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I have decided that when I try new fitness facilities I am going to do a review for you guys.  My first will be my review of Prana Power Yoga studio in Winchester, MA.

A friend of mine recommended this studio to me so I decided Sunday morning I would check out the 9am class.  It’s quite a ways off the highway, but in a very nice neighborhood.  It’s conveniently located in a shopping center with a Whole Foods which was awesome.. I imagine they share many of the same customers (myself included.)  There was lots of parking available which was the main reason I went.  Upon arrival I noticed that the studio was super clean and neat.  The waiting/ front area was spacious and I made it directly to the desk to check in.  That process was typical, the girl was helpful but not overly excited about my arrival.  They did sell some mats, clothing, accessories, but I honestly didn’t check them out.  They also sold water and had mat rentals, and they made sure that I had done hot yoga before so I was aware of the heat of the room.  Luckily I was saved by being greeted by the teacher for our class.  He was really friendly and made me feel super comfortable.

The studio itself was beautiful.  The wood floor was VERY clean, the walls were painted a light green.. just generally aesthetically pleasing and calming.  The skylights added a nice touch in the studio.  There were cubbies to place our belongings, no mirrors ( I enjoy the mirrors.. maybe its bad but i like to check my own form) and 2 doors on opposing corners of the room which is great just in case I decide the heat is too much.  (Hehe.. it’s never been a problem for me before, but sometimes the stifling heat makes me anxious and I like to know where the closest exit is.)  The room was heated to approximately 90 degrees, but rises throughout the practice to about 96 so it was hot but very comfortable.  We were in the large studio (which still wasn’t huge, but like a perfect size) and there were only 12 of us practicing so we had a lot of space which was really nice.  I overheard the teacher saying that 7:30am was busier, so it was nice to not be on top of one another.

The teacher, Michael, was really nice.  He talked through the class but just about reminding us to breathe and to be in the moment and it was very relaxing, not super preachy about spirituality.  He was really positive and upbeat too, so you could tell he loved his job.  He didn’t make many, if any, physical adjustments to anyone in the class which in some ways is good (if you aren’t into that kind of thing) but some do appreciate those.  The class was an all level vinyasa power flow for 90 minutes.. beginning with some core work and quick paced sun salutations to get warmed up- and by warmed up I mean dripping sweat within 15 minutes!  We worked our way toward some arm balances, triangles and other deep stretches, some single leg balancing asanas, twists, inversions then next thing I knew we were doing pigeons and tadaaaaaa we were done!  To feel so tight at the beginning of class, where downdog was uncomfortable, I felt incredible at the end.. I could actually move in any direction and not feel tight.

At the end of class I mentioned to him that I am a personal trainer and that if they had any collateral I would love to take some so I could recommend the studio to clients of mine, and he gave me a handful of free passes.  I wish I had gotten my hands on one of those before I spent the $15 on my first session!  But nbd.. I went and loved it.  I keep saying each new place I try is my FAVORITE and I would say that about this one.  All in all, I loved it and I can’t wait to go back this week!


– great teacher

– cleanliness

– earthy without being crunchy


– could have had a nicer greeting

– no first time free pass for me 😦

– i wish i could find one studio with a 2 or 3 pm class during the week

Check out their site: Prana Power Yoga, Winchester

Kyra Williams,

The Get In Shape Girl


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I bet if you were to call ahead you would get a free pass but maybe they would adjust the service/cleanliness for you???

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