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I was just reading a book while I was tanning poolside and one of the things it mentioned to me about blogging was that you should blog about what you know and feel really passionate about.  I pretty much couldn’t take it anymore.. I had to get cleaned up and go inside and write this blog!  This is going to sound weird but my passion is aesthetics.  You can take this as being totally shallow and you can get mad and think I’m a bad person, but before you go jumping to conclusions I want you to think,when was the last time you go your hair done?  Are you in a relationship?  Did you initiate that because you found that person attractive? When you were decorating your house, did you just slap some paint on the walls without thinking what color you liked best?  I suppose what is aesthetically pleasing is more important to some and take higher priority to some people and plays a role differently in all decisions.

For me it’s always been a huge part of my life.  When I was 12 I started tanning and coloring my hair blonde because to me, that made me feel pretty.  When I was 16 I started shopping at Bebe & Abercrombie because I thought those little outfits made me look as cute as possible.  When I was 23 I realized I needed to lose weight because I wasn’t at my full potential.  How many times, especially if you are a girl, have you thought you felt gross and bloated and “felt fat” so it made you feel unattractive?  I know so many girls (including me) feel so much prettier when we are tan.  I workout and eat clean almost every single day so I can be attractive.  My idea might be completely different than yours, but I know what I think is hottest.

My family tells me all the time not to get too skinny.  You know what I’m talking about.. we all have those grandmothers (I call my grandmama.. hehe) who will make you feel like a million bucks no matter how gross you feel from stuffing your face all Thanksgiving weekend long.  And it’s funny… when I first started losing weight I decided I wanted to weigh 140 pounds.  I got there and I decided I needed to lose more.  I lost more, then I decided I wanted to see some definition in my arms.  Now I want abs.  At no point does it end.  You think “if I could only lose 2 more pounds,” then you do and you want more.  And that’s not necessarily bad.. it’s just funny the way it works.  And I just got back from a trip to Tampa where we spent the day at a beach bar.  Everyone that goes there is in their 20’s or 30’s, the girls are dime pieces.. it’s almost as if size 0 is the average.. they look amazing in their tiny bikinis with giant boobs and the cute little line that runs down their stomachs.  And the guys are all jacked, some on steroids, some just tall and defined and handsome.  And it’s AMAZING…  I wanna go there every day forever because I love looking around and seeing what I see.  And now I just feel even more motivated to keep going in this direction.

So what is it that makes you think you look your best?  Is it carrying yourself with confidence?  Is it the new Italian suit you just bought?  Is it a fresh color and cut you just got from your salon?  Whatever it is, go get it and don’t let anyone stop you!  But know that just because you attained it doesn’t mean you are going to stop wanting more.

Kyra Williams,

The Get In Shape Girl

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3 Responses to “The Strangest Blog”

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What an awesome blog, i feel the same way. I make a goal, kill it, then move on to my next goal. I LIKE looking good, sorry if some people take offense to that… I dont think I’m shallow, or vain – just motivated to be what *I* consider the best *I* can be. For me its personal. I will always strive for more, for better… my motto: obsessed is something the lazy call the motivated! – Great blog!

Wow, you sound like me! Got my hair cut last week, I initiated hitting on my husband (first time ever!), and I carefully choose the color of my walls.
I have always loved spring- I live in MN and getting out of these clothes that hide me is the best feeling ever. I like skirts, capris, little formfitting shirts, sandals….not to mention the colors I get from the sun- not just skin and face, but the natural highlighting it adds to my hair. It makes patiently trying to get through the MN winters worth it!
I think watching the beauty in others is great inspiration to better ourselves. I find attractive women, especially atheltic, muscular woman that work hard for their bodies, a total inspiration to better myself on the outside. And doing that almost always guarentees feeling better on the inside.

I just want to let you know I love people that are passionate.
The grandma’s that don’t us to become too skinny,I can totally relate,hence why my dad’s not too keen on me going to the gym so often,but hey thats family for you,always worried and caring.

Whats my little treat to myself to make me feel better,its a stupid thing really,but I must have my eyebrows waxed,tidy brows at all times 🙂

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