The Shred, Day 18 (Warning.. TMI!!)

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I figured it out!!!  The first two weeks my body was like “what are you doing to me?!?!” and so it was in shock and something changed.  Now I think my body has adjusted and nothing new is happening.  So I’ve decided I’m going to be normal again until Sunday and then get after it super hardcore crazy Shred from Sunday until Friday.  The way I ate before was healthy, and I’m still going to make healthy choices so it’s not like I’m gonna go eat pizza or something, but I’m okay with having 180 carbs for the next few days.  Then I’ll shock my system again for a few days before the party.  If any of you have any knowledge of these kinds of things please give me all the advice you have!  Also, I know this won’t really work if you slack, and I haven’t been on point.  So here was my day:

5:30am – 5 egg whites, 1/4 cup oats, spinach, fiber pill & rockstar

8:30am – 5 ounces chicken breast & 2/3 cup brown rice

11:00 am – protein powder & 1/4 cup oats

30 minutes on the elliptical because i had nothing to do at work

12 – CATZ

1:30pm – 5 egg whites, some spinach, 5 ounces sweet potato “fries” & a fiber pill

4:30pm – redbull & chocolate protein shake w/ 1/4 cup oats & 1/4 cup raspberries (i dont recommend this with water.. gross!!!)

7:30pm – 6 ounces turkey breast & salad greens & a little feta, 3 baby tomatoes & balsamic vinagarette & a cookie!


Cals – 1811, carbs – 173, fat – 49, protein – 189

Protein – 40%, Carbs – 37%, Fat – 23%

I’m really tired so I’m gonna make this quick.  There are a few things I’d like to say though..

I always get chicken breast and cut off the nasty white things & bake it with cajun seasoning.  And I’ve gotten a lot of ground turkey breast because it’s 99% fat free, but it’s dry.  Today I stopped at a different food store & I found turkey breasts in the same form as I normally get chicken breast.  So I made that and it was so awesome!  I knew it had to be out there somewhere but I’ve never seen it.  It doesn’t taste much different, but it was nice to know I was changing.. haha.

I don’t know what balsamic vinegarette is or where it came from or why it can be so expensive (I saw like $30 bottles at whole foods!) but i love it.  it has practically nothing in it but its so yummy.  and i dont even like vinegar.

And I can’t go.  I keep taking fiber pills and they just make me bloated.  It’s been since Sunday night.  Sorry if this is TMI but I need some suggestions.  I am very on the go.  I wake up, eat, run out the door, thereby “missing my window.”  I run around my job all day long so it’s unlikely that I will feel the urge, where I used to when I sat around all day.  It is now Thursday, so this is why I feel so fat.  Someone please help me!!!

Kyra Williams,

The Get In Shape Girl


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