Peachtree Roadrce 2010

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On Sunday, July 4th I ran the 10K Peachtree roadrace with my aunt, Ellen.  The race begins at Phipps Plaza in Buckhead and heads south down Peachtree all the way into Midtown, into Piedmont Park.  It’s a beautiful run with lots of store fronts and gorgeous condo buildings and houses along the sides of the road, and people gather along the sidewalks to cheer on the runners.  But seeing the mobs of people actually running the race, you wonder who doesn’t run in Atlanta?!  All shapes and sizes were seen running this thing.  70,000 applicants were registered to run.  We honestly saw some folks run a mile, walk into Starbucks and get a coffee and walk the rest of the way with their daughters, girlfriends, etc.  We met an 80 year old man who was truly inspirational who said it was his 4th year finishing.  (Who decides at 76 they should become a runner?  I personally love it and believe that it says something.. I mean, if you are 80 and running what does that say about someone who won’t go run???)

I placed in heat R (A – X are the heats) but started in literally, the very back, with Ellen.  At the last minute I decided I wanted to take off as the competitor in me came out.  I bobbed and weaved my way through the traffic and came out with a time of 58:05.  I never walked, I sprinted some as I found a little bit of open space to make up for having to go slower to get around people.  So I figure that wasn’t too bad of a time considering the crowds, the hills and the temperature.  I mean, it was only like 70 – 75 degrees at race start, so it was a lot less hot and humid than the race usually is.  And there are definitely hills in this race, but if you know me, you know I like hills (it’s where everyone else slows down and I speed up!)

Below are some photos form race day.  A silly little goal I’ve had for a long time was to run a road race in a sports bra.    The goal is not to be taken at face value.  The reason was about confidence.  I have worked really hard and given up a lot of things to be in the shape that I am, and believe me, I know I could look better.  But to have worked really hard so I get to a place where I’m confident enough to risk jumping up and down and not worrying about my belly shaking was the goal.  I accomplished it!  There was probably still a little bit of shaking, but I tried to remember to keep my tummy engaged the whole time to minimize the shaking, and it def was an ab workout while running!!!  So the moral here is that no matter how silly the goal may seem to anyone else, and maybe the goal shouldn’t be taken at face value, the point is to have goals.  And wen you can accomplish them it’s such an amazing feeling.  So check out the pics below, and please… leave me a comment with a “Silly Little Goal” of your own 🙂


Ellen and I together pre-race

Just after finishing

Ran the race, got the t-shirt!

Kyra Williams,

The Get In Shape Girl


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