach, chicken, turkey, broccoli, egg whites, sweet potatoes, brown rice, rockstar.. and yes you do see a shitload of seltzer water.  that would be ryan.  he drinks an insane amount of that stuff.  so i came home and cooked 3 of the sweet potatoes by slicing them sorta thin and baking them with cinnamon in attempt to make “chips,” but they never come out crispy.  I also made 3 of the packages of chicken breast by baking it with cajun seasoning.  So as you can see, I am feeding Ryan and myself with this, because he’s doing The Shred too.  He wrote down the rules here:

The Rules

(my hand is blocking something else we wrote down that is for another time, but is none of your business:)

And here’s the finished product:


So today, Monday, has been alright.  I woke up late, but made my eggs & oats to eat on the fly.

530am – eggs & oats, rockstar, forgot my fiber.. uh oh

830 – 6 oz chicken & 1 cup brown rice

1130 – protein & oats shake

12 – CATZ

2pm – 6 oz chicken & 4 oz sweet potato

5pm – protein powder.. no oats.. i dont like them in my shakes!!!

530 – sammi’s yoga class at bsc

830 – 6 ounces chicken & half a bag of steamed broccoli

All I want is peanut butter 😦  And now I’m stuck in this conundrum… Wednesday I was invited to go to a RedSox game with my girlfriend where beer will be free and well… it’ll be free.  So if I drink all of this effort will go down the toilet & I won’t look good enough for the photos Saturday morning.  But it would be soooooooo much more fun if I could partake in a few cold ones.  So what do I do here?   Maybe I should just wait to see if they’re free first.  Then decide right then and there.  So stand by for the outcome on that….

So here are my totals for today:

Cals – 1581, Carbs – 126, Fat – 24, Protein – 214

Protein – 54%, Carbs – 32%,  Fat – 14%

Wow.  I didn’t even know that was possible.  But the cals were pretty low so I’m happy… especially considering I did circuit training for 60 min & yoga for 60!

Kyra Williams,

The Get In Shape Girl


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