Shred, Day 3/ It’s a sad day

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Effffffffffffffffffffff.. this sucks!!

I am tired.  I don’t know if I’m tired because I need more rest, or if I’m tired because my body wants carbs.  I know my brain wants me to have carbs.  This has been my day:

7am – sugar free rockstar & eggs and oats (i woke up late.. i got 9 hours of amazing, wonderful sleep, minus the 5 minutes I woke up because Ryan was sleep walking again)

10:30am – protein & oat shake

12pm – CATZ (I hit a wall about 2/3 the way through class today.  this could be the lack of carbs or could be because my legs were already exhausted and today was a heavy leg day. )

1:30 – 6 oz turkey breast & 5 oz sweet potato (which turns out to be really good together if you mix the two, which is weird)

I also had grapes.  Only 20.  I know it’s naughty, but if you are going to have fruit, post workout is the best time to sneak it in.

4:30 – sugar free redbull & protein/ oat shake

6:30 – yoga

7:30 – 6 oz chicken breast & 1/2 a bag of frozen broccoli

So far I am feeling full most of the time, which is awesome.  I do still take 1 fiber pill at breakfast & a half of one at lunch.  The other good news is that all the protein & fiber from the good carbs is agreeing with my system.  And today I’m at 125, which I was 128 upon beginning this.  I don’t necessarily think I’ve lost weight, just maybe some water weight because I commonly see 125 when I’m a little healthier.  I do feel really tired, but that could be my job/ all the exercise.  Here are my daily totals:

Cals – 1593

Carbs – 136

Fat – 29

Protein – 159

44% protein, 37% carbs, 18% fat

(3 days of extremely low fat intake explains why I’m having the massive peanut butter cravings!!!)

Okay, so this is why today is a little sad.  When I moved to Boston I just popped into BSC and tried a yoga class.  When I lived in Tampa I didn’t particularly like yoga.  I felt like it was easy, boring and I just wasn’t into it.  Then I tried it up here and I kind of liked it.  I felt like it was challenging so I kept going.  I got to know the teacher, her name is Sammi.  I realized a month or so into it my core was becoming stronger, my balance and stability were improving as was my endurance in the ability to hold positions for a long period of time.  I ended up getting really into it and after a few more months I noticed that my shoulders looked incredible and I was getting a line down the side of my tummy (from all the knees to elbows!)  I have taken her classes religiously for almost 2 years now, going sometimes 3 times a week.  I now train at another gym, have fallen in love with another studio, but schedule myself around her classes at BSC!  Anyhow, she is moving to DC at the end of the week and tonight was my last class with her.  It’s bittersweet because my friend Jessica gets to take over the Wednesday night spot, but Sammi was the person who made me love yoga and no one can replace her 😦

Kyra Williams,

The Get In Shape Girl


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It sounds like I need to fine a good Yoga class. I’m enjoying trying to do master P90X but it is boring and the Namaste series is nice and calming but I don’t care for it as much.

Have you tried to add sprouted bread, I love to have it daily or what about doing 40/40/20 for your ratios? I bet you would still see awesome results. I think that is what Rachel_Mac does.

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