Why You Should Hire a Personal Trainer

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I know I know I know.. I’m  personal trainer so I’m going to tell you all the reasons why you should hire ME so I can make more money.  Obvi!  JK.. But seriously I have a trainer too!  I actually have a few and we call them coaches, but if I didn’t have them I can assure you that I would have another one for one on one sessions at a regular gym.  You wanna know why I’d hire one?  Here are my reasons:

1. I need to be pushed.  I want to always be trying harder and pushing myself to run faster, start quicker, push harder, adding weight, etc.  If I didn’t have competition or someone there driving me to do better I may settle for mediocre.  I may come out of my plank after 60 seconds because I feel like I would rather be at home.  Instead I have someone there telling me I need to go 30 more seconds.  Those 30 extra seconds in a plank, those faster and faster 30 yard sprints, and those 2 extra pushes in a chest press are what puts me at the top of my game, and have gotten me where I am today.

2. I like having companionship at the gym.  Not all people have friends that will come with them.  And most likely, your friends will hold you back.  These friends will push you to do better and will remind you how to do things correctly, which leads me to…

3. Form correction.  Even trainers do things wrong sometimes so it’s nice to have someone there to watch and correct you. And spot as well.

4. Not having to think of what I’m going to do each day.  You can rest assured that your trainer will help you work your entire body or the desired muscle groups each session.  I love creating workouts for my clients, and I love that my coaches create my workouts for me!

Those are my biggest reasons.  Others that people tend to need trainers for are:

5. Creating a workout program.  Day to day and week to week computer programers and receptionists and pharmacists aren’t trained to know what they should do each day.  Should I do yoga and spinning today, then legs tomorrow?  A professional can help you sort this out.

6. Nutritional help.  We can’t tell you what to eat, but we can certainly make suggestions!  If you were wondering if those sweet potato fries were healthy we can steer you in the right direction.  If you feel tired around 4pm and go to the coffee machine we can help that too!  Are your salads making you fat?  Perhaps.. tell us what’s on them and we can tell you how to make them better!

7. General lack of knowledge around the gym.  So many members just go straight to the treadmill or elliptical.  Why would you pay $60 a month to use an elliptical?  So many clients are afraid of the free weight area and will stick to just machines.  Guess what… you could be getting soooooooo much more bang for your buck f you utilized all sections of the gym.  Don’t know what you’re doing?  WE DO!!!

What reasons do you think a personal trainer would be beneficial?

Kyra Williams,

The Get In Shape Girl


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5 Responses to “Why You Should Hire a Personal Trainer”

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I always like a trainer becuase then you are commited to that time. You never get that feeling you may want to go out after work 24 hours in advance so having a trainer you paid for and are commited to keeps me less likely to skip. Who wants to throw money away 🙂 ?

Interesting workout. As a firefighter I’m really into functional excercises. I do circuit training 3x per week. I also swim, do TRX (love it) and lift weights. I just found this site so I’m perusing stuff that interests me. Keep up the good articles… ciao

Its very true…we all have coaches/trainers in every aspect of our lives…do you do surgery on yourself? no. Clean your teeth on your own? no. Represent yourself in court? no. Change your own oil? No. Plan your retirement with out a financial planner? no. Sell your house without a realtor? no! (had to)

To be the most effective in life we need to outsource the things that are not our unique ability.

Good blog, Kyra. I tell my trainer that I’m a crack whore and he’s my crack! He really is and I can’t imagine not having him there to guide me through my workouts. I think the only way to truly commit to getting/staying in shape is by hiring a personal trainer for all the reasons you listed. Keep the cool info coming!

Personally, I’m a people pleaser. So when someone says, do these squats lower, i’ll do them even lower than they expected. If no one is watching me, its easier to cheat! Also, i know this sounds kind of stupid but i feel less silly with certain moves when someone else is dictating them. Seriously- like frog push ups, burpees, etc. I know they are GREAT but i feel rediculous doing them… unless someone else is making me!

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