The Shred, Days 11 & 12

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Thursday I was behaved-ish.  I was eating all my correct meals like egg & oats, dry ground turkey (this is what I’m now calling it because it’s just dry and awful) disguised in sweet potato, protein shakes w/ oats.. but then I went out on a party boat and didn’t eat dinner.  And at home I was tempting by pizza & wings in my face, but I stood strong and said HELL NO to pizza!

Then Friday came.  Today I had my eggs & oats this morning for breakfast at 8.

Then at 11 I had my protein & oats.

Then at 2, after CATZ, I decided I would really go all out and head to Bob’s the most amazing Italian sandwich shop.  Now, ordinarily I would tell you all about how much better the south is in every way, especially when it comes to food, (i.e. mashed potatoes, fried okra, hush puppies, deviled eggs, cherry cobbler, etc.)  But one thing the north has is Italian bakeries & delis.  So I just popped in and told the guys behind the counter I wanted the BEST cold sandwich they make.  So I came out with this baby..

Prosciutto, buffalo mozzarella, fresh tomatoes,fresh basil on fresh bread topped with some kind of olive oil stuff.  So between that & the giant chocolate chip cookie, I’m pretty sure I just consumed about 700 calories.  Good for me.  Now I’m DEFINITELY going to have to workout twice today & tomorrow & maybe Sunday too!!

I have this theory though.  I believe that your body craves certain foods when it needs some kind of nutrient that is found in that food.  So I’ve had major pb cravings, and today i was having major bacon cravings.  What the common denominator there?  Fat.  My fat intake has been soooooo low so I don’t even care.  The sandwich was incredible & I even had the other half for dinner!  Back on the shred tomorrow though.  I didn’t feel sick after the sandwich either which was surprising.  But I did go to bikram at 545.  If I hadn’t had the sandwich then I wouldn’t have gone to class.  And if I hadn’t gone to class I wouldn’t have gotten to practice while our teacher, Amanda, lead us through a beautiful, uplifting class.  I really love that girl.. I truly felt like a different person after leaving.  You can check out her blog at So if I hadn’t eaten the sandwich, I wouldn’t have gone to class and I wouldn’t be feeling a little happier right now.

So in this blog you get no totals.  You get no numbers, but you get me 🙂

Kyra Williams,

The Get In Shape Girl


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