Day 4, Shred

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This is gonna be a quick post.  I’m writing in commercial breaks of the Jersey Shore.  I seriously love this show.  What I don’t understand is why instead of using spray on tan, Snookie doesn’t buy a tanning booth for her house to avoid Obama’s 10% tax.  And why would Ronnie makeout with grenades & landmines when he could smoosh Sammi Sweetheart at home?!?!

5am – eggs & oats, rockstar

(Side note.. I weighed myself and came in at 122 lbs!!!!!!!!!)

8am – i had another strawberry/yogurt/skim milk/ vanilla protein powder smoothie today.  after 3 full days without dairy this killed my stomach.. it was just an overload.  bad idea.  broke the diet.  but after my stomach stopped hurting i felt great.

11am – protein powder/ oatmeal shake

12pm – bikram yoga at Prana Power yoga

1:30 pm – 6 oz ground turkey & 5 oz sweet potato

4:30 – protein powder/ oatmeal shake

7:30 – Coconut & walnut encrusted chicken breast w/ Cholula & 5 oz spinach

Here’s my daily totals:

Cals – 1759

Carbs – 166

Fat – 49

Protein – 167

Protein 37.7%, Carbs – 37.4%, carbs – 24.9%

So, not what I wanted, but I feel GREAT today.  In addition, I wasn’t in the best mood this afternoon.. I wasn’t having the best day at work, so my boyfriend had these at home waiting for me…

I have the best man in the world ❤

Kyra Williams,

The Get In Shape Girl


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6 Responses to “Day 4, Shred”

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Wow, 122lbs! WOO HOO! Kyra your rawkin your Shred! So do you think 6 oz. of sweet potatoes is a ton?? I was going to have 5-6 oz. of butternut squash and I was log my god that was a lot?? What’s in your oatmeal protein shake, I’ll see if I can find it posted somewhere.

Those flowers are beautiful!

it’s what rusty told me to eat. i could even eat it twice a day but id be way too full. so i just do that as my lunch or dinner, then my little snacks are just the shakes. i always tend to eat more for bfast/ lunch/ dinner and less at the snacks so i cant imagine having so much to eat in so little time, ya know. this works for me. the shake is just a 1/4 cup of oats & a scoop of protein. i throw that & ice in a blender, then water. basically if i want my shake to fill 3/4 of my shake cup, then i fill it up 3/4 of the way with water. if i want just a half cup, then use that much water, etc. my weight was back at 125 this am 😦

yep i am truly 32. arrrrghhhh that was rough to say out loud. i’ve only said it as many times as i can count on one hand so far this year 🙂 it’s all the more shocking cuz i still feel 19. i feel great though… and would feel better if i could get some workouts in (we’re in a process of moving next weekend so i’d feel guilt if i’m not packing).

the roses are darling… you’re a lucky girl.

fresh flowers are such a nice way to spoil a lady!

I totally get your dilemma Jen.. every time you pack a box do 5 burpees or 5 push ups between so can get a workout in while you are packing!!

How does the Protein/oats/water taste? I have a lot of concern about how things taste and can’t get it down if it doesn’t taste good.

i put all of them in a blender together with ice so the oats blend. they do tend to sink to the bottom, but otherwise it just tastes like protein and water. some protein powders taste better than others. if they are really sweet, they are most likely loaded with sugar which isn’t healthy. a good in between is designer way. they are tasty & have very little sugar. it honestly doesn’t taste gross.. it doesn’t really taste like much at all!

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