My Second Time at The Yoga Loft, Wilmington, MA

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The Yoga Loft, Wilmington, MA

I have nothing but great things to say about this studio.  I had originally heard of it because it’s just down the road from CATZ & some of the members go there as well.  So I grabbed a free pass a couple months ago to check it out.  Jen Ryan, the owner, was checking people in on her own, then lead the class.  My first time there was incredible.  And I did know what I was getting myself into with the heated room because it wasn’t my first time in a hot studio.  So now I’ll move on to my review from my experience last night, because it’s what is fresh in my mind.  But to get this out of the way, my first experience was obviously good enough to go back and pay for a second time around.

Upon walking in I was greeted by that familiar smiling face behind the desk, which is nice.  Jen knows every one of her students by first name which is very refreshing.  She knows everyone’s stories.. what they’re up to.. who they’re dating.. how their mother’s are.. it’s pretty cool.  She offers towels, mats, water, etc if you come without, for a small price of course.  The class prices are very competitive, so expect to pay $15 for a drop in (unless you are in the fitness industry as a trainer, etc, then you pay $12) or $120 for 10 sessions, $100 for a month unlimited, etc.  Go to the site for details.  The studio is very spacious, and while it was crowded last night we weren’t on top of each other.  The room started off a little warm but when she cranked the heat it definitely go up there to where I was dripping within 30 minutes or so.  Not to mention the flow was sorta quick.  I mean, the sun salutations were quick, but something I think a person with little to moderate experience could handle.. but it was the added scorpion push ups we did that really got us heated from the inside out.  Being that I come from a gym yoga background, warming up from the inside I really think is the best way to do it.  It definitely makes you rely on your body getting super worked up which means you are getting a good workout!!

Then came the part I really enjoyed… We tried all these new asanas I’ve never done.  I have no idea what they are called and I couldn’t get back into them right now if you asked me to, but I’ve been thinking about how I feel like I’ve done it all, and she proved to me there’s definitely still more out there I haven’t experienced.  I also have been feeling a little unchallenged lately and that all changed last night too.  My body still has some work to be done on it before I can officially say I can bend & twist like a pretzel.

One of the best things I’ve noticed about Jen is that she’s a really great teacher.  She may not go on about positivity and being in the moment trying to find enlightenment while flowing through a practice.  But she’s there with you the whole way… coming over to help you find your edge and your limitations by making physical adjustments or helping you find the modification that works best for your body.  She’s also great in that she gives very careful explanations that makes it easy to find your way into each pose, no matter how difficult it may be.  You can just tell she knows her stuff very well and you feel like you are in very good hands the whole class time.

I highly, highly, highly recommend one of her classes.  She is affiliated with another studio in Middleton, called 191 Yoga so I recommend going to one or both of the studios!!   Find on Facebook!!

Kyra Williams,

The Get In Shape Girl


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