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I passed the NASM Personal Training certification test yesterday!!!  I had been reading the text book for monthssssss.. I took all the practice tests… did all the exercises in the workbook.. had flashcards.. the whole nine.  I really felt like I knew what was going on.  Then I got to the test sight and I felt like I was going to vomit.  I have no idea how I got through college.  When I was waiting (all of 30 seconds) to get the results, I felt like I was going to faint!  But I passed!  Now… to make some money!!!!!!

Now… for the fun part!  I am going to visit friends in Tampa tomorrow.  I don’t know what food will be available to me and when, and I also have to be cautious about eating food during the traveling.  I have a tendency to throw everything out the window when I travel, but not this time.  Over the last month I have become extremely committed to my clean eating.  I have had had more time to cook more clean meals which has been a huge help.  I stopped having cheat days and cheat meals.  I guess my only cheats have been the 100 calorie packs of oreos and some peanut butter.  But I have tracked everything consistently for the last month and I saw 125 pounds for the first time since I’d say 6th grade.  I don’t bother measuring my body fat any more, since I don’t feel like my calipers & measurements are accurate but I can see a difference in my waist & stomach.  So just as anything else, when you see results, it pushes you to keep going.

So, with the help of my Sparkfriend Rachel Mac, I packed the following to with me in my carry on:

Plain almonds

Dried prunes (no added sugar.. yay!)

Protein Powder

Pur Protein bars

String cheese

Joseph’s whole wheat tortillas

Pre-sliced egg whites (I won’t open these until I get to where I’m going.. I won’t do that to the passengers)





And to go in my suitcase:


Yes, I’m bringing a freeze pack to keep things cool in my carry on.  Hopefully they won’t stop me for anything.  I’ve gotten stopped before for peanut butter because it’s a gel.  I almost cried.  I love my pb!!

So all this stuff may get thrown out the window (literally) when I get to town, but as for now I have a plan!!!

Kyra Williams,

The Get In Shape Girl


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3 Responses to “I am officially a personal trainer/ My commitment to clean eating blog”

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Congratulations on your certification – I knew you’d do it! Have fun in Tampa and good luck on sticking to your nutrition game plan. Be in touch when you can. I’m really working hard so you don’t show me up too much in the PRR! Love you…E

Sweetie, I don’t think they are going to allow that stuff. Especially not the redbulls, but good luck. Have fun in Tampa.

Congrats on passing your test, hope you can turn this into a great career! Very nice work with the food preparation for Tampa, at least making the effort ensures you’ll be better with food than you would be without, even if you do throw most of it away.

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