The Shred, Day 19, 20 & 21

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There was no shred.  Unless you count fried cheese balls, sangria, chocolate cake & cookies part of The Shred.  It actually wasn’t HORRIBLE, but I just kind decided to stop.  There’s no point in doing it unless you are going to give 100% so I didn’t bother tracking or anything, and I’m just now blogging.

Friday night was my girls’ night birthday dinner.  We went to Tapeo on Newbury Street in Boston.  The Sangria flowed like well… ummm Sangria.  And we ordered a few too many of these yummy balls of fried goodness…

cheese puffs

Saturday I was reasonable until my girlfriend (or should I say worst enemy!!  jk!!) came over with this cheese dip & tortilla chips.  Bitch.  hahaha.  But I ran it off Sunday morning.

Ry & I hadn’t run outside in such a long time so I was really looking forward to it.  Sunday I got out of bed bright eyed & bushy tailed, ate my eggs & oats, fiber pill & Rockstar.. Got ready for my run, then duh duh duh… it started to rain 😦  But we said screw it & ran anyway.  I mapped out 3 miles from our house and we went out.  I felt pretty good too, despite the rain.  Then I had brunch with some girls where I ordered an egg white & spinach omelette (they were so kind to hold the feta) and some salad greens (I picked around the tomato, cucumber & carrots as they are too high on the glycemic index & I used no dressing.)

Speaking of glycemic index, this is a huge part of the shred.  Like, my friends who ask why I don’t eat fruits & certain veggies right now want to know why I’ve had to cut them.  So I’m going to explain this in very basic, layman’s terms:

If a carbohydrate rich food is high on the glycemic index your body treats it as a simple sugar and it breaks it down very quickly, thus releasing glucose (sugar) into your body very rapidly, then it depletes rapidly so your metabolism is spiking, and dropping.  So instead you eat foods low on the GI so the glucose is released over an extended time and you can feel full longer, and you aren’t spiking/ dropping.  This is something that South Beach dieters know a lot about, and I actually found a GI index list on THIS SITE.

So if you there you will see certain dairy products (i.e. yogurt) are low as well as certain fruits (i.e. cherries) but I can’t have these either because dairy is lactose, right?  Glucose… fructose… lactose… do you see a pattern here?  Lactose is a sugar.  Now as for fruit, all fruit is a simple sugar so that is good in small portions, for every day life.  But for right now I want something that my body is going to break down very slowly, so I’m looking for complex carbs/ starches that take a long time for my body to break down, hence why I’m eating sweet potatoes & brown rice.

Anyway, I hope that helps you guys understand a little more about why The Shred is what it is.

Last night I popped into The Yoga Loft in Wilmington for a 90 minute session.  Jen’s studio is great & I really enjoyed it.. especially how I felt after.  Check out the review HERE.  Anyway, back to The Shred tomorrow.

Kyra Williams,

The Get in Shape Girl


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2 Responses to “The Shred, Day 19, 20 & 21”

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Looks like you had a much deserved fun girls night. When you do the “shred” are you doing it to decrease body fat? How long do you follow this eating plan for?

Hey Lesley… I am trying t reduce my body fat. I don’t think I can get it down much further and be healthy, so it’s very small things i have to pay attention to. so there’s little room for error.

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