The Shred, Day 8

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I’m ready to get after it again today after being so horribly bad yesterday.  I feel gross & fat again now so it’s like extra motivating to behave today.  No little cheats here and there, but then again I haven’t worked out yet and felt I “deserved” a cheat yet.. hehe.

So 5am came early, but I still got up in time to make FIVE eggs & just the tiny bit of oats that were left (I forgot to buy more yesterday!!  eeeek!!)  and extra spinach in the egg whites. and a rockstar.

8:30am – 6 oz chicken & 1/4 cup brown rice

11:30 am – protein powder shake (no oats left for the shake)

12pm – CATZ.  Today at CATZ we did sit up & throws x 10 (10 lb medball against the wall), single leg hip lifts on medball x 10 each & dolly walks up and back x 2.  It was exceptionally easy for me so my coach, Kevin, suggested I try on a 20 lb weight vest.  I’ve only seen the guys wearing them, been slightly grossed out by them, but always intrigued.  Since I was flying through the circuit I figured WHAT THE HECK, so I threw it on.  First, it’s hard to imagine that a year and a half ago I was walking around with almost that much weight anyway.  Second, I really liked doing that circuit with the vest.  I did the next circuit (walking lunges w/ curls, single leg RDL’s to high pulls & bear crawl/ sand bag drags) with it on too, and attempted some running during the Big Finish, but i was pushing my shorts down and was uncomfortable and made me run like a stick up my butt.  But I did it & I could get used to it!

My 20 lb weight vest!

1:30pm – 6 oz turkey breast & 6 oz sweet potato & a pure protein bar (the weight vest burned the extra cals 🙂  hehehehe)

It seems weird, but try it!

4:30 – redbull & protein shake

7:30 – 6 oz scallops & 10 oz bag of spinach (I eat a creepy amount of spinach)

2 bags for 2 people!

scallops & spinach

Here are my totals:

Cals – 1742, Fat – 48, Carbs – 142, Protein – 208

Protein – 45%, Carbs – 31%, Fat – 24%

I’ve done better.. but hey, I did wear a weight vest today!

Kyra Williams,

The Get In Shape Girl


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5 Responses to “The Shred, Day 8”

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Wow! You rock Kyra. Seriously, a 20lb weight vest!!!! Yeah, I think the weight vest burned the extra cals. Love your emails!!!

i LOVE that cut of definition in your arms… very inspiring. 🙂 looking healthy and trim girl… the shred must be working! You’re doing so great and it def shows. Gonna knock ’em dead at that pool party and leave ’em breathless. (as intended, of course! :D)

Have you tried Kale chips yet? You really should if you haven’t! I’m addicted when my diet is nice and clean!

At 5am says you ate the eggs and oats. Do you put the oats in the eggs?

i cook the 1/4 cup of oats like i was going to have oatmeal. then i put them in the egg whites and scramble.

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