Shred, Day 1

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I decided to push my party back by one week, so I technically don’t need to start my shred until next Monday.  But I woke up all gung-ho to do it, so I’m just gonna start now.  However I think my body will hate me if I do this for too long, so here’s the plan:  I’m going to go for it now, but I’m also not going to be as strict as a body builder would.  According to Rusty, my boss, a competitor I’m allowed to eat lean proteins (chicken breast, turkey breast, lean steak, fish, protein powder) and a green leafy veggie (broccoli, asparagus, spinach) and certain starches (brown rice, sweet potatoes & oatmeal.)  So that is sorta how I eat already, but my fruit intake was out of this world which one might think is fine, but too much fruit can make you fat.  Seriously… it’s high on the glycemic index, so eventually your body processes it as sugar.  And I was eating like 200g of pineapple each day, 50 grapes, tomato, then more pineapple & a banana in my shakes.  I mean it was crazy.

So basically he helped me write out this meal plan:

6am – 4 egg whites & half cup oatmeal

830am – protein powder (1 scoop) blended with ice, water & another 1/3 cup of oats

1130 am – 6 oz sweet potato & 6 oz chicken breast (or turkey breast)

130pm – 4 oz sweet potato & 6 oz chicken or turkey

430pm – 6 oz chicken or turkey & broccoli, spinach, asparagus

730pm – 6oz protein & green vegetable

Of course the times will vary and I can change what I eat at what time, but the plan is to keep all the starches before mid-day and eat every 2 – 3 hrs and take into account when I workout, so I have energy for the workout and get something in me post workout.

So I grocery shopped today.  Let me tell you how sad I was to not get any fruit for myself 😦  but here’s what I had today.  It wasn’t perfect because this morning I didn’t have what I needed in the house and prepared yet but I tried to be smart about my decision.

5am – 4 egg white & half cup oatmeal mixed (egg n oats)

8am – fruit smoothie (8 strawberries, which are one of the lowest sugar fruits, 1/2 cup – 1 cup plain FF yogurt, 1 cup skim milk, 1 scoop vanilla protein)

11am – protein powder & 1/3 cup oats blended with water & ice

12pm – CATZ

1:30pm – protein powder

3pm – 4 oz ground turkey breast & 25 grapes (i know grapes aren’t part of the diet, but my body was yelling at me to eat fruit.  so i caved.  it’s ok.  i never intended to do this diet for 28 days.)

5:30pm – power yoga

7pm – 6 oz seared tuna & 1/4 cup brown rice & half a bag (5 oz) cooked spinach

I’m on my 6th bottle of water.  This is imperative that I drink a lot of water, I’m trying for a gallon a day, because I need at least a half gallon because I workout a lot.  But now I need even more because my protein level is so high, I need it to flush my kidneys.

Here’s my totals for the day:

Calories – 1526

Carbs – 161

FAT – 31

Protein – 185

My protein intake was 44.5% of the total food consumed, carbs were 38.5% and fat was 16.9%.  The carbs are a little higher than I would like, but I will work on that tomorrow.  My wonderful boyfriend who says I don’t need to lose a pound, is ready for bed, so until tomorrow…

Kyra Williams,

The Get In Shape Girl

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3 Responses to “Shred, Day 1”

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Ironic that you posted this now. In talking with my trainer 2 weeks ago about how I can get rid of those last couple pounds and really tighten everything up, he suggested exactly what you’re doing. So for 2 weeks I’ve been no fruit, no dairy, strictly lean proteins/fish, complex carbs (not in the evening though), green veg and protein powders (plus flax supplement). That’s how I typically eat anyway, but it has been frustrating not to have banana in the smoothies, cottage cheese or fruit. What a difference 2 weeks makes though…..down 3 lbs with no change to workout schedule and feel great! Can’t wait to hear how your lean diet works out.

Way to go Christy! That last little bit if very frustrating. Have you had any alcohol since doing your shred? I’m still going to drink on the weekends for the next 4 weeks. and we’ll see what happens when I have a few! hahahaha.. did you take before and after photos? i wish you had started a blog as you began your fitness journey. i miss fruit!!!

Yes, the last bit of tightening it all up is frustrating! I’ve had a couple drinks in the last 2 weeks, vodka/soda. Don’t want the extra calories right now so have been pretty fierce about no drinking. I didn’t take before/after pics, but there are plenty on my FB page. I don’t even remember that person in the pics…love it! I miss fruit too, and cheese 😦 You’re doing great, Kyra, and I love your inspiration! Keep the good info coming!

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