The Shred, Day 9

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Same S… different day.  hahahaha

6am – 5 egg whites (out of oats.  so sad.) & rockstar & fiber pill

9am – 6 oz chicken breast & 2/3 cup brown rice

11am – a$$ & abs workout, plus 40 min treadmill (i ran some and walked at a 6.0 incline for my booty!)

1pm – i was an hour late on eating, but i was busy.  i had 7.5 oz ground turkey breast & 6 oz sweet potato (7.5 oz because there was a little extra left over when I split the turkey into containers and I dont like it going to waste) & half a fiber pill

4pm – protein & water shake (no oats.  so sad.) & redbull

7pm – coconut chicken & half a bag of frozen broccoli


cals – 1613, fat – 54, carbs – 103, protein – 177

Protein 44%, Carbs – 26%, Fat – 30%

That’s a ton of protein, and for  the long haul, that is not healthy.  so remember that going into this.  the body naturally want to draw its energy from carbs, but IT WILL draw from protein, but you have to manipulate the body to tell it to, based on what you are eating.  So according to the National Academy of Sports Medicine (where I got my cert) these are the protein minimal recommendations:

Bodybuilder – 1g/ kg of body weight each day

Bodybuilder during training mode – 1.6 – 2.0g/ kg of body weight each day

So I’m 56 kilograms.  I am not a bodybuilder but I am eating like one.  This means I should have 56 grams of protein a day regularly.  hahahahahhah wtf?!?!  thats psycho.  i have like twice that on the reg.  So now i should be eating 90 – 112 grams a day but I’m going way way way over.  so if you know anything about this, please fill me in!  One thing i do know for 100% is that my kidneys are working extra hard to metabolize and break down all the protein.  so i need to drink extra water to flush them.  ive had a gallon today and working on another bottle.

anyway.. today i feel like really tired.  but then again it is almost 9pm and ive ben up since 5:30 am and haven’t stopped going.  so… peace out homies!

Kyra Williams,

The Get In Shape Girl


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