Shred, Day 2

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So today I will discuss how this is all about preparation.  Yesterday I was stuck ordering a smoothie at the gym because I didn’t make a snack.  So yesterday I took the afternoon to prepare some of my meals for the week.

First I took care of the chicken.  I had thawed some chicken breast yesterday so that needed be to used ASAP.  I used my poultry sheers to cut off all the gross fat & those weird tendony things.  This part makes me wanna barf a little bit, but better I cut it off than eat it!  So I cut the breast into small tenders and sprinkled them with black pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, red pepper flakes & oregano.  They have to be plain or can have hot sauce on them, but so I just chose to use some seasoning for taste.  

While baking those, I cooked my 99% fat free ground turkey.  It’s really dry (no fat) so I added Italian seasoning for taste, and Cholula hot sauce.  Once that was ready, I separated it into containers equalling 6 ounces per container.  I then measured 2 sweet potatoes, looking for 6 ounces each, and cut those.  Here’s the photo:

Then the chicken was ready so I separated that into containers of 6 ounces a piece as well.  I had done all of that and still had a little time before yoga, so I went ahead and separated small containers of 1/4 cup os oats & 1 scoop of chocolate protein powder.  This way I can just toss it in the blender with some ice & water.  People tell me all the time they would eat better if they had more time.  Well here’s the bottom line:  IF YOU WANT SOMETHING BAD ENOUGH YOU WILL FIND A WAY TO DO IT.  Not enough time is an excuse.  You will stop doing something else to make time to prepare your foods if it means enough to you.  And seriously, this kind of preparation is going to be what makes it possible for me to go through with this.

Today I can tell you that I really miss my fruit.  I feel exactly the same, except probably more full.  My body was used to a lot of protein, but this is beyond the amount of protein I’ve ever eaten in one day.

Here’s my sched today:

5am – Eggs n oats (4 egg whites 1/4 cup oatmeal) and a little spinach sprinkled in there & sugar free Rockstar

8am – Choc protein powder blended with 1/4 cup oats

11am – Protein bar (I forgot to bring one of the tupperwares w/ protein/ oats w/ me!  after all that talk about preparation!!  i deserve a smack on the wrist!)

12pm – A$$ & Abs workout & 2 mile run

1:30pm – 6oz chicken breast & 5 oz. sweet potato w/ cinnamon (it was originally a 6 oz SP, but after I took off the skin it became 5 oz)

4:30 pm – Choc protein powder blended with 1/4 cup oats & sugar free Redbull

7:30pm – 6 oz steak & one zucchini (this is a lot of steak!)

And here are my totals for the day:

Cals – 1557, Carbs – 135, Fat – 36, Protein – 183

46% protein, 34%carbs, 20% fat

Kyra Williams,

The Get In Shape Girl


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3 Responses to “Shred, Day 2”

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I love how on top of things you are! Planning and preparation is half the battle. I feel like I spend half my life prepping and weighing my meals and snacks, but it is also the reason I’ve kept off the weight I’ve lost. Planning is key. Oh, and I LOVE Cholula hot sauce!

so “shredding” refers to food not working out?? i’m a bit confused… i guess the only thing i have to reference is the jill michael’s 30 day shred… 🙂


It could be referring to either. The main goal being to get “shredded,” as in all muscle!

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