2010 Trainer Challenge at Latitude Sports Club

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Saturday morning, in honor of the one year anniversary of Latitude Sports Club, in Peabody, MA, we held an open house along with a personal trainer fitness challenge. Six of the personal trainers composed a group of 4 clients each to share the following events:
20 laps on the bball court flipping a 100 lb punching bag
1000 sit ups
500 push ups
1 mile run (everyone runs 1 mile and all times were combined)
5.2 mile bike ride (same way we did the mile)
20 stair climbs (4 floors)
100 yard Hummer tow

We started with the 20 stair climbs, in a relay fashion. That way everyone got an almost equal chance to rest. This event kind of killed my clients. Sprinting four floors up stairs, dodging others in the process isn’t the easier thing in the world. But it was nice to get it out of the way. Our second event was the 20 laps on the basketball court, flipping a 100 pound punching bag. It was mandated that we go baseline to baseline without too much sliding. This was much easier if you used your legs but it was exhausting to the entire body. Here’s one of my clients doing the flips:

Here’s a video of a client doing flips too.. it’s not as easy as he makes it look!!

After that we got to lay down…. to do sit ups!! hahahahaha. We went one by one doing 20 or as many as we could. I flew through doing like 60 each time and three days later my abs are still killing! Then we did the 5.2 mile bike ride which was probably the worst event of them all for me because I’m so ADD I have a hard time sitting on a bike. So I just babbled with all of my teammates to pass the time. Then we ran a mile on the track, so eight laps around. That was pretty easy. At this point my endurance could have ben running out, but I made sure to chug a sugar free ROCKSTAR energy drink before the event and that kept me going.

Then came the truck pull. The truck had a pretty short rope tied to it so it was almost more difficult not to trip over all the other feet than it was to pull the truck in neutral. Once you get it going it pretty much just goes on it’s own, so you just wanna make sure not to get run over. That was super easy.. it burns the quads a bit but it’s only like 25 seconds of burn so it’s easy to deal with. We walked away to do the last event, the 500 push ups. We took turns once again, guy on the toes, girls on their knees and only had to go down far enough to touch your chest to a medball. So we flew through those too, relay style. So we decided we wanted to pull the truck again. We figure it couldn’t hurt and we’d just use the best of the two times.. we were never told we couldn’t do it twice!! So here’s the video from the second truck pull:

Anyway, so that was the personal trainer fitness challenge event… all four hours of it!


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