The Shred, Day 17

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I started The Shred with so much momentum and now it’s just coming to a halt.  Or maybe I’m just subconsciously preparing for next week’s perfection to come.  Anyway, considering that today I was away from my house from 6:30am to 6pm I don’t think I did too bad.

5:30am – eggs & oats, rockstar, fiber pill

9am –  protein & oats shake

10am – pure protein bar ( i was STARVING)

10:15 – 12pm I did this kickass workout

12pm – strawberry shortcake protein shake (not the shred!) & 3 oz chicken breast

4pm – medium iced coffee w/ skim milk & scoop of vanilla protein IN the coffee which is totally delicious and i highly suggest it, & 2/3 of an Alex’s Whey cookie

5pm – STARVING.. pure protein bar

8pm – 6 oz chicken, 5 oz sauteed spinach, 4 oz sweet potato & a fiber pill (my fiber has been very low)


Cals- 1754 (too high, I need like 300 less), carbs – 161 (too high.. this is how many i would usually eat), fat – 39 g (perfect normally, but too high for this), protein – 214 g (whoaaaaaa!!)

Protein 46%, Carbs – 35%, fat – 19%

Oh yes, and the reason I was gone for so long today was because I went to Water Country, a water park with my boyfriend & his friend.  It was pretty cool & I’m glad I got to go.  There were some really fun rides, but I was so cold!  And anytime you go to a place like this your 100% thrown in there with the general public & you learn some things.  One thing I recognized was the endless snack counters pushing fried dough, french fries & personal pizzas.  Gross, gross & gross.  No wonder there is such an obesity problem in America.  Why is it not acceptable to serve grilled chicken salads, apples, baggies of grapes, carrots & celery (hold the ranch! blehhhhhhhhhh!!!), almonds… you get the point!  Anyway, I made it a point to make sure I had enough healthy food to snack on so having to purchase any of that GARBAGE wasn’t an issue for us.  So once again planning ahead was what got me through.  And I guess the world will never be perfect and everyone talks about how America is getting fat, but yet no one is really changing anything.  So as Ryan always quotes Ghandi to me.. “be the change you want to see in the world,” and today, I did just that!

Kyra Williams,

The Get In Shape Girl


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4 Responses to “The Shred, Day 17”

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Great post Kyra. The protein powder in iced coffee sounds good, though I only have the unsweetened. Maybe if I add some vanilla extract it would taste similar. Water parks, amusement parks, fairs etc are horrible places for healthy eating. There are usually NO good choices. I also always try to plan ahead and bring my own food if possible. That little bit of preparation will make or break the day!

i think the vanilla iced coffee at DD is actually made with vanilla roasted beans, not the sugary syrup.. right??? please tell me im right! get the plain coffee & add vanilla powder. its awesome! or wait.. did you mean unsweetened protein?!?!

You’d think at an outdoor pool facility the LAST thing you’d want to eat while wearing a bikini (or trying to) is pizza, fries, donuts, etc.
Packing a cooler ahead is a definite MUST.

kyra, you’re such an inspiration! I hope you can help me.. starting Jan 1st I began by weight loss journey by eating clean, counting calories, and exercising regularly. to date, I’ve gone from 164 to 144. I have tried mixing up my workouts and upping my protein. Any suggestions? And how do you figure out the right amount of calories? Please help! Also, unfortunately I can’t afford a personal trainer

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