Shred, Day 5 & 6

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I forgot to post yesterday!!!  So it’s Saturday and I’m going to post for yesterday & today in one.  Yesterday I was so bad at lunch.  I had a sandwich.  It’s something I normally would eat, but it’s not part of the shred.  So I’m human… and I wanted real food damnit!!  But if I’m going to cheat, now is the time.  When it gets closer to August 28th I’ll really tighten up.  So here was my schedule…

7am – eggs & oats (4 egg whites, .25 cup oats) & some spinach sprinkled in & rockstar

10am – 1 scoop protein powder, .25 cup oats & water

12pm – CATZ

1pm – sandwich (whole wheat bread, mustard, tomato, low sodium turkey breast & 1 slice low fat swiss) & 30 grapes

4pm -1 scoop protein powder, .25 cup oats & water & redbull (you should all be proud of me here because it’s not like i wanted to eat that, but i made the commitment to myself to be healthy and i already felt guilty about the cheat by eating that sandwich.. this is where that decision came into play, like the blog i shared of fb yesterday about making choices…)

7pm – 6oz mahi mahi & half a bag of steamed broccoli.  i used some black pepper for flavoring.  ryan made up some kind of “chutney,”  he calls it.  idk what chutney is exactly, but he says it’s this… guess which one is mine..

(Do you like the Carlo Rossi in the background?!)

Then I had some vodka.  hahaha

Here are my totals:

Cals – 1594, Carbs – 128, Fat – 27, Protein – 156

Protein 45%, Carbs – 37%, Fat – 18%  Holy COW!!!  that’s a lot of protein!!!

Okay, so for Saturday I decided I wanted to let myself live a normal life on weekends.  For breakfast I had a Pure Protein bar & a rockstar, which is normal for me on Sat am because I wake up and run out the door to go to CATZ, so I don’t make time to cook b’fast, nor do I want all that rolling around in my tummy while I’m doing broad jumps & skips for height.  So that was at 7am.  For my b’fast/ post workout meal I had.. ok.. here’s my meal schedule:

7am – pure protein bar & rockstar

8am – CATZ

9am – eggs & oats

12:30pm – 6 oz ground turkey breast & 4 oz sweet potato

330pm – rockstar & protein/ oat shake

6:30pm – ummmmmm this is where i started going downhill… i had pb & pretzels.  its a weird combo but i dont like natural pb out of the jar so I ate it with pretzels, which i also dislike… but i just needed something quick & easy & light ( i only had a few)

8:30pm – sangria, vodka, tapas… just a total cheat!  but it is saturday and i went into this saying i would let myself go (not completely off track) but LIVE on the weekends.

Also, I weighed in at 121 this morning and 125 this afternoon.  I haven’t seen 121 in my adult life!  I have noticed something too.. that prior to “The Shred,” I felt gross.  I was eating whatever, whenever (sort of) and I felt like I would think about food and what I could eat at all times during the day.  Now I’m just using food as fuel and I feel super good.  I don’t feel like a slob anymore because I ate too much.. or just that general feeling of disappointment with myself after every time I eat.  This is about fuel and I’m finding ways to make the food taste decent too.  So emotionally, this is doing a lot for me.  However, I have started to experience a great deal of lightheadedness.  I feel energized again (which I felt lethargic mid-week) though.  As for the lightheadedness, I’ve experienced this before a year and a half ago when I started Spark People and cut my carbs to around 200 a day (it was about a 100 carb/ day reduction) so I know this feeling and I know it’s because the major carb reduction and I know it will go away so I’m not concerned.. I just need to get up slowly sometimes.

Okay.. and one more really awesome thing… These shorts are a size 3.  At the beginning of summer they were uncomfortable.. and now I’m going to wear them to the mall 🙂


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